Lucha Underground Review: Broken in Arms (September 28, 2016)

Lucha Underground

Air Date: September 28, 2016

We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin

We’re back again in the temple for more of good ol’ fashioned Dario Cueto violence! Tonight’s main event sees Chavo Guerrero Jr. taking on Dragon Azteca Jr. with the winner getting the chance to fight Pentagon Dark in the future along with the added twist of Rey Mysterio Jr. being the special guest referee. Rey voiced his concerns about his protégé taking on Pentagon, will he make sure Azteca doesn’t win and lets his own rival face the dangerous Pentagon instead? Will Azteca win and face Pentagon against his mentors wishes and concerns? Melissa Santos, take it away!

Segment #1

The opening segment tonight sees Dario Cueto talking to Sexy Star in the locker room. Dario basically mocks her throughout the segment, telling her that should be wise to just continue on defending her Gift of the Gods championship instead of cashing in to challenge Matanza for the Lucha Underground championship despite Sexy telling him that she’ll never be afraid again. Mundo eventually comes in to formally introduce himself to Star, telling her that he is going to be the Gift of the God Champion. Decent segment that sets up tonight’s match between Worldwide Underground vs The Super Friends and Sexy Star tonight along with foreshadowing the eventual Johnny Mundo vs Sexy Star match along with Star vs Matanza.

Prince Puma vs Siniestro De La Muerte

With Puma looking to challenge Mil Muertes in the future, it makes sense that Puma would be facing Sinestro De La Muerte considering his connections to Mil and Catrina. This is an alright match for an opener with the main focus of it being that Puma is more aggressive and darker than he was in the previous two seasons. The end of the match sees Mil Muertes and Catrina come down to the ring with Puma defeating Siniestro with Mil’s flatliner. Post-match sees Puma and Mil brawl with Catrina once again keeping Mil away from Puma.  As an actual match, there really isn’t that much to talk about as it’s rather short and the entire point is based around the character development of Puma becoming a darker person in order to defeat Mil.

Segment #2

Cortez Castro makes his return to the temple entering Dario Cueto’s room. I liked this segment as Dario vows to ‘find the real killer of Mr. Cisco’ and they even mention Big Ryck, which is nice for continuity’s sake. Cortez doesn’t know that Joey Ryan sold him out and told Dario that he’s an undercover cop, so it’s an interesting take here. I loved that they had Melissa Santos do the ring introductions for Cortez while he was still in the office talking to Dario, it’s a nice touch and we’re going to see him get screwed by Dario now.

Cortez Castro vs Pentagon Dark.

Cortez is not prepared for a match tonight and he’s going up against one of the most feared man in the temple – Pentagon Dark. Initially I was suspecting that Dario would have Matanza face Cortez here but I reckon they’ll save that one for when Dario’s Dial of Doom lands on ‘Dario’s Choice’. Anyway, there isn’t a single thing to talk about in this match as it’s a squash match and while it sucks to see Castro being jobbed out like that, this is exactly how Pentagon should be getting booked. He should be squashing people and being the guy he was in Season 1. More of these kinds of wins for Pentagon would make me very happy. Post-match sees Pentagon break the arm of Cortez and cuts a fiery promo about Chavo Guerrero and Dragon Azteca Jr and how he doesn’t even respect his mother!

Worldwide Underground vs The Super Friends (Aerostar, Drago, Fenix) & Sexy Star

We saw the trios version of this match last week which was essentially a comedy match but we don’t get that this week with the match being a little more serious, despite the usual Jack Evans shenanigans. It’s a good match with it’d being virtually impossible for either of these teams to have a bad match with each other anyway but like last week, it doesn’t feel like it hit the heights that it could. The parts involving Sexy Star and Taya were very sloppy and poor from both of those but it was still an entertaining match despite Taya looking like she got an ankle injury and Sexy having a very nasty shiner on her eye. Good match but could have been better.

Segment #3

Our third segment heads to Mil Muertes lair where Catrina kills Siniestro De La Muerte and takes his soul, giving it to Mil Muertes which makes even stronger, and with that we have our very first kill in Season 3 of Lucha Underground. Losing Siniestro isn’t much of a blow to anybody and it’s a huge shame Lucha Underground didn’t do more with him after he had that amazing segment where he killed the two other members of the Disciples of Death and looked like he was getting ‘levelled up’ like a video game. But if they aren’t going to do anything with him, it’s best that they just get rid of him.

Chavo Guerrero vs Dragon Azteca Jr.

Rey Mysterio as Special Guest Referee

Winner faces Pentagon Dark

Technically, this was fine. There was nothing ‘bad’ in it and it had a perfectly fine story to the match with Chavo being the cunning veteran and grounding the exciting high-flier in Azteca Jr but this was like pretty much every Chavo Guerrero match – everything technically is fine but it lacks any heat or anything exciting to it to make it worth Worthing or even entertaining. This was painfully dull for large amounts of the match with Chavo being in control. Chavo eventually loses his cool on Rey, leading to Rey punching Chavo and Azteca pinning him. Post-match sees Rey celebrating with Azteca Jr. despite the fact that it means we’re now getting Azteca Jr verus Pentagon Dark now which is what Rey didn’t want…

Segment #4

We get the return of Black Lotus with the Lotus triad, which are essentially ninjas Black Lotus vows to get vengeance on Pentagon Dark for breaking her arm and getting revenge on Dragon Azteca Jr for her family. Her having ninja’s came out of absolutely nowhere and I haven’t a clue where this is going – does Pentagon just maul through her ninja guys? Pentagon vs Black Lotus? Would not be a fan of that but ninjas are always cool.

This was a weird episode of Lucha Underground. While there wasn’t anything ‘bad’ on the show per say, there wasn’t exactly anything good on the show either and it felt like a filler episode. I’m not sure why they decided to do this considering the strength of last week’s episode which means that they’ve essentially given us two filler episodes in a row. There isn’t anything that I’d actually recommend viewing on this episode, as it’s a rather forgettable show in total.


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