WWE Backlash 2016 Results and Review: AJ Styles Wins! (September 11, 2016)

WWE Backlash 2016 Live Results and Review

Air Date: September 11, 2016

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Most of the public says that WWE Backlash will be a wreck. Whether that’s because Smackdown has too little of a roster, terrible storylines or more, you have to admit that WWE are the underdogs in this against the public. And as CM Punk showed at UFC 203, underdogs usually lose. But will WWE be the CM

Punk’s tonight? Let’s be the decider of that tonight. Will Smackdown put on a show worthy of the $9.99 a month? Or will it come crashing down like the last few weeks of Smackdown Live that we have witnessed? We find out as Smackdown’s Backlash starts at 8PM/9CST tonight.

Pre-Show: Backstage segment between Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin

11 minutes into the analysis that we get on the pre-show, we see a pretty decent segment backstage with Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin. The tension between the two is very apparent. Daniel Bryan notices this, and then schedules a match between them later on in the kickoff show. This will be a good match, and even though it’s not a great match it does give us something to look at during this hour long pre-show (Seriously why is it that long?)

Pre-Show: Heath Slater and Rhyno Q&A

Here are some of the notes from the Q&A. Most words are cut out, but the words types are all quotes.

Heath = H Rhyno = R

Q: What if you lose?

H: What if i lose? I can’t lose! I got everything riding on this one match! – I don’t get to feed my kids on and on

R: We trained. Water aerobics. No community pool after we win tonight. Go over to your house (Heath’s)

Q: How have your kids helped prepare you for tonights match?

R: Rosco, he’s always stealing the car, you gotta chase after him

H: He’s getting in so much trouble

Q: How would you to celebrate winning?

H: Jump for joy, you know? WOOO! YEAH! I get a contract, I get a pool. We make history,

R: No more community pools. – Make a list of people to beat up. We could take the family to Golden Corral

Q: Have you come up with a tag team name yet?

R: The Beauty and the Man Beast

H: I’ll be the Man Beast right?

R: No I’ll be the man beast.

This segment was hilarious, this guys are a great comedy duo, and this showed their improv skills!

Pre-Show Match 1: Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin

Enough of the chitter-chatter, it’s time for us to get physical! The impromptu match that was announced just earlier between Crews and Corbin starts off the in-ring action. This match started off super slow, but after our first commercial break it really picked up and we see one great spot after another. As we usually see, Crews goes 110% in a match. But that’s not to say that Corbin wasn’t performing well in this match too. There was a big chain of pins at one point in the match, and Corbin showed lots of emotion for every kickout, something I haven’t seem too much from him in the past. We get a great chain of moves between the two, but the ultimate victor was discovered after an “End Of Days” from Corbin.

It is obvious at this point that the two have great chemistry together, with this match and the match last year at TakeOver: London being great examples. I don’t care who went over in this match, it hyped the crowd up, hyped me up, and sure and hell left me wanting more.

Show Intro

After our pretty good pre-show, we finally start off our Pay-Per-View with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon coming out and hyping the show to everyone. I usually don’t like putting too much of a spotlight on the managers, but they did a great job at hyping up the show and warming the crowd up. The first match starts immediately.

Match 1: Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Naomi vs Alexa Bliss vs Carmella vs Nikki Bella (Smackdown Women’s Championship Match) (6-Pack Challenge)

A 6-pack challenge is usually a great type of match to star off a show. Action packed, fast and full of fun. But this first match has gotten some doubts over the past few weeks because of terrible promo work and boring hype matches. But can this match change our opinions? Let’s see.

This match started off pretty awkwardly with some very slow attacks by everyone. But once we did get this match at a quicker pace we were able to see some really great spots that I didn’t expect from this match. At one point all of the wrestlers except Naomi were on the outside, and Naomi does a top rope dive onto the whole group. After some more great spots, Alexa Bliss becomes the first to be eliminated. Immediately after, Naomi becomes the second victim by Natalya via Sharpshooter. The eliminations continue to rain in after that, with Nikki eliminating Natalya, and Carmella eliminating Nikki through rollup pin. Becky Lynch and Carmella remain. After the elimination from Carmella, Nikki hits Carmella. Carmella goes crazy because of this, and berates Becky with slaps. But that awakens Becky and eventually hits the disarmer to become the first Smackdown Women’s Champion.

We saw a great match, and the crowd couldn’t have been more happy than to have Becky win the championship. This match did not bore me or the crowd in the slightest, and all of the terrible segments and matches leading up to this were all worth it. I was very doubting about this match, but these 6 competitors killed it and couldn’t have done it better. Becky delivers a very great promo after the match, and celebrates with the crowd. What a way to kick off the PPV, by crowning a champion and lifting the whole Women’s Division up a notch.

Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt Attack Segment

It was rumored earlier on in the day that Orton was not cleared to fight tonight, and this segment basically sealed the deal. We go to backstage to see Bray Wyatt attacking Randy Orton until he was pulled off by others, and when we get back to commentary, the first thing we hear is “I wonder if Orton can still compete tonight”. Maybe it’s just me but that seems like a dead giveaway.

