WWE Backlash’s Effect on Smackdown’s Women’s Division

WWE Backlash’s Effect on Smackdown’s Women’s Division

Published on: September 12, 2016

We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin

WWE’s Backlash PPV event came out swinging for the fences on Sunday night with 3 new champions being crowned, all of which are not only over as hell but truly deserving to be recognized as the very top of their respected divisions. WWE is very well-known for not always making the right call in regards to what the fans want, (i.e. Roman Reigns WWE World Championship Reign); however, WWE threw us a curve ball at Backlash, and actually gave us exactly what we wanted, including the brand new Smackdown Women’s champ. Fans going into Backlash generally expected Nikki Bella to walk out of the Six-Pack Challenge as Smackdown Women’s champion due to the series premiere of “Total Bellas” on October 5th. Nikki has been decently over since returning from a potentially career threatening injury at SummerSlam, but despite her subsequent babyface reactions as of late, fans in Richmond were ready to witness the crowning of straight fire Becky Balboa herself as the first ever Smackdown Women’s champion. Not only did fans get to witness the crowning of a hard-working and deserving champion in Becky Lynch, but they also got to witness a very good women’s wrestling match, which allowed all 6 women to show the world exactly what women’s wrestling can be and should be in WWE.

One week before the Summerslam PPV the Smackdown Live Women’s Division was a major concern, not only because of the lack of depth but because according to the rumor mill, it was soon ready to become the “Eva Marie Show” with ‘All Red Everything’ on top of the division. With a stroke of luck WWE was able to avoid disaster by hitting Miss Marie with a #SuspensionOutOfNowhere, because as most fans are quite aware, Eva Marie does not possess any of the necessary skills to become successful in pro wrestling. With Eva out of the way, WWE was able to seize this opportunity by bringing back the longest reigning Diva’s Champion in history, Nikki Bella. Nikki is certainly no Charlotte or Natalya in the ring; however, she has proven her hard work by improving tremendously at her craft, putting on solid matches with most of the girls on the roster. The Smackdown Live Women’s Division feels much stronger than ever before following Backlash, because the Six-Pack Challenge allowed all 6 women to demonstrate how good they really are, and allowed the women to establish multiple feuds to carry the division into the future.

Carmella has been represented very strongly on Smackdown Live in her current feud with Nikki Bella, a feud that was progressed well during the match at Backlash and a feud that doesn’t need the championship to stay relevant. With Nikki and Carmella locked into a storyline, Becky Lynch has the opportunity to contend with the likes of Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Naomi, and even *gulp* Eva Marie. With that being said I believe that Alexa Bliss would be the best of the bunch to feud with Becky Lynch into the “No Mercy” PPV event in October. Bliss has a tremendous heel character that works very well in the ring, not to mention a feud with Becky would be something new and different as we have already seen Becky feud with Natalya a few months back.

A women’s roster with only 7 women is something that will prove to be very difficult to keep fresh, but the fact that WWE has managed to keep all the women relevant so far is something great to behold. Time will tell whether or not the women on Smackdown Live remain fresh and exciting due to the lack of variety in matches we will be exposed to over the next few months. One thing is for certain, that is at WWE Backlash the WWE took the Smackdown Live Women’s roster in a positive direction, and I am truly excited to witness what they have in store for us at WWE’s next PPV event for the women.


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