Is The Miz WWE’s Best Heel Right Now? – WWE Talking Smack Aftermath

Is The Miz WWE’s Best Heel Right Now? – WWE Talking Smack Aftermath

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Well, if you weren’t a fan of the Miz before last night, chances are, you are now. During the apex of Talking Smack, Smackdown’s fallout type show, WWE’s Intercontinental Champion The Miz cut a blistering worked shoot promo on SD GM Daniel Bryan, who before the promo called Miz “A coward” and that his style of wrestling was “Soft Style” which sent Miz into this frenzy. While I won’t say I’ve always been a fan of The Miz, this last year, year and a half, The Miz has definitely grown on me as not only a top star, but dare I say, WWE’s top heel because of one thing he does that all the other heels seem to fail to do which I will get into.

The Miz has had a varied career in his 10+ years with WWE, while he has accumulated many titles over his time spent including the WWE World Championship, Miz has always lacked that extra gear that can keep him in the main event or big storyline. While he isn’t bad in the ring he also isn’t at the level of wowing the crowd and making them pop massively. Saying that, his mic work is second to none, he is one of the best talkers in WWE and this is exactly why I think he is WWE’s top heel, because the one thing he does that other heels seem to either not do consistently, if not at all, is get the fans to hate them. While Kevin Owens, Y2J & AJ Styles are arguably more talented than The Miz and can cut better promos, the fans cheer them, which at first you view as good because the fans are responding positively, but that’s not the point of a heel, the heel is supposed to elicit boos and negative chants from the crowd, even Seth Rollins, as good of a heel as he is, can’t always get the crowd to boo him. Now while this isn’t strictly the talents fault because these days, smarky fans and the IWC are quick to call a face bad when he gets booed, but then they cheer the heels and call them good heels. The problem is that even though their character aren’t suppose to be seen as cool or likely to be cheered by fans, the way they deliver their promos, without fail gets the crowd to pop for something they did in a positive light.

A great example is when Kevin Owens in NXT cut a promo on the fans saying how he hated the way they acted, trying to get themselves over and trying to steal the show, which then had the crowd applauding him because he was bringing up valid points, which isn’t a reason to cheer the bad guy, it’s like when watching a film, and the bad guy does all these horrible things, murder, rape, drug trafficking and the like, when he has his epic monologue during the climax, you’re not suppose to then think “Oh well he has some good points.” NO! You’re suppose to despise and loath him even more that he’s trying to defend his injustice actions. This what The Miz does that other wrestlers can’t do at the moment, he generates real, legit heat, and some will try to say they’re booing him because they think he sucks, or he’s annoying and what not, good, that’s what you’re suppose to think about a heel, there’s a difference between giving him no heat which sends the message that you’re not interested, then there’s the heat of you hate his guts and want him gone, which is the reaction WWE want you to give a heel like it or not, you may think “No but I’m giving him this reaction because I think he’s bad and should quit” guess what, you still gave him the reaction you should give a heel, which is the main point.

While I’m not sure if Talking Smack is all canon to Smackdown, I really hope they continue this angle with The Miz, he’s already elevating the IC title with some solid-great matches and a long reign, add to it, make the belt more prestigious, up Miz’s value and overall make Smackdown more of a must watch show with realistic story lines like this. With what Miz has been doing this past year, especially this promo, give Miz a long meaningful reign and this will make him one of the all time great Intercontinental champions as well as one of the best heels of his generation. This was one of those moments WWE has to capitalize on and make something from it as it is a huge talking point right, they can’t just have this be a spark in the pan, or else what’s the point of highlighting it for one week, when you can highlight it for months and create something from it. The promo felt real, it felt legit, Miz looked like he was about to burst into tears of passion because he believed in his words because the stuff he was talking about was legit. From him working safe so he can wrestle without injury, to how Daniel Bryan can easily quit WWE to wrestle else where, how he’s always been insulted by everyone. This made you think “Is it real or a work?” which is when you know you’ve done a great job, when the fans question if it real or not, like when Lesnar clobbered Orton to a bloody pulp, people didn’t know if it was a work or a shoot generating people talking and giving it a more realistic reaction. This was arguably promo of the year for WWE, for it’s sheer realism, the passion put in by The Miz, his facial expressions, his hand gestures, when to move and what not, to Daniel Bryan walking off the set and Renee Young just having no idea what to do. This was just a perfect example of how to cut a realistic promo (If it was a work) and The Miz showed his worth in this promo and is gaining a lot of fans from this as he’s finally being accepted as a good heel who knows how to generate heat. It also makes sense that he would snap at Daniel Bryan not just for what he said, but the fact being 6 years ago he was Bryan’s NXT protege then Bryan went on to have all the success while Miz was left behind. While this probably won’t result in these two face to face fighting in a match, it will be interesting to see how the two interact in the coming weeks.

What were your thought on The Miz’s promo and do you think The Miz is one of WWE’s legitimate top heels? Discuss below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin and myself at @WWWDylanOsborn.


5 thoughts on “Is The Miz WWE’s Best Heel Right Now? – WWE Talking Smack Aftermath

  1. The Miz is legit in every sense. He raises the bar for lots of folks, not just in “making chicken salad out of chickensh*t” (pun not intended…yes it was) terms, but also in commitment to a promotion. One would be foolish to claim Miz hasn’t paid dues just like anyone else. He had Benoit chastise him for godssake…that is some serious stuff.


  2. I’m not sure I’d say he’s the best overall heel, but he’s come a long way in my estimations recently. I think they’ve done him a disservice putting him into a feud with Dolph Ziggler since everything pointed towards a Daniel Bryan feud (and if they knew he was still too injured then they shouldn’t have teased the idea of a feud between them).

    Miz ran a brilliant set of promos on Talking Smack and the most recent SmackDown and hasn’t received a proper pay-off for the hard work he has put in.


  3. It would really worry me if the Miz was the best heel in the company. Yes, he is effective. Yes, he gets legitimate heat. But I still don’t think he could carry a main event storyline. Brock Lesnar must be close as he is getting serious heat these days. Luckily he is bailed out by Paul Heyman.


    1. I don’t think Brock is getting any heat because of his own mic work however, just through elbowing Orton half to death. That doesn’t make for a good heel either.

      I want to see how Kevin Owens does with his championship run, because he could be a damn good heel if he plays his cards right and continues cutting promos of the quality he currently is.


      1. Sorry, I didn’t mean because of his mic work as much as that it is very hard to dislike Paul Heyman and so you can kind of like Brock by association. Brock does bore me actually though and is too stiff.

        I can see KO being a popular champ. I’d love to say he’s going to get legitimate heat but I like his heel gimmick too much. I can’t think of the last legit heel WWE had.


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