WWE Superstars Results and Review “I’m the people!” (September 9, 2016)

WWE Superstars Results & Review

Airdate: September 9, 2016

We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin

Neville vs. Curtis Axel

Superstars can be a gamble: sometimes there are hidden gems, other times there are more run-of-the-mill (if there is such a thing) matches. Thankfully Neville and Curtis Axel put on a snug and solid match that solidifies Neville’s position of the sleeper powerhouse of the Raw roster. There is very little holding Neville back from being a true breakout star on Raw. The crowd loves him and his abilities far exceed what we have seen thus far. Recommended match!

Winner: Neville (via pinfall following a Red Arrow)

Titus O’Neil vs. Jack Swagger

Raw is The Kevin Owens Show, we all know this. Superstars is undeniably the Jack Swagger Show. Win or lose, Swagger is there and the crowd is largely behind him. The All New, All Different Titus O’Neil is leaning into his newly developed a-hole persona. Taunting the crowd and Swagger by stating repeatedly “I’m the people!” while mean mugging is as much character development as we’ve ever seen from O’Neil.

From a storytelling standpoint, this match is far more compelling that it would seem. To move the former Celebrity Dad of the Year (whaaaa?) into a position of being more and more reviled for his heelery, must be a hard change to adapt to. How can O’Neil navigate this change into a potential title shot? Does he care? Do we? We should only to the extent that we can observe the consequences of very real personal turmoil being mirrored in the ring.

When Ryback was close to bolting from WWE, his distaste for the audience and the WWE was palpable. His final appearance on Superstars was massively uncomfortable to watch the same way one would be uncomfortable watching a co-work slip into not-giving-a-shit mode when they hand in their notice. There are hints of this with O’Neil. Whether or not it’s all a part of the schtick or O’Neil is reaching some sort of personal impasse, one might be able to see the cracks starting show on this episode.

Winner: Titus O’Neil (via pinfall following a Clash of the Titus)



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