Kings of Wrestling Empire was not an overnight idea, it is the result of numerous events dating back to 2011. During that time, professional wrestling podcasts were still fairly new, but Ryan Davis was one of the few to have one with the “Saviors of Wrestling Podcast.” He was joined every week by Lorenzo “The Killa” and Frankie Garcia. One may even call it an empire before the Empire. After 2 years of podcasting, Frankie decided that the show should only be 2 men each week and pitched rotations, but he would be the main host on every episode. Ryan and Lorenzo understandably refused that idea as they saw what was happening, Frankie was looking to take complete control. After his idea was not accepted, Frankie was furious, resulting in him deleting all videos on the Saviors of Wrestling Podcast YouTube channel, losing all content and the fanbase altogether. That was in June of 2013. Much like Luke Skywalker, Ryan Davis disappeared after the events.


In July of 2014, over a year since the end of the Saviors of Wrestling Podcast, Ryan decided to begin a solo podcast entitled “You Call This A Shoot Wrestling Podcast(later re-branded to “The Shoot Wrestling Podcast” for obvious reasons). The podcast ran for 35 episodes until March 3, 2015 when “Wrestling Informant” and a number of their followers did not stop harassing Ryan because he used the word “shoot” in his podcast name. It led to Ryan’s Twitter account being reported as well as the podcast’s account. Ryan decided it wasn’t worth it and stopped The Shoot Wrestling Podcast.


On May 31, 2015, Ryan launched “Kings of Wrestling Radio,” an internet radio station. Soon after that, the Kings of Wrestling Podcast Network started as well as the KOW website’s direction changing. Instead of an internet radio station, it focused on podcasts and written wrestling content. That direction for the website continued until November 18, 2015 as Ryan Davis and the website went on a hiatus.


On January 1, 2016, just over 1 month later, Ryan Davis launched the first Kings of Wrestling Empire department, We Write Wrestling. We Write Wrestling is devoted to providing written content on all kinds of professional wrestling. Shortly after WWW’s launch, Kings of Wrestling Empire ended its hiatus.