WCPW: Stacked Results and Review (September 3, 2016)

Eric Bishcoff as General Manager, Prospect and BX barred from ringside, a fatal 4 way to decide the fate of the WCPW Championship. Only one women will be left standing to be crowned the first WCPW Women’s champion, 2 rivals continue their legendary feud and a few TNA stars come to join the party, this is WCPW Stacked!

Stacked 1.1.png

Moose Def. Joe Coffey – ***

A solid match but very slow due to the size of the men, this could have been a very good hard hitting brawl but felt kind of awkward at times. I must say I was expecting a lot more from these 2 especially with all the hype surrounded with how good Moose is. A decent opener but could have been better.

We then had Eric Bishcoff come out at special guest GM for the night, which produced a pretty good segment between the 2 Adams and Eric subsequently banning Adam Blampied and all of Prospect from ringside tonight, chucking them out of the building. This resulted in a few comedy skits with Prospect trying to enter the building but failing, outside of this, Eric being GM didn’t really do much for the show which was a disappointment. He does however add a man for the Ligero EC3 match, making it a triple threat match.

Stacked 1.2.png

Triple Threat Match:

El Ligero Def. Pete Dunne & EC3 – ***1/4

A good triple threat here, Pete has been killing it in the UK scene with an awesome throwback style of grounded, brawling and technicality. EC3 is of course one of TNA’s finest talent and El Ligero is another amazing UK wrestler. These 3 had a really nice back and forth match, EC3 mostly picking his spots whilst Ligero and Dunne went head to head. Another win for Ligero and with how the main event scene is panning out, it shouldn’t be too long until he gets a title shot, he’s easily the most consistent on the WCPW roster in terms of full timers. A nice sign of respect from EC3 to Ligero giving him his cape back, seems silly, but I liked it.

Stacked 1.3.png

Drew Galloway Def. Doug Williams – ***1/2

After sending Dar packing from WCPW last week, Doug was hoping to give another a Scotsman a similar fate. With Doug’s style he’s always able to have good matches despite his age and injuries he’s suffered at previous WCPW shows, of curse Drew Galloway is one of the best right now, another very accomplished TNA wrestler. This was a very nice technical contest with both men looking strong but another win for TNA as Drew picks up the victory, let’s see who Doug targets next until his eventual match with Cody Rhodes.

Stacked 1.4.png

Will Ospreay Def. Marty Scurll – ****1/2

Ospreay’s feuds with Jimmy Havoc and Marty Scurll have been some of the most important feuds in British wrestling today, this 3 really put British wrestling on the map, Jimmy Havoc with his brawling style and nasty heel persona. Will Ospreay with his high flying ability and Marty Scurll for his calculated technical mastery. Sadly due to Jimmy’s knee injury several months which he is still recovering from, Marty and Ospreay have taken this British wrestling boom and become the poster boys for it. This match was incredible and easily MOTN, another chapter in their legendary saga, the amount of ways Will can escape a hold by doing quote “Flippy sh*t” is just unreal whilst Marty was just as amazing as ever in his heel role. Him and Havoc are two of the best heels in the business as they can actually get the crowd to loath and despise them. Many amazing counters but sadly Will’s setup into the Ace Crusher again was slightly botched like in his match with Ricochet earlier this year, he needs a new way to setup that finisher. Outside of that this was bell to bell an awesome match, another MOTYC for WCPW and another contender for best WCPW match ever.

Stacked 1.5.png

Travis Banks & Martin Kirby Def. Liam Slater & Gabriel Kidd – ***1/4

One match turns Kirby into a face, while he was suppose to be a heel here with Banks, Kirby played heelish towards the crowd and even his opponents. Sadly Moss, Slater’s tag partner dislocated his shoulder and couldn’t compete, at first Prince Ameen emerges, tricking Slater into thinking he would tag with him, but Gabriel Kidd comes out and serves as his partner. The match was pretty good, Kidd continues to improve week after week and Slater did well despite suffering a potential broken nose, Banks and Kirby gelled well as an arguing tag team with Kirby pushing Banks out of the ring then getting the pin for himself. Kirby leaves with cheers, not sure Kirby is officially face or classic fans just cheering heels for no reason.

Stacked 1.6.png

Lat Women Standing Match – Inaugural WCPW Women’s Championship:

Nixon Newell Def. Bea Priestley – **

The same guys who would preach about Women’s wrestling give them a short and honestly not very good match. Both women again with the botches, Nixon botching getting in the damn ring and the suicide dive that followed, then Bea with her move onto the apron catching Nixon more in the ropes than anything. If i’m not mistaken, the match was less than 10 minutes, that shouldn’t be happening when wanting to crown a new champion plus there are no other women in WCPW right now and I hate to sound rude, but these two the way they are right now, can’t be representing the division. Hopefully we’ll see improvement in the coming weeks and other wrestlers, but right now, WCPW women’s division isn’t amounting to much.

Stacked 1.7.png

Primate Def. Grado – **1/2

A fun squash match but not much else to be honest, Grado had his moments but overall this was just a way to to make Primate look strong after another defeat at the hands of Joe Coffey last week.

Stacked 1.8.png

WCPW World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Match:

Joseph Conners Def. Big Damo (c) Joe Hendry & Rampage – ***3/4

A pretty good main event with a massive shock at the end, fair play to WCPW, the Damo turn was meh in my eyes, but I honestly did not see this coming although so far only heels have been champion which is interesting and both have champions have captured the title after turning. The match itself was very hard hitting as you would expect and an amazing spot with Brown and Damo with that suplex on the outside. Then with Conners and Hendry in the ring, they go to shake hands and Joseph Conners takes advantage and plants Joe Hendry with his finisher, bit of an awkward moment with Hendry apparently kicking out but it didn’t look like it, then Conners just snaps and starts abusing Hendry with a chair then picks up the victory. While I knew Conners would most likely turn eventually, this soon was quite a shock but not a bad one as a Hendry Conners title feud isn’t a bad idea. Overall a very good main event with a shocking heel turn to cap it off.

While an overall solid show, Stacked wasn’t as good as Built To Destroy, Eric Bishcoff as GM didn’t amount to much outside of getting rid of Prospect, Adam B and making a triple threat match. The women’s match was the only real low point of the show whilst everything else was solid – fantastic. Be sure to check out Ospreay Vs. Scurll and the main event, the rest isn’t exactly a must see. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin and my personal Twitter @WWWDylanOsborn and be sure to check out all of our other amazing articles on WeWriteWrestling!


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