Lucha Underground (September 14, 2016) Review: The Amulet

Lucha Underground Results and Review

Air Date: September 14th 2016

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Coming off the heels of a very good season premiere, we return once again to the temple with the main event of Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez taking on Killshot to conclude their long rivalry in the new concept known as ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ which is essentially a fancy way of saying it’s an Anything Goes match. It’s an important match for both men with Killshot having emerged in the early parts of Season 2 as somebody who could be a breakout star in Lucha Underground after some impressive performances and Marty, who, while growing into his own as a wacky psychopath, hasn’t overly impressed in the ring. Will this be a breakout performance for both men in many ways that No Mas was for Sexy Star and Mariposa or will this end horribly for both men? Let’s find out!

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Segment #1

The opening segment goes back in time to the night of Ultima Lucha Dos with Joey Ryan, Cortez Castro and Captain Vasquez listening to Dario Cueto about to murder Mr. Cisco and an argument follows over what to do next with Castro wanting to make the arrest and Vasquez refusing to do so. I like that they are continuing this police angle as I was initially worried that they would have dropped it after Dario had been released from jail and had all charges against him dropped. The big take away from this segment is that it’s more development about councilman Delgado and his lord as the cops are more interested in using Dario as a link to get more information about this lord and what his intentions are. It’s good that between this and the opening segment from last week, that there is some focus on this storyline as season 2 did not do a good job at developing this story further and ignored it in a lot of ways after they introduced the storyline.

Dr. Wagner Jr. Vs Mascarita Sagrada

There really isn’t much to comment about this as an actual match as it doesn’t even last a minute and there’s about a total of four or five moves but I love that they actually booked this match. Mascarita would obviously be seeking revenge on Famous B for turning on him after promising to make him ‘famous’ and on top of that, they need to establish heat on Wagner which he is most certainly going to get after squashing two beloved members of the temple in Son of Havoc and now Mascarita. I’m interested to see how Wagner does when he has to compete in an actual match as I’m not familiar at all with his work in Mexico but I suspect we’ll be seeing him squash more people in the coming weeks before we get to see him take on Son of Havoc again to continue his story arch and quest to main event Ultima Lucha Tres.

Segment #2

Our second segment of the night sees us once again go back in time to a Millennia ago to see the same girl who in season 2 who met Aerostar about reuniting the seven tribes before a great disaster strikes and this time, she’s with her dying father who informs her that if she takes this ancient amulet, she’ll become immortal when she becomes a woman and stresses the importance of taking the amulet and about the war. At first I thought we were finally getting the long awaited origin story about Catrina and how she obtained her powers but it seems like it was actually about …Captain Vasquez instead. It kind of makes sense in a way since she seems so invested about this investigation and how she knows an upcoming war is about to happen soon although she only has half of that amulet. That’s going to be an important note to remember.

Argenis vs Mil Muetes

Again, there isn’t anything to comment on about this as an actual match because it barely lasts a minute and it’s another squash match, with Mil crushing Argenis pretty easily and showcasing him as unstoppable monster. The real point of this was that we get what the previous episode hinted at in that we’re getting another Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes feud and it’s something I’m all for. Their match at Ultima Lucha was a great match and highly underrated in a lot of respects so to get a proper rematch or two between these two somewhere down the line should be awesome and will be a certain highlight for this season. Hopefully we get some follow up on that Vampiro segment with Puma though and getting to see more development of Puma as a character, which I’m sure will happen.

Segment #3

Our third segment continues with the same pattern tonight involving the police as Joey Ryan informs Dario that not only is he an undercover cop but so is Cortez Castro. On top of this, Ryan tells him that he’s willingly to work with Dario and be friends with him, after getting paid off by Dario as well. Obviously he’s been put up to this by Captain Vasquez to get more information about whatever Dario’s up and his connections to this upcoming war but I’m not sure how bright it is to let somebody know like Dario Cueto know that you’re not only a cop, but you’ve been an under-cop against him this entire time, I’m pretty positive that we’ll be seeing Dario looking to feed Matanza with Ryan and Cortez soon enough to get them out of the picture. On the positive side, this now means we get Joey Ryan in season three and more sleazy Joey Ryan is always a great thing.

Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez vs Killshot

Weapons of Mass Destruction

I said at the top of this review that this match was an important match for both of these guys to prove that they can be future stars of Lucha Underground and they went out there and put on a show. This was a great match; it was absolutely everything that it needed to be and more. It was gritty, it was brutal and they brought the hate from the first second of this match. You can see how desperate that these two were to destroy each other with everything that they could get their hands on, how desperate they were to even survive as the match went further on. A flaw that a lot of matches like these go through is that you get guys that are more focused on just going from one big spot to the next without any sense of building it up and putting any kind of drama on the big spots but you don’t get this here, they took their time building them up to make them mean more and it results in a career defining match for both of them.

Killshot was a little iffy for me in some parts of this match with inconsistent selling but I was blown away in particular by Marty, his performance in this match was stellar and he captured exactly what his character should be from him; a deranged psychopath. Him dressing up like he’s just came out of a Vietnam film to laughing and smiling every single time Killshot beat him up added more to the match, his reactions were brilliant throughout the match and he let his personality shine through. Marty legitimately came off like an utter star in this and so did Killshot as well to some extent although he’ll need some work. They complete this off with an insane finish to the match.

This match will probably get overlooked because of the Cruiserweight Classic finals tonight but it really shouldn’t. It’s a great match and something that is definitely worth going out of your way to see, this is to Marty and Killshot what No Mas was to Sexy Star and Mariposa and it’s arguably the better match. Watch this match right now.

Segment #4

The closing segment of the show focuses on an angry Mil Muertes wanting Prince Puma but the real talking point is Catrina showing us that she has the other half of the ancient amulet that Captain Vasquez has. This raises way more questions than it does answers in regards to how Catrina managed to get hold of that half of the amulet although it does explain how she doesn’t age. It’ll be interesting to see what Catrina’s role in this since it looks like she’ll be involved in this war storyline as well which is featuring a lot of people as it is at the moment.

And that wraps this episode of Lucha Underground. If you’re looking for a wrestling heavy show, this isn’t going to be for you as this show is heavily centred around this police storyline involving Dario Cueto and his connections to councilman Delgado and his lord. It’s good to see that we’re getting serious development on this angle despite the fact that it’s gotten a tiny bit confusing in places as they dropped a lot of information on us in this episode and they maybe would have been better off spreading that over a few episodes to let people digest is happening without overloading on it. Still, it’s a good episode that also showcases in building up Dr. Wagner Jr., starting up the Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma feud, on top of a great main event with a career performance from Marty.


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