The Problem with Bray Wyatt and How to Fix It

From cult leader to perpetual jobber for the stars, We Write Wrestling takes a look at the problem with Bray Wyatt, and where WWE should go from here.

Aside from sitting in the most uncomfortable-looking chair known to man, it has been a long time since we saw Bray Wyatt do anything significant in the WWE. Some would say (obviously not an unbiased, professional journalist like myself) that the last significant thing Windham Lawrence Rotunda (yep, I didn’t know his real name either) did was appear as a member of The Nexus, enjoying the run of the main roster until John Cena turned full superhero and destroyed their momentum.

Currently, Wyatt sits in a feud with “The Viper” Randy Orton. In keeping with Wyatt’s bad luck regarding injury, a certain Beast Incarnate decimated Orton’s forehead mere weeks before their planned meeting at Backlash, spoiling a potential match between the two. Since then, we’ve seen several promos cut, yet the feud seems to be lacking the fire we saw when Orton faced off against Lesnar. At the risk of turning a thousand Wyatt fans against me, there’s one key difference between the feuds, and that’s Wyatt.

In the beginning, Wyatt was a fascinating inclusion to the roster. His rocking chair antics and cult leader gimmick was superb, and the steady inclusion of additional members to the Wyatt Family slowly made their threat more palpable for the audience. He was a complex character who held tonnes of unanswered questions – Who was Sister Abigail? Where did he get all of his shirts from? Why did I need to follow a damn buzzard? – but it all went nowhere!

It was a damn shame, as Windham Lawrence Rotunda (no, I will not make fun of it) clearly had the wrestling ability and the perfect character to work with. WWE just needed to give him something, anything, to set a light under him and fire him to the main event scene. He just never really got there.

So, what can be done? There has been speculation for years about just who could possibly join the roster as Sister Abigail, and it’s certainly a storyline which could be carried out well, but before any of that happens the WWE must bring the Wyatt Family back together. There has been a nice string of squash matches put together for Braun Strowman but, let’s face it, he has all the charisma of stale bread. So Bray Wyatt and friends can go back over to Raw. Pulling Wyatt back over to RAW would not be detracting from SmackDown’s success. With the family back together WWE can finally tackle the biggest problem the Wyatt Family had and still has: We haven’t seen Wyatt leading his cult yet.

In their feud with The New Day, we caught a glimpse at the potential size of the Wyatt family, as hundreds of “fireflies” lit up and scared the tag team champions away. Unfortunately, we have never seen this lead to anything. WWE pulled the plug on Wyatt’s storyline and slid him into his next feud without as much as a word about his cult. How can you be a cult leader with no cult? It’s like calling yourself a writer when nobody reads your articles… Oh(this is my first article here, give me a break).

On the other hand, were WWE to decide that creating an enormous cult was too much like hard work/financial mismanagement, they could always force Braun Strowman to go up against his former family members. Using the brand split to properly turn a faction against each other would possibly make up for splitting the Wyatt Family in the first place. The idea completely killed Wyatt off, as he didn’t even have a cult to lead any more, so giving him a feud that actually has some emotional depth to it may be the light under his backside I mentioned before.

Given the correct storyline, Wyatt could propel himself, and his family, into the main event scene. He has the ability, both in and out of the ring, but needs to be trusted to get the job done. He’s slaved away as a jobber – time to give him his shot.

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