Match 2: The Usos vs Hype Bros (Winner faces Slater/Rhyno later tonight for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships)

The news was broken on Tuesday after Smackdown, and it goes down second on the card tonight. After Smackdown it was announced that The Usos would face the Hype Bros to figure out who faces Slater/Rhyno for the tag titles. Why were they thrown in this mix? Because they attacked American Alpha after a match. David Otunga said the only sane thought about this match, saying “I don’t even know why The Usos got this match! They showed bad sportsmanship!”. So now the heel Usos come out tonight, not wearing any facepaint and wearing trashbags for pants.

But clothing and character aside, we haven’t spoken about the match yet. In this match it seemed like The Usos thought that fighting much slower means that your a heel. It was mostly Mojo and some Ryder that carried this match through and, no pun intended, kept this match hyped. We get a superkick to a heel on Ryder which was a good callback to what they did to Chad Gable, and they ended the match with a leg-lock. The Usos move onto their match against Heath Slater and Rhyno later on to decide the first Smackdown Tag Champions. I did not love this match, but it was not terrible. The spots from the Hype Bros were very good, and the continuity from The Usos was very impressive. But besides that we did not see anything that was too special about this match.

Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz (intercontinental Championship Match)

It’s time for our first singles match tonight, and it’s for the IC title. Before The Miz makes his entrance, we see a backstage segment of The Miz giving Daniel lip because he wants a new contract. This match starts very slowly, and stayed that way for a very long time. Because of how little matches are on the card, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got told to really burn time with this one.What we did see that was really smart is that The Miz did lots of moves that Daniel Bryan did often, definitely hinting at this rivalry between him and Bryan continuing. Wether that is in the ring or not, I don’t know. This match ended with Maryse spraying Dolph with some type of canned spray, giving The Miz the chance to hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

The very heel Miz kept his title after this match, and that was the better thing to do since The Miz has been on fire recently, and Dolph Ziggler doesn’t have enough to his name to be a champion.

Match 4: Bray Wyatt vs Kane

As shown earlier, Randy Orton can not compete. Bray asks for an official 10 count to certify that he won. But after the 10 count, the announcer says that Bray will compete in a “No Holds Barred” match against Kane! What I don’t understand though, is the announcer team says “What a return”, even though we just saw him on Tuesday. In this match we get some pretty dull moments, but since it is a No Holds Barred match, we did see a pretty entertaining commentary table spot. Just as this match neared it’s finish Randy Orton came out to the ring. Just as Bray keeps his attention back on Kane, Orton comes in with an RKO! And keep in mind this is all allowed because the match is No Holds Barred. After that, Kane finishes the match off with a Chokeslam!

I was not digging the middle of this match, but I still think it was a fun little match that we got, and it was able to stall the rivalry between Orton and Wyatt until Randy is cleared to fight again. And plus, the fans at the arena and at home still get to see the Viper on the show. You will expect more matches like this on Smackdown PPV’s in the future because they have 3 hours and such a little roster. But so far, they have been doing great with the show! And this crowd is perfect for this show! I have never seen such a great small-town show in such a long time.

During our next break, we see a commercial for the next Smackdown PPV, No Mercy, which is on October 8.

Match 5: The Usos vs Heath Slater and Rhyno (Smackdown Tag Team Championship)

Earlier on the show The Usos earned their way into this match, but now we see The Usos face the roadblock of Rhyno and Heath Slater before they can get gold around their waist. When the team of Slater and Rhyno came out they got a HUGE pop from the crowd, but a lot of that excitement drained out as the match continued on. The middle of this match was absolutely boring, but the end of the match was great, and the crowd tuned back in. In the end, we got Heath Slater and Rhyno becoming the first Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

What do I think of this? Well even though Slater and Rhyno (mostly Slater) are red hot with the crowd, The Usos just got taken down with their new angle that just got brought up last week. And I don’t really know what will happen after this with Slater and Rhyno, but since they are one of the biggest things right now, whatever happens I see working out. Slater is great on the mic and seems to be a perfect mix of comedy and hard babyface.

Match 6: AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose (WWE Championship)

All good things must come to an end, and this show ends with our WWE Championship match. AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose compete in this match for the most prestigious belt in the WWE. So let’s get started. This match had lots of time to fill. It started with 50 minutes left on the show. This match all throughout had a very moderate pace, but it was matched with great athletics and amazing spots. Styles was the man who absorbed most of the very hard bumps, but Ambrose also took some good ones too.

After the extremely impressive spots, the match finally comes to a finish with a low blow to Ambrose, then the Styles Clash. This match was great, and this whole show exceeded my expectations. I am very excited that Styles is the champion, but at the same time I am worried that Ambrose will lose lots of popularity since we haven’t seen him without a belt in so long. Nonetheless this wraps up the great PPV!

Coming into this PPV there was lots of doubts from everyone. Lot’s of people were saying that this would be an example as to why brand exclusive PPV’s wouldn’t work out. But this show sure shut up everyone who was a doubter, including me! I will be very excited to watch the show on Tuesday because of this, and I honestly couldn’t have been more happy as to how this show turned out. Can WWE capitalize on such a great event on Tuesday? We will find out, but until then I’ll catch ya later!


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