WWE Smackdown Live Results and Review: AJ Styles Era Begins (September 13, 2016)

WWE Smackdown Live Results and Review

Air Date: September 13, 2016

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It was only 48 hours ago that 3 belts were given to new wrestlers/teams at the Backlash PPV. Tonight, we get to see what comes next for the winners and losers of the PPV matches, and we also get to see the contract signing of Heath Slater! Can team blue hot off a PPV top Monday night this week? Let’s see!

Opening Segment

The show kicks off this week with a newly made intro video for the show, but after that, we get to see our new World Champion for the first time since his victory! AJ does a very lackluster promo about him being “The champ that runs the camp” or something, and this terrible promo gets saved by John Cena. After Cena fits some words in, Ambrose comes out and gives Cena and AJ some words, and this summons Shane McMahon. After boring Shane babble, Shane announces a Triple Threat match at the No Mercy PPV for the title. Those 3 people obviously being Styles, Cena and Ambrose. Shane also announces a tag match with Ambrose and Cena teaming up to face Styles and a partner of his choice later on tonight.

This segment announced a lot and was hard to follow, and I didn’t love how long this was. Smackdown should be known for NOT having the 20 minute talking segment that RAW usually possesses. Besides that, I think the triple threat will be great to watch, but with such a small roster they can’t do more than 2 man matches too often or they will run out of matches to do!

Match 1: The Usos vs The Hype Bros

The first match of the night is a second chance for the Hype Bros after losing to The Usos on Sunday. On Sunday most people were high praise of The Usos wearing much darker colours, but this week they are wearing red and white. It does seem like nitpicking, but the plain black colour for them seemed much better.

But back to the match, The Usos got a quick and clean win on the Hype Bros after just around 4 minutes. This may have just been filler for the show, because I don’t think any higher of a team if that just beat the guys they beat two nights before. That’s not impressive, that’s just beating a dead horse.

The Miz and Dolph Ziggler Segment

The Miz successfully defended his IC Title last night, which deserves a victory speech. So The Miz comes out tonight to brag, but that gets cut short quickly by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler asks for a rematch, and after that Bryan comes out and says that Ziggler will get a rematch. But The Miz disagrees with the rematch, walks away, AND THAT’S THE SEGMENT?!?! We don’t definitively know if Ziggler will get a rematch, instead we get a very awkward/silent ending to the segment. I don’t understand what they wanted to accomplish here, because to me they didn’t accomplish anything.

Match 2: Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews

We come close to the second hour of the show, and we already have our second Backlash rematch. Except this match was thrown away at the last-minute. Baron Corbin attacks Apollo during his entrance, and Jack Swagger comes out to… Interrupt this beat down that never happened? Swagger has a stare down with Corbin as Corbin makes his exit. Once Swagger makes his way to the ring, the crowd doesn’t care and is confused as to why they should care. Swagger delivers a terrible promo, then that ends the segment. He interrupted a beat down, but NEVER EVEN HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT? How does that even work? He basically ignored the fight that was scheduled to happen and talked to the crowd!

Match 3: Naomi vs Nikki Bella vs Natalya vs Carmella vs Alexa Bliss

Becky Lynch was the first to be crowned the Smackdown Women’s Champion last night. Since nobody had the title taken from them, a new #1 contender needs to be crowned tonight. The other competitors that faced Becky last night all get a chance to become the #1 contender, with the winner of this 5-way match getting the title shot next. The crowd wasn’t too into this, but I have to give props to Nikki and Carmella for continuing their micro-rivalry that will most likely get its own TV time in the next few weeks. During this match there was some dialog between the two, and the two pick on each other a lot.

This match ended with Alexa Bliss stealing a pin from someone else, which is a simple way to make her a heel, but I also think it is smart to keep Carmella and Nikki out of rivalries because of their feud that is coming up. It was also smart to have a heel face the face Becky Lynch. This match will have a long build but I see it being good.

Heath Slater contract signing

After Heath Slater became the first Smackdown Tag Team Champions alongside Rhyno, he gets rewarded with an official contract to be on Smackdown. How could this possibly go wrong? Well during Slater’s celebration speech he got interrupted by The Ascension asking for a match immediately. Slater holds back a little on the idea of not just a match, but a title match. Even though he doesn’t want it, Shane McMahon books it, so Slater/Rhyno’s first title defense is next.

Match 4: Heath Slater and Rhyno vs The Ascension (Smackdown Tag Team Title Match)

This match does not last very long, with Slater and Rhyno getting the win after Rhyno hits a “gore” for the finish. I think that this segment was terrible because this only buried The Ascension even more. If people want The Ascension to ever be treated seriously, you can’t endlessly feed them to people. They could have done a better segment if the heel team won in a cheap way, but still got the chance to challenge for a belt in the future. Of course, this would only work if this match wasn’t for the title, so maybe their first mistake was there.

Randy Orton confronts Bray Wyatt

It was a rollercoaster of emotions on Sunday between Orton and Wyatt, that is, if you cared. But even if you didn’t care, you have to admit that there was lots of confusion about the storyline between Orton and Wyatt. So tonight Orton calls out Wyatt to a fight, just to get attacked by Erick Rowan. They really want a reaction for the Wyatts since they aren’t really anything currently, so they are obviously trying to make Wyatt the coward gimmick. Orton responds with an RKO to end this fight and segment. The proper match between the two will obviously be done at the next Smackdown PPV, so expect a slow build like what was done this week.

Before our main event, we see a backstage segment where AJ Styles finally finds his tag partner for tonight, being one of the first jobbers for Braun Stroman. You know, James Ellsworth!

Match 5: AJ Styles and The Miz vs John Cena and Dean Ambrose

It’s time for our main event, but just as James Ellsworth makes his way to the ring, he gets brutally jumped by The Miz. After that the Miz forces himself as AJ’s tag partner. In this match you can certainly tell that Cena started getting frustrated with Ambrose, mostly because of Ambrose barely ever tagging in. This match was mostly boring, but the finish to the match was good with Ambrose diving to the outside, and Cena hitting the AA inside the ring for the pin and eventual win. But don’t celebrate too quickly, John. After the match Ambrose hits a “Dirty Deeds” on Cena and starts talking trash. Whether this was a heel turn or not is not too obvious, but how the heel to face dynamic will be in this match will be very interesting as the next few weeks go by.

For a show after a PPV, this was a really dull and boring show. They seemingly stepped their game up on Sunday, but this show really dropped the ball. The main event was decent, and the women’s match earlier was good, but besides that I didn’t find much to be excited about. Hopefully next week can be a better week, because this week’s show was nothing to be proud of.


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