WCPW: Loaded Episode 7 Results and Review (August 22, 2016)

WCPW: Loaded Episode 7 Results and Review

Air Date: August 22, 2016

We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin

Rematches, no holds barred, a 6 man elimination tag team and the WCPW title is on the line, WCPW go home show before “Stacked” But will tonight’s show, be just as stacked? All will the all the chips fall before their second live special.


No Holds Barred Match:

Joe Coffey Def. Primate Via TKO – ***3/4

Their best match against each other and it looks like this rivalry still might not be over. An awesome opener Fun carnage with some great wrestling, perfect booking for a match stipulation like this. It’s always nice seeing Coffey pull of any high flying maneuvers, always flies like cruiserweight, there was some good story telling with the rubs from last week but it didn’t play a major factor in the match overall. Coffey going over was a bit strange, I felt Primate should have gone over, but I guess with Joe challenging Moose at “Stacked” they wanted to make sure he looked strong for that match.


Bea Priestley Def. Nixon Newell – **3/4

A decent match, I feel these two women could really go but something is missing, Nixon continues to scream a lot and also can’t spit chewing gum out properly. Bea got her win back and then a post match brawl ensued, with Adam Pacitti coming out and throwing down a match for next week, a last woman standing match to determine the first ever WCPW Women’s Champion, hopefully this is the match that sparks the two into awesomeness.


6 Man Elimination Tag Team Match:

Joe Hendry, Joseph Conners & Grado Def. Prospect – ***1/4

A solid match here, looks like WCPW still want to continue the tension with Hendry, making him look like the superstar while Conners and Grado were kind of just, there. Prospect continues to be great heels and would align themselves with Blampied and Damo forming a pretty damn good faction. I can’t wait to see where this all goes next, I will say I wasn’t a fan of Hendry coming back from 3-1 to win, just felt kinda forced in terms of making it all about him.


Martin Kirby Def. Will Ospreay – ****1/2

Glad WCPW finally took Kirby seriously, this match was fantastic, both men looked amazing and there was non stop action throughout with some great innovative spots. I was very shocked Kirby went over if I’m honest, but we will be getting a rematch which I can’t wait to see. Ospreay continues to show why he is one of the best in the world and Kirby shows that he is more than just a comedy wrestler and gaining some fans from this match. This is one of those matches you have to watch to fully understand how great it is.


Main Event – WCPW World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Big Damo (c) Def. Aron Stevens – ***

A solid enough main event but could have been better, a lot of over booking with Blampied and all of Prospect coming out along with Conners and Hendry. While yes Aron Stevens is very good, I don’t think Damo needed that much help and Aron needing that much protection from a clean loss. The show ends with Rampage making his triumphant return storming the ring fending off all of Prospect & BX which Adam Pacitti then appears on their titantron and declares next week shall be a fatal 4 way match. Joseph Conners, Joe Hendry, Rampage & Big Damo battling it out for the title, which ended the show on a strong note setting up with a match with many story possibilities

Overall this show was very good but did have a bit of a weak main event but was able to produce some story development with the return of Rampage and all that could happen next week. Next week is WCPW’s second live special and it looks like it could surpass it previous show, make sure to stay tuned next week for our results and review of WCPW – Stacked and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin & @WWWDylanOsborn.


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