WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Preview

WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Preview


It’s the time of the year to discuss one of WWE’s biggest gimmick PPV’s again, Hell In a Cell. This show hasn’t had one of the most graceful buildups, but as they say, the show must go on. I say that because it was said by most people that this week’s go-home RAW for the PPV was one of the worse episodes in recent memory.

But when you put crappy storytelling or sub-par match buildup aside and just look at the card of matches, it looks like a pretty good show! It looks like a show that can put on many high quality matches. WWE is starting to get in a rush around this time because the upcoming WWE PPV “Royal Rumble” is in the Alomodome, which has a capacity of around 60,000. It’s not easy to get butts in all of those seats. Anyways, let’s get this ramble out of the way and start our preview!

Pre Show: Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara vs Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak (Cruiserweight Division)

This pre show match will be the first of two Cruiserweight matches on the card Sunday evening. This match is just going to be a showcase of the talent in the division, nothing too special but it is needed to remind people that the division is not just Perkins and Kendrick. I hope that they try to fit some storytelling into this match because the whole division besides the two in the title match are extremely bland. Dorado, Nese Daivari and Gulak are just names to people and have no importance on the show, so right now nobody has a reason to care about them.

In this match I say that the babyface team of Alexander, Dorado and Cara will get the win because Alexander and Cara get significant reactions from the crowd, and they want to warm people up with this match. Maybe there will be a second pre show match, but as of now there are no other.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

Out of all of the matches on the main card, this one feels the most useless. This rivalry has been only a time filler on RAW, and we know that this storyline is only to keep Dana Brooke busy and to keep Bayley in the public eye. Bayley was drawn a bad hand of cards from the very start of her main roster call-up. She has not been in the main title picture where if they did put her there, she could have been big. When she first came to the main roster she got big reactions, but it has all died down since WWE has done absolutely nothing with her.

This one is a hard one to predict because the outcome does not matter either way, but I do think that they want to skyrocket Bayley so that in a few months we can get Banks vs Bayley for the championship. So because of that prediction, I predict that Bayley will win this match.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Tonight we have two matches from the RAW tag division, with this one not having the title on the line. Enzo and Cass face Gallows and Anderson in a grudge match. This match has not gotten too much buzz in my opinion, but it has potential to be a good match. Even though Anderson and Gallows are pretty bad on the mic, they are great workers. And their opponents in Amore and Cass sure know how to keep a crowd on their feet. This combination can be really good, but only if it’s not placed in a cooldown spot. Sadly though, I see this match going in a cooldown spot. But either way this is certainly one of the more underrated matches on this show.

I’m pretty sure that WWE has nothing planned for Gallows and Anderson, but since Enzo and Cass are very green right now, I see them getting this win. It might sound crazy, but I think Cass and Amore might get the push for the belts. Now this would be very far from now because I sense that the New Day/Cesaro and Sheamus rivalry will go for another PPV, but I do see Enzo and Cass eventually getting a shot.

It seems that Enzo and Cass are allergic to belts though, because up until now, they have never worn gold as a team. Though because they have never worn belts yet they are so nuclear over with the crowd is a good sign. It’s a sign that the crowd will enjoy this gimmick even if the duo wins or loses. It’s always a good time with them, and that’s what matters.

Raw Tag Team Championship

The New Day(c) vs Cesaro and Sheamus

It’s a battle of the comedy duos this Sunday as the New Day face off against the newly paired Cesaro and Sheamus. I can’t lie to you about this, I LOVE the team of Sheamus and Cesaro. It is perfectly explained as a duo that outshines each-other, but because of that they actually compete well. This is one of the first times in a long time that people have been considering that New Day will drop the belts, and that’s for many reasons.

New Day have already broken the record for longest reigning Tag Team Champions, which it was obvious WWE wanted them to attain. Now that they have achieved that goal, it’s time that they take a loss. Also, the team of Cesaro and Sheamus has been doing significantly well, and it has so much potential. It seems they are just scraping the surface with what these two can do, and giving them the belts will improve it so much more. That is why for this match I take the bold move and say that Cesaro and Sheamus win.

