Lucha Underground Review: The Open Road to Revenge (October 12, 2016)

Lucha Underground

Air Date: October 12, 2016 @WeWriteWrestlin

One week after an amazing episode which featured a great main event between Prince Puma and Matanza, we’re back to the Temple with Dragon Azteca Jr. looking for revenge against the man who broke his arm in Pentagon Dark. On top of which, we’re going to see Sexy Star defend her Gift of the Gods Championship against the Dragon Slayer himself Jack Evans along with Dr. Wagner Jr. and Famous B teaming up to go against Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada in our opening match tonight.

Segment #1

Dragon Azteca Jr. is getting ready in the back for his upcoming match tonight only for Chavo Guerrero Jr. to hit him with a chair continuously while Rey walks in after Chavo is finished to find Azteca Jr. laid out on the floor. It’s a simple segment that comes off a lot better with the cool visual of seeing the attack from Azteca’s POV.

Son of Havoc/Mascarita Sagrada vs Dr. Wagner Jr. and Famous B

Famous B makes his return to wrestling in Lucha Underground after retiring once Pentagon broke his arm way back in season one. Havoc and Sagrada get an awesome entrance with Havoc coming in on a motorbike with a seat as well for Sagrada. This was a very fun match with Wagner looking very good in playing the straight man role while Famous B did a really good job at the comedy role of trying to avoid Mascarita and Havoc in the match unless they were down. Famous B scoring the win and his very first win ever in Lucha Underground, while using the stethoscope on Mascarita to make the pin. Really fun stuff for an opening match.

Segment #2

We another vignette about a rabbit and that ‘they are coming.’ Not really much to comment on, if you’ve read any spoilers for this season then it should be pretty obvious who this is about but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Gift of the Gods Championship

Jack Evans vs Sexy Star (c)

This was a solid enough match with Evans going out of his way to make Sexy look good which can take some doing. This is a Jack Evan’s match so it’s always going to be at the very least entertaining and that is exactly what we got even if the result was pretty predictable. The ending is quite the clusterfuck with Worldwide Underground and the Superfriends all interfering in the match but I think the way that they worked it was rather entertaining and kept the match fun along with protecting Evans and making Sexy look even better by kicking out of a spear by Mundo on the floor.

Segment #3

We now go to Dario Cueto’s office where Rey and Chavo end up arguing and fighting much to the joy and delight of Dario, who has a great big smile on his face during it. We find out that since Dragon Azteca Jr. isn’t able to compete tonight against Pentagon Dark, we’ll now have a triple threat match with Chavo and Rey taking on Pentagon Dark. It’s a decent segment that is made so much better with Dario’s love of all things violence and his reactions to it.

Chavo Guerrero vs Pentagon Dark vs Rey Mysterio

This, like the previous two matches, was fun. There was constant action going on and the match never felt dull for a second or slowed down. Pentagon scoring the win was also nice, especially with him pinning Mysterio which is exactly the kind of things that he should be doing although I can’t say that I cared that much about Chavo Guerrero attacking Rey’s knee with a chair, it’s 2016 and I can’t imagine why anybody in the world would want to see another feud between these two especially when there is so much better opponents for Rey.

This was a decent episode of Lucha Underground although it’s becoming a recurring theme in this season that while the episodes aren’t bad and there’s usually at least something fun in the episodes to watch, there’s very little that happens that is significant. This episode is based entirely around Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero so if you like Chavo, you might have enjoyed this episode more than I did. With Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes being announced for next week, the next episode should be great and definitely worth watching.


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