Buy WWE Raw Tickets for GREENVILLE, SC Twitter: @WriteWrestling Purchase tickets to WWE Raw in Greenville, SC for Monday, May 29. CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS CONFIRMED FOR THE SHOW Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Bayley, Kurt Angle, Sasha Banks, The Miz, Maryse, The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy), Alexa Bliss Have fun [...]


My Problem with Roman Reigns

June 2, 2014 - The WWE fans watched in astonishment as Seth Rollins turned his back on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, effectively destroying ‘The Shield’. A huge reason as to why the split of The Shield was so heartbreaking to us is because they were so good. For nearly two years, that three-man faction [...]

Why Smackdown’s Womens Division is Better – WWE Podcast #166

Why Smackdown's Womens Division is Better - Byte That Wrestling Podcast – @TheRealityEraRE Are THREE Hell in a Cell matches too much? We give our predictions for the RAW Pay-Per-View and have a lengthy discussion as to why the SmackDown! Live Women’s Division is superior to the red brand. Ryan gives an update on [...]

A WEIRD show!? – WWE No Mercy 2016 FULL SHOW REVIEW

A WEIRD show!? - WWE No Mercy 2016 FULL SHOW REVIEW Published: October 9, 2016 We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin Juan provides a FULL review of WWE's No Mercy Pay-Per-View. The WWE World Title match opened the show and it was a choice that changed the landscape of the whole show. Why wasn't Dolph Ziggler [...]

WWE Smackdown Live (September 27, 2016) Review: World Championship Match

WWE SmackDown Live Air Date: September 27, 2016 We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin Smackdown has been taken out of the spotlight recently. In fact, WWE has been taken out of the spotlight recently. With the Presidential debates, NFL starting back up and WWE RAW having a PPV recently, we haven't heard much from team blue. [...]

WWE Smackdown Live Results and Review: AJ Styles Era Begins (September 13, 2016)

WWE Smackdown Live Results and Review Air Date: September 13, 2016 We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin It was only 48 hours ago that 3 belts were given to new wrestlers/teams at the Backlash PPV. Tonight, we get to see what comes next for the winners and losers of the PPV matches, and we also get [...]

WWE Backlash 2016 Results and Review: AJ Styles Wins! (September 11, 2016)

WWE Backlash 2016 Live Results and Review Air Date: September 11, 2016 We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin Most of the public says that WWE Backlash will be a wreck. Whether that's because Smackdown has too little of a roster, terrible storylines or more, you have to admit that WWE are the underdogs in this against [...]