Lucha Underground Review: The Prince and The Monster (October 5, 2016)

Lucha Underground

Air Date: October 5th 2016

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Once again we’re heading back to the temple for another episode of Lucha Underground. This week features a wrestling heavy episode with Ivelisse taking on Mariposa, the second match in our best of five series between Texano and Cage and another unlucky victim will get a crack at Matanza for the Lucha Underground championship courtesy of Dario Cueto’s dial of doom. Can Mariposa start season three off with a bang and grab a much-needed victory over Ivelisse? Can Texano even up the series to one a piece? Who will Dario’s dial of doom land on next?

Segment #1

Our first segment of the day involves Dario’s dial of doom! Here we find out who will be the next challenger to Matanza and the Lucha Underground championship …and it’s Prince Puma! What makes this even better is that Dario announces that this will be the main event of the evening instead of the usual opener. I cannot wait for this match, we’ll have the essential ace of Lucha Underground going against the most dominant force in Lucha Underground for the title. It’s got a big match feel along with these two being the two most consistent guys on the roster, it’ll be good.

Ivelisse vs Mariposa w/Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez

This was a decent opening match and I’m intrigued that they actually booked this as both women desperately need a win. Ivelisse is and will always be a big deal in Lucha Underground and will always be over with the crowd but she doesn’t seem to get that many wins while Mariposa has barely won at all in Lucha Underground and doesn’t appear to be the type of monster that they would like her to be. As far as match quality goes, it’s okay and probably the best either could put on while the interference from Marty was interesting. Of course Ivelisse wins with a pretty cool Canadian Destroyer and after the match, gets attacked by both Marty and Mariposa for her troubles. New feud here?

Segment #2

The following segment features our weekly ‘Johnny Mundo asks Dario Cueto for a title shot’ where he obviously gets turned down. Mundo points out that Sexy Star lost last week and even took the pinfall so he should be getting the title shot for the Gift of the Gods. Dario likes this idea and even points out that it was Jack Evans who scored the pin so therefore next week will be featuring Jack Evans vs Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods, much to Johnny’s displeasure. I’m digging this slow build storyline that they have going on for Mundo in getting a title opportunity and you just know that whenever he does, it’ll be big. Evans getting a title shot makes me very happy too.

Ultimate Opportunity Best of Five Series: Cage (1) vs Texano (0)

Second match in our best of five series and this is a much better match than their first match with it being faster due to Texano having a sense of urgency to him with him knowing that he needs to even up the series. This is a fun match and Cage going over in the end is quite surprising to me in some ways because he only needs one more win and he’ll have this finished. I’m hoping that they don’t do the cliché move of Texano making a comeback now as is done in every single ‘best of’ series in wrestling, something different would be nice for a change, can’t see it though.

Segment #3

Ivelisse is backstage and her new boyfriend Jeremiah shows up late and misses her match. Once he finds out that Ivelisse got jumped after the match, he wants to get revenge for her but she tells him to stay out of it as she doesn’t want to mix business and relationships together like she did when she was once with Son of Havoc. Of course, Ivelisse’s new boyfriend is the debuting Sami Callihan/Solomon Crowe so it’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out as it seems like we’re now going to be getting Ivelisse/Jeremiah vs Mariposa/Marty Martinez for a good while, should be nothing but a fun feud and an upcoming Marty/Jeremiah match sounds aces to me.

Lucha Underground Championship

Matanza Cueto (c) vs Prince Puma

Honestly, Matanza/Jeff Cobb has to be the most underrated champion in the wrestling right now. Aside from the Pentagon Dark match at Ultima Lucha, this guy has been involved in quality title match after quality title match. Are all of them Match of the Year contenders? No, in fact the only one I’d consider to be was his match with Mil Muertes in Graver Consequences but that doesn’t take away from how good he is. He can work with different opponents, have different kinds of matches and excel in them and this match is no different as it’s awesome. Puma is as consistent as a worker in Lucha Underground as anybody, arguably the most consistent guy on the roster and there was just no way that this match would have been anything but great. They get plenty of time to build this one up and by the end of it, you actually begin to believe that Puma could do the impossible and win the title for the second time in his career. Of course, we don’t get that due to Mil Muertes interference but it’s cool as we’ve seen that right before the interference, that Puma had Matanza beat and if they ever do a rematch between the two, it’ll be even bigger now. I’d put this as the second best match of Season 3 right now behind the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ match due to the fact we didn’t get a proper ending to the match but it made sense – Puma shouldn’t be losing clean and Matanza shouldn’t be dropping the title yet.

Segment #4

The final segment of the night features Joey Ryan and Killshot. Joey Ryan hands Killshot a sealed letter that he claims he got from somebody outside. When Killshot opens it up, all that is written on it is ‘YOU LEFT ME FOR DEAD’.

Final Thoughts

After a few weak episodes of Lucha Underground, this was a good return to form for them. There was again nothing bad on the episode, we got the kick off to a Ivelisse feud with the Moths along with Sami Callihan showing up, the latest intrigue into Killshot and who he left for dead back in the army, a fun Cage/Texano match and a great main event between Prince Puma and Matanz. I recommend everybody to check out this episode because it’s pretty good and easily the best episode of the season so far.


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