Top 5 WWE Raw Highlights (October 3, 2016)

Top 5 WWE Raw Highlights

Air Date: October 3, 2016

We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin

Monday Night Raw came live to us from the Staples Center in Los Angles. In this article we will take a look at the highlights from that show.

Roman Reigns and Rusev Brawl

The show started off with Roman Reigns with Lana interrupting him. Lana was telling Roman he knew nothing about family. She then stated Rusev wanted a rematch for the United States Championship. Roman told Lana to send Rusev out there himself and be a man to request the rematch. He then made many smart comments about the Bulgarian Brute which eventually led to him coming out himself. The two brawled all over the ring and outside at ringside until Rusev kicked Roman over the barricade and into the crowd. It seemed as if Rusev won the fight when he was standing on the ramp holding the United States Championship up. Suddenly Roman appeared out of nowhere to deliver a Superman Punch to Rusev and declare that if Rusev wants a rematch, he will get it inside Hell in a Cell.

Braun Strowman Wants More

Braun Strowman destroyed a jobber yet again in an old fashion squash match. The real highlight of this match is what occurred after the match. Braun declared that if Mick Foley did not give him real competition next week, there will not be a next week. This could easily lead to Braun Strowman’s first ever real feud. There are many options for who he could be matched up with. I believe Neville or Sami Zayn could give Braun a major rub heading into the future.

3. Two Tag Teams Fire Up

This week we saw the tag teams of Sheamus and Cesaro and The Club all receive wins they needed. The Club was favored to take the titles off the New Day since their arrival in WWE, but that has yet to materialize. They have failed at Summerslam, Clash of Champions, and last weeks edition of RAW. It has gotten so bad that many of the fans have lost faith in them. Even facing Golden Truth people felt like they could lose due to how poorly booked they have been. However, they picked up the win they needed. They should feud with Enzo and Cass to get a major win. Also, we saw the team of Sheamus and Cesaro pick up another win as a team despite not working well together. Their team could very well be successful much like Team Hell No were. Both teams got a win and both teams are picking up momentum and that’s a highlight itself.

2. New Day & JeriKO

Possibly the most entertaining segment of the night featured the New Day and JeriKO. Jericho came out with Kevin Owens saying they should chase the RAW Tag Team Championship and dethrone the New Day. Owens responded by saying it would be a hard time getting a non-title match, then get a title match, and so on. Jericho responded by saying it would not be that hard and it wasn’t like he was going to challenge Kevin for his title and the crowd had possible the loudest pop of the night as the two men tensed up. Kevin Owens then stated they should definitely go after the New Day and that’s when the New Day came out. The two teams had a very interesting war of words including Xavier Woods making the list twice and New Day making a fat joke at Kevin Owens. The match that followed was a good bout that saw New Day win via Seth Rollins distraction.

1. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

For the first time in 12 years, a one-on-one women’s match main evented Monday Night RAW. Two commercial breaks held the first bit of action and that ticked many fans off but when the match resumed, it was on. The two women were fast paced and non-stop the whole way to the finish. There was even a spot where Charlotte mimicked Neville’s finisher outside the ring. The moment was short-lived because soon after Sasha Banks got her feet back in the match. She would connect with a backstabber and lock in the Bank Statement and Charlotte would reverse it into a pin just like how she won at Summerslam. However, Sasha would slip the Bank Statement in again forcing the champ to tap out. This would be the highlight of the night as even though the match was short, it delivered.


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