WWE NXT (September 14, 2016) Review: Samoa Joe Attacks Nakamura


Air Date: September 14, 2016

We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin

NXT still seems to be in a transitional rebuilding phase after its roster was shaken up by the main roster split and subsequent draft which saw many of the top superstars of NXT being called up.

This week’s show starts off with Samoa Joe coming to the ring for a promo. This is a different Joe than we’ve seen in the past number of month. He is contrite, saying that lately he’s perhaps gone too far and has been a disgrace, but that he makes no apologies. He only did those things for the sake of what he calls the hottest title in wrestling, the NXT championship. Joe then called out the current NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Joe tells the champ, “I called you an undeserving contender…but you are a worthy champion.” He also lets Shinsuke know that when he’s ready he will invoke his rematch clause. Nakamura shakes his hand and Joe leaves without incident.

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The King of Strong style poses with his title in the ring as he is exiting through the curtains, Samoa Joe attacks. He drags Nakamura back to the ringside area and slams him onto the ring steps. As he’s writhing in pain Joe screams at him, “I did this to you!”. William Regal and Corey Graves come out to check on the champion and he is put into a neck brace, stretchered out of the arena and sent to a nearby medical facility.

Liv Morgan vs Rachel Fazio

Continuing to rebuild the NXT Women’s division after losing the likes of Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Bayley, Liv Morgan seems is one of the new stand outs. The crowd was not into this very short match that, after a quick back and forth, ended with Morgan making Fazio tap out to a version of the triangle.

Winner: Liv Morgan

After the match Liv cut a promo in the ring. She said that she’s heard everyone talking about how the Women’s division had been cleared out and that there is no one left to fight. Well she’s ready to fight and she wants to challenge Asuka for the title.


Next, there is another teaser for “Sanity” who is rumored to be Sawyer Fulton and Tucker Knight.

Drew Gulak vs Hideo Itami

It is good to see competitors from CWC getting shots on NXT episodes, especially someone as respected as Drew Gulak. Gulak is using this opportunity to further prove what he has. The match starts off awfully stiff with knees and boots flying all over until Drew slows it down to work on Hideo with a variety of submissions. Itami fired back with more kicks getting the upper hand before finishing off Gulak with the corner dropkick followed by the Go To Sleep.

Winner: Hideo Itami

The Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering vs Doug Sessa and Chris Payne

There is not much to report on from this match. The AOP made quick work of these two dominating the whole time save for some ineffective offense from Sessa. The Authors ended things with their Russian Leg Sweep/lariat combination.

Winner: The Author of Pain


There is a backstage interview with Tye Dillinger. The interviewer asks of his career is on a down swing, but Dllinger points out his latest victory including at NXT Brooklyn II and that he will always be a perfect ten.

Bobby Roode vs No Way Jose

Roode’s entrance has gained a new feature, a slow spinning pedestal that lets him bask in his own glory.

Roode is the obvious crowd favorite here, but Jose does not let that get in the way of letting him get the upper hand. The chant slowly swings from “This is Glorious” to “No Way Jose!” Jose clotheslines Roode over the ropes to the and began working on him on the outside. On the other side of a quick break Jose is still on top before Roode turns the tide with a massive spinebuster. Bobby hit a stalling suplex and Jose bounced back with a flying crossbody. Roode then grounded him with a headlock. After one more small flurry from Jose, Bobby Roode ended things with is lifting DDT.

Winner: Bobby Roode


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