WCPW: Loaded – Episode 8 Results and Review (September 10, 2016)

This weeks episode of Loaded whilst having fewer matches did have many stakes, Jospeh Conners coming off his shocking victory at Stacked (Which you can see my review of here) defends the WCPW World Championship against El Ligero who is STILL undefeated in WCPW in singles competition. Can Gabriel Kidd and Prince Ameen get along in their tag team match against a team that are more than meets the eye and finally the main event sees an elimination Rumble to determine who faces the Olympic hero Kurt Angle at WCPW: Refuse To Lose! 


WCPW World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Joseph Connera (c) Def. El Ligero – ***1/2

A very good first defense by Conners, the match unofficially starts on the ramp with the two brawling through the crowd, which Ligero gets the upper hand and gets Conners into the ring to start the match properly. The match was booked very well with the two men looking even but once Ligero gets the upper hand Conners knocks down the ref and tries to use the belt on Ligero. It’s countered and used on himself but he’s able to kick out and ultimately win the match, a very strong start to Conner’s title reign ending Ligero’s undefeated streak.


Los Perspectiva Def. Gabriel Kidd & Prince Ameen – **1/2

A decent match used more for story progression between Ameen and Kidd. With Prospect not being allowed in WCPW Archer and Drake disguised themselves as Luchadors, creating the lovely chant “Lucha Fuckboys.” Soem great heel work from Kennedy and Ameen, with Gabriel being forced to lay down or else he gets fired, hopefully soon Kidd finally has enough and attacks Ameen, everyone is behind Kidd and despise Ameen which means the story is doing its job.


Kurt Angle Invitational Battle Royal:

Joe Hendry Wins Last Eliminating EC3 – ***3/4

A very good battle royal which was able to advance storylines as well as crown a winner to face Kurt Angle at Refuse To Lose in October. You had Martin Kirby and Travis Banks continue their little feud by teaming up and them eliminating each other, Primate finally pinning Joe Coffey, Prince Ameen taking Gabriel Kidd’s spot in the Rumble. Big Damo taking out Moose and getting rid of Rampage along side Prospect, El Ligero was a great iron man despite facing Conners earlier in the night to make him look strong still. With all the feud continuations during this match, it makes you wonder what will happen next week which is always a good sign.

Overall while not an amazing episode of Loaded, it did its job with the battle royal and giving Joseph Conners a strong start as champion, with only 3 matches it’s an easy watch for any wrestling fan. If you’ve enjoyed this weeks review make sure to check us out next week as well as reading all our other articles for more reviews and news her at We Write Wrestling and be sure to follow us @WeWriteWrestlin!


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