WWE Clash of Champions (September 25, 2016) Review: Kevin Owens Show

WWE Clash of Champions

Air Date: September 25, 2016

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Well Clash of the Champions just wrapped up, and oh boy, it was a good one! I will admit that I missed most of the kickoff show, I legit only saw like 5 minutes of it. So I missed Fox vs. Jax, but from the reports I saw on Twitter, I didn’t miss much. If I do end up watching it, I’ll be voicing my opinions on it on Twitter (you should follow me there, @Rydogg95) so with that in mind, I’m just gonna skip to the main card.

Raw Tag Team Championships

New Day vs. The Club

Kicking off the first Raw PPV of the brand split is perhaps one of the best teams to come out of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson challenging once again (and hopefully for the final time) to end the 399 day WWE Tag Team Championship reign of the incumbent champions, The New Day. Representing New Day as always is Big E and Kofi Kingston with Xavier Woods at ringside. This match had an interesting dynamic that I picked up on, from when New Day recovered from the attack from Gallows & Anderson, whenever Anderson was the legal man, New Day seemed to gain the other hand, but when Gallows was in the ring, Gallows was coming in and tore shit up and took the momentum back to his side. Not nitpicking, just making an observation. That being said though, I really enjoyed this match. New Day retains after Xavier Woods smacks Anderson with Francesca II, while the ref was distracted, followed up by Big E and Kofi hitting the Midnight Hour. I thought it was a fun match to start the show.

Rating: 7.5/10

Cruiserweight Championship

TJ Perkins vs. THE Brian Kendrick

Up next is one of the matches I was really keen for, the winner of the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic and the recipient of the new incarnation of the Cruiserweight Championship, TJ Perkins taking on his first challenger, the man who is going through a “career renaissance” THE Brian Kendrick. This match had a few sloppy spots in there, but aside from that, I found this to be a VERY enjoyable. There were so many times I thought “oh, is that the finish? No! SWEET! This match is great!” Despite it being TJP’s first ppv on the big stage of WWE, I found that he did a tremendous job in this match meanwhile Kendrick reminded every one of what he demonstrated in the CWC, and that is that he hasn’t missed a step. I actually really liked TJ Perkins’ 8bit fighter style entrance. It put a smile on my face, if I’m being honest. Perkins got the victory to retain with his trademark kneebar. After the match, Kendrick and Perkins embraced with a handshake and a hug before Kendrick completed his heel turn by headbutting Perkins in the jaw. Another little thing that I liked about this match was the purple ropes and different name plates during the entrance.

Rating: 8/10

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Match 7 in the best of 7 series

This match was absolutely insane. Sheamus and Cesaro went all out in the finale of their best of 7 series. So many incredible spots. The highlight of the match though would have to be Cesaro damn near killing himself with a suicide dive that caused him to land right on his head, but when the crowd and the entire world who was watching around the world went silent, Cesaro got back up and kept going with the match. Cesaro, if through some act of god are reading this, please don’t do that again man! We all love the stuff you do, but that dive was fucking scary! The match keeps going and goes until both men go over the crowd barrier. The referee doesn’t allow the two men to continue despite both men demanding to continue, with Cesaro even said “I’LL FIGHT WITH ONE ARM, I’VE DONE IT BEFORE” while the crowd chants “let them fight!” This may get me shunned by the IWC, but I thought the draw finish was actually good. I know a lot of people were pissed off but I thought to myself “this is interesting, wonder how the story will progress here”

Rating: 8.5/10

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

Yet another really good match that had a few missed and/or awkward spots, aside from that, I really enjoyed it. I thought Sami and Jericho did a great job in keeping the crowd buzzing after Cesaro and Sheamus tore the house down. There was a spot that looked a little botchy where it looked like Jericho didn’t quite catch Sami right when he went for the through the post ddt. But I digress, it was a good match with Jericho getting the win with a codebreaker.

Rating: 6.5/10

Raw Women’s Championship

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

Up next is the women’s match that had everyone talking for the red team, Charlotte was accompanied by her protegé Dana Brooke. All three women who were in the match did a great job in keeping the crowd invested. Going into this, I thought one of two things would happen. I thought either Dana would accidentally cost Charlotte the title with Charlotte losing her shit and assaulting Dana causing the face turn, or Charlotte would retain due to underhanded tactics. While Charlotte DID retain, she won fair and square. Once again, this was pulled off really well, Charlotte’s moonsault onto Bayley and Sasha was beautifully done and Charlotte got a lot of hangtime on that. Yeah, really good match showcasing the top of the women’s division.

Rating: 8.5/10

United States Championship

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

The second to last match on the card is one that had a lot of hype to it, I was enjoying the build, with Rusev costing Reigns a shot at the Universal title, the fact that we finally get this match after the beautiful debacle that was Roman vs. Rusev at SummerSlam, I enjoyed how in the pre-match promo they decided to put in Roman’s “wedding night” joke from when the feud started. This match was a battle between two of the biggest stars in WWE at the moment (yes IWC, Roman is a star. Accept it!) Roman and Rusev gave each other their all, there was a part where the crowd tried the “CM Punk” chants, thankfully those chants died down pretty quickly. The crowd started getting more involved in the match when Lana got ejected from ringside after pulling the referee out of the ring. Following that Roman broke out of the accolade and drilled Rusev with a spear for his first United States Championship.

Rating: 7/10

WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens(c) vs. Seth Rollins

Here we go, the match we were all waiting for. The former golden child of the Authority vs. The reigning champion. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens tore the house down in the main event. There were moments I thought both men were legitimately hurt, especially when Kevin kicked Seth’s knee brace. The sound that made got me thinking “shit, he’s done his knee again!” The match continued and as is a tradition, the Spanish announce table was obliterated, of course after Kevin told both the referee and Seth Rollins to suck it. Much to the delight of the crowd, however Seth would not be going through the table as he moved at the very last second causing the champion to be put through the Spanish announce table. Owens and Rollins continued the hard-hitting match that they were excelling at.We get Rollins with a crotch chop, Jericho interference, a ref bump and Rollins fighting both KO and Jericho off before dropping KO with a pedigree. We thought the match was over but then we remembered the referee was still unconscious on the outside of the ring. Cue Stephanie McMahon who ordered another referee to go down, Rollins went out to get the ref so that he could get the win, but by this point Kevin had recovered enough to put Seth Rollins down with a pop up powerbomb for the victory. After the match there was something off about the close up on Stephanie McMahon, mainly the face she was making. It looked like she was thinking “maybe Hunter made the right choice in costing Rollins the title a few weeks ago” how will this story unfold? We’ll have to find out on Raw.

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall show rating: 7/10

Match of the Night: Cesaro vs. Sheamus or Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

MVP of the Night: Kevin Owens

Final Thoughts: Admittedly, I wasn’t really that keen on the card going into the show. Thankfully, the show blew my expectations. I felt as if every match delivered and everyone shined bright. There were some moments I’d change, but overall it was a fun show to watch.

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