Lucha Underground (September 21, 2016) Review: Ultimate Opportunities (Season 3, Episode 3)

Lucha Underground Review

Air Date: September 21, 2016

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Last week’s episode of Lucha Underground featured a chaotic Weapons of Mass Destruction match involving Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez and Killshot and to follow that up, we’re getting the return of Dario’s Dial of Doom where one poor soul will get the opportunity to challenge the ‘Monster’ Matanza Cueto for the Lucha Underground Championship. Who will the dial land on? Let’s take it away!

Segment #1

Our opening segment of the night sees Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. in a ring training with Azteca looking to get revenge on Pentagon Dark for breaking his arm with Rey advising him not to go down that road along with reminding him that they have more important things to focus on – Dario and Matanza. In a groan inducing moment, Chavo Guerrero appeared to toy with Dragon Azteca Jr and it appears we’re getting a feud between these two and I’m seriously hoping not. Chavo had a role to play in the early episodes of season one while they were trying to establish the newer talent from AAA and Puma but once they did, he offered nothing to the show and has typically been the worst part of any show he’s been on, aside from his surprisingly good match with Cage.

Lucha Underground Championship

The Mack vs ‘The Monster’ Matanza Cueto (c)

Dario’s Dial of Doom returns and this week the dial lands on fan favourite The Mack. This match was a particularly enjoyable match that had a hot start with Matanza waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Mack to come down only for him to be blindsided. This was an enjoyable and fun match with Mack getting in a good bit of offense in Matanza. Was it as good as the match with Son of Havoc? No but it wasn’t designed to be as good as that match nor was it given the time to be but as stated, it was an enjoyable match and another one in the reign of Matanza who is building up a nice list of quality matches in his reign. I’m still surprised WWE didn’t bother to do anything with Mack when they signed him, he is incredibly talented and I’d reckon he’d be a huge hit in NXT but their loss is Lucha Undergrond’s gain.

Segment #2

The second segment of the evening takes place in the home of Son of Havoc as he’s watching those old Famous B commercials with Mascarita Sagrada. This is a very short but funny segment involving these two and momma Havoc but drives home the point that we’re going to be seeing an alliance between Havoc and Mascarita which should be fun as they fight Dr. Wegner Jr. and Famous B, which makes sense considering that both of them have been screwed over by Famous B.

Segment #3

Continuing on from the first episode of season three, Johnny Mundo is in pursuit of the World title and demands a shot from Dario with him once again being rejected. Dario offers him an alternative in getting a rematch for the Trios Championship which he turns down and Taya ends up taking Mundo’s place unknowingly to him. I liked this segment a lot as it continues the eventual splitting up arc between Mundo and Taya with Taya getting another shot at a title over Mundo in successive weeks.

‘The Machine’ Cage vs Texano – Ultimate Opportunity

Match 1 in a Best of a 5 Series

This match came about after they both lost in the Unique Opportunity tournament back at Ultima Lucha Dos so we never got to see this match. This isn’t a long match by any means but it’s still good and quite enjoyable. Dario promised the winner of the match an ultimate opportunity but after Cage had won the match, quickly changed his mind and made this a best of five series with the winner earning one of Dario’s ultimate opportunities. I’m not sure how keen I am on this being a best of five as while both men are good in the ring and it certainly gives them something to do, I’m not sure how good they’ll be at trying to make each match feel different like Aerostar and Drago did in season one. On the positive side, Texano at least has something to do now as I’ve always found it bizarre how he gets treated as a footnote in Lucha Underground considering how big a star he is in AAA. This’ll be his opportunity to prove he deserves more in the Temple and we can hopefully get some character development for both of them.

Segment #4

Back in Dario’s Cueto office, we see him getting a 4-2-3-GET-FAME cap with some photos along with Dragon Azteca Jr. looking for a match with Pentagon Dark. The segment gets odd as Dario sticks the photos in the trash can but once Azteca Jr leaves and Ricky Mandel (Remember him?) looking for a match with the photos now mysteriously on the table. I’m not sure what exactly what was on the photos or how they managed to get back on Dario’s desk but I’m going to assume Dario’s being blackmailed or something along those lines.

Trios Championship

Worldwide Underground (Taya, PJ Black & Jack Evans) vs The Super Friends (Drago, Aerostar & Fenix) (c)

As an actual match, this had the potential to rival the best matches of the last two episodes and be better than them but at the same time, this match was super entertaining and fun. It centred around the focus of the splitting up of Worldwide Underground with PJ Black getting frustrated with Jack Evans over the top antics which would see Evans acting like a crybaby on the floor. As like with the other two matches on the show, this is enjoyable and it’s a fun contest that also features some crazy Aerostar spots. Obviously the champions retain and we get Johnny Mundo doing a run-in after the match along with Sexy Star. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this stable warfare feud as they’ve heavily hinted at the demise of Worldwide Underground.

Segment #5

The final segment goes back to Dario Cueto’s office where he talks to Rey Mysterio about Dragon Azteca Jr. wanting a match with Pentagon Dark. Instead of getting this match, Dario instead makes a match which sees Dragon Azteca Jr. going against Chavo Guerrero with the winner facing Pentagon Dark, along with Rey being the special guest referee. While it does make sense in the show, I’m not sure that I’m going to be particularly fond of an Azteca Jr/Chavo Guerrero match.

Last week’s episode was a very story heavy show with lots of information thrown at us while this week’s episode is a more lighter one that centres around matches, the inevitable splitting up of Worldwide Underground and some fun segments. All the matches on the show were good and highly enjoyable, nothing to go out of your way to see but still worth watching. There really isn’t much else to talk about otherwise as there wasn’t any major plotlines like last week but after a very heavy and serious episode last week, something fun was needed here. Good episode.


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