Cruiserweight Championship

TJ Perkins(c) vs Brian Kendrick

This next match is between the first Cruiserweight Champion (New era) TJ Perkins, and The Brian Kendrick. This match buildup has been facing tons of criticism, and that’s because people have not been enjoying their backstage segments. This week on RAW we saw a segment where Brian Kendrick seemed desperate, and said that TJ Perkins needs to let Kendrick win the match so that he can keep his spot in the WWE. That is one among the few segments that the two have done, with all of them having forced lines about video games by TJ

But besides the buildup, I gotta say that Kendrick gets the win. They are building him as the much weaker of the two, which makes me think that he will win in some cheap way. TJP could possibly leave the title picture and feud with the lower down Cruiserweight guys, because more than one Cruiserweight feud at the same time is needed. I think that Brian has lots of potential to be a bigger heel, so this match could catapult him if he gets the win.

United States Championship

Roman Reigns(c) vs Rusev

Hell In A Cell

This long rivalry between Rusev and Reigns continues this Sunday, but this time inside a Hell In a Cell. This rivalry has seemingly been going for months, and I hope that this is the final match between the two. I feel that in this rivalry everything has been done that could be done. It’s time to finally wrap it up.

I see Roman retaining his belt for many reasons. The first reason would be that they want to make Roman a star. WWE has been extremely persistent with trying to make Roman a big babyface, but the crowd has rebelled every-time. I hope that they can find something to do with him because I don’t think the crowd will change their mind anytime soon. But even if they don’t change their mind, I still see WWE trying to give him a push by letting him retain tonight. My second reason is that they have done everything they can with Rusev and the US Championship. He has done all of the “stupid american” jokes while holding the US title, so we don’t have much of a reason to give him the belt again.


Raw Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks(c) vs Charlotte

Hell In A Cell

It will be the first time that women have a Hell In a Cell match, and maybe the first time they headline a PPV. From what I have heard so far, WWE has not made their minds up, but they are currently planning on not having this match go on last. When I went to WWE.com to get this PPV card, I noticed that they listed this match as last.

But besides the he said she said, this rivalry has been very “ehh”. We saw a very weird contract signing on RAW this week where their promos were fine, but what Foley said seemed like a total buzz kill. I think Charlotte is good on the mic, but Sasha needs so much more improvement.

I personally think that Banks will retain the belt in this match, because as I mentioned earlier, I think they want to build to Bayley vs Banks at maybe Survivor Series or even as far down the road as the Royal Rumble. Charlotte and Banks have had so many matches together recently, and at this point the title needs a fresh face to stay interesting. So that is why for this match I pick Sasha Banks winning.

Universal Championship

Kevin Owens(c) vs Seth Rollins

Hell In A Cell

Finally, our final match out of the trio of Cell matches, our main event, Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins. This same match main evented the last RAW PPV, with Owens of course walking out as champ. This match has gotten a decent build, with the funny Chris Jericho playing a big role. He has been the sidekick to Owens so far, but it is obvious that the bromance will divide sooner rather than later.

And for this sole reason I am saying that Kevin Owens retains. I don’t know how good of a match this will be, but I am pretty certain that Jericho would play some role in this match. It would be stupid to not have him involved. But anyways, I think Kevin Owens retains because down the road I see Jericho fighting Owens for the belt. This match could also happen post-Owens losing the belt, but I don’t see that happening. There is many ways that this match can go, and I am very intrigued by every path. I personally am excited for this match the most.

Well that wraps it up! Those are my thoughts on every Hell In a Cell 2016 match. What do you think will happen? Make sure to comment or tell us on Twitter @TheRealityEraRE! This PPV has for sure been one of the least interesting PPV’s this year, so I hope that it can overcome the odds, so we will just have to wait and see.


6 thoughts on “WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Preview

  1. Sorry about last comment. The tag title reign record is 481 days by Demolition. New Day if they win, will break that before year’s end. I think 3 Hell in a Cell matches is too much and the card suffered because of it. Overall nice card.


    1. Hey kidflashbn, thanks for the response! My bad about the incorrect tag title stat by the way.

      I do agree with you when you say that 3 Hell In a Cell matches is too much. It can undermine the importance of a gimmick match if it’s done too much.

      Once again thanks for reading! See you around! 🙂

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