Billy Corgan Suing TNA Wrestling: Is This The End?

Billy Corgan Suing TNA Wrestling: Is This The End? – @WeWriteWrestlin Ryan discusses the recent troubles of TNA Wrestling as Billy Corgan has filed a lawsuit against the company and Dixie Carter. Editor's Note: We Write Wrestling is currently looking for wrestling columnists, podcasters, YouTubers and reviewers. If you are interested in joining, visit Join [...]


TNA Impact (Aug. 4) BFG Playoff Finals and Rosemary’s secret.

Ladies and Gentleman my name is Reagan Cole and this is my review for Impact for the 4th of August. Big Impact here as EC3 goes against Mike Bennett to see who will face The destroyer Bobby Lashley and plus we finally get to know what happened between Rosemary and "Johnny", let's get into it. [...]

TNA Impact Wrestling (July 28) – Moose’s in-ring debut! EC3 vs. Broken Matt Hardy!

Ladies and Gentleman my name is Reagan Cole AKA The Reagmaster and I'm here to review the TNA shows because why not? I had nothing else better to do. So let's review TNA Impact 28th July. Opening Segment So we start it with good old Broken Matt Hardy and Reby Skye who calls out Jeff [...]

TNA Impact Wrestling (April 12) – Results and Review

There is a sculpture in every block of marble. This week’s Impact has a lot to chip away from. In a week that has seen news of radical downsizing from TNA, the present episodes we’re seeing might be the last of certain type of Impact Wrestling and that is not a bad thing. Let’s go [...]

TNA Impact Wrestling “Revenge” (April 5) – Results and Review

TNA has my brain tied in knots. I get the sense that in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe, TNA footage was the only Pro Wrestling footage that survived and as such, all holodeck simulations calling for wrestling were based on Impact. All the fundamentals are in place but the scale is off. Also, [...]

TNA Impact Wrestling 3/26/2016 Results and Review

A couple of months into the Pop Network Era of TNA Impact Wrestling seems like a good jumping on point for those new to the promotion or lapsed former congregants of the Impact Zone. I am largely unfamiliar with the cosmology of TNA but as a lifelong X-Men fan, the untangling years of dangling plot [...]

Can Jimmy Havoc Truly Thrive In Main Stream Wrestling?

Now if you've seen my bio, you know Jimmy Havoc is my favourite indy wrestler right now and in my top 5 favourite active wrestlers. But now with Havoc getting a start in TNA, he is being shown to a wider audience which begs the question. Can the indy sensation, truly thrive in the main [...]