WWE SummerSlam 2016 Results and Review (August 21, 2016)

WWE SummerSlam 2016 Results and Review

August 21, 2016

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The biggest party of the summer, live in Brooklyn. One of the fabled “big four” starts with a two hour pre-show, which consists of three matches; two tag matches and the best of seven series. Classic heel vs face matches litter the kickoff, which makes it sort of predicable. The panel is just the same as normal, Jerich-KO’s interview was enjoyable, two of the best talkers in the business and both have great chemistry.

The twelve man tag match starts us off: American Alpha, The Hype Bros and The Usos vs Breezango, The Ascension and The Vaudevillians. A mix of mediocre and greatness in this match, the faces having American Alpha as the best team on that side. Starting Tyler Breeze and Chad Gable, a technical start to the match. The match is slow the start will, which is surprising with American Alpha and The Usos. The Hype Bros looking as ridiculous as normal. The match does quickly descends into chaos, but ends with a beautiful double dropkick from American Alpha. It soon relaxes and turns back to a technical showdown. Breezango, did a great spot with the single leg boston crab, legdrop. Overall throughout the match is pretty lackluster, with not many near falls. The heels had better chemistry and better teamwork. Every team got their work in and looked impressive but nonetheless could have done more with trying to grip us with the action, overall not a bad match but not a good one. With Jay Uso stealing the win from Gable, probably not a good start to Summerslam.

Baron Corbin joins the kickoff panel to call out Kalisto, the segment was short and sweet and would have been an enjoyable match or possibly just a squash. Sasha Banks’ interview was just that an interview, talks trash and looks good. Cesaro has an interview as well just to discuss the first of his best of seven series with Sheamus.

The second match stars The Dudley Boyz vs Sami Zayn & Neville. Zayn & Neville work surprisingly well together in the first minutes of the match, the assisted corkscrew moonsault was picture perfect. The Dudley’s quickly get the upper hand working as well as normal together. They feel more aggressive and much more brutal. Bubba keeps his trash talking high whilst attacking Neville and being English myself was somewhat annoying. The tide quickly changes with a miscommunication and Zayn & Neville get the win with the beautiful Red Arrow. Another win for the faces. Was a disappointingly short match, the high flyers couldn’t really do some extreme spots which is a nuisance as I couldn’t really enjoy it too much as it didn’t feel like a Zayn, Neville match.

The third and final match of the pre-show, the best of seven series. Promising to be a brutal, heavy damaging match. The two powerhouses start fast and mixing with slow paced corner battling, both men giving as good as they get. The technicality shines through, with the working holds and the power moves. Cesaro’s shoulder plays into the match, giving the edge to Sheamus being the fresher man. It’s a physical bout both men hammering the hell out of each other. This shows with the suplex spot to the outside, with a near countout victory for Sheamus. These two men tell a great story, Sheamus’ trash talking and Cesaro’s power displaying that they both want the first win to give them that momentum for the next matches. The Naturalizer  into the White Noise was a wonderful display of smoothness and power. The near falls for the match come fast and keep you invested. Cesaro’s ringpost, top rope crossbody spot was a delight to watch. Sheamus winning with shenanigans giving him the first victory. Good match, it flowed well, both men have great chemistry. Let’s hope they can outdo themselves.

The opening promo package was interesting, it set the stage for Summerslam in a good way. The card being a stacked one looks set to not disappoint.

First match of the evening enters with Enzo Amore and his seven foot tall companion Big Cass facing off against the trash talking Canadians Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens. Starting with Enzo and Cass cutting a promo which never fails to be excellent. Jericho going straight into it throwing Amore around as if his was nothing, starting fast with no sign of slowing down. But of course does when Cass comes in, throwing Kevin Owens around like he was nothing. Enzo & Cass showing their advantage being an established tag team. Owens & Jericho being pretty decent team. Jericho and Enzo perform the best together, simply showing how good Jericho is and how much Enzo has improved. KO never fails to be the best, trash talking his way through the match and performing excellently. Amore is a great underdog, he tells a great story being beaten down but not giving up. Not many spots happen in the match only noticeably Cass throwing Enzo over the top rope into Jerich-KO. Both teams work the match so well, the flapjack into a Codebreaker was just great and Jerich-KO pick up the win. Overall good match with both men saying that they love each other how lovely.

Jon Stewart making his second appearance at Summerslam, in an alright segment with all authority figures and The New Day. Of course The New Day making it ten times better.

The Women’s Championship match is welcomed next even though should probably have been on later not before the women’s tag match. Sasha Banks defending her title against ex champ Charlotte with Dana Brooke banned from ringside. Both women despise each other and it shows from the introductions. Both women going for each other, wanting to beat the hell out of the other. Both women are so smooth and brutal, Charlotte dropping Sasha from the second rope, legs landing on the ropes, body crashed to the ground like a sack of potatoes; damn that looked like it hurt like hell. But Charlotte targeting the back shows her hatred for the woman who stole her belt. Charlotte looking great dominating until a second rope Razor Edge into a hurricanrana with Banks landing on her head which looked nasty luckily she was fine. Great spot through as well as the boston crab through the ropes. Both women destroying each others backs, the match getting brutal showing the hate and skill of each woman. Sasha hammering her knees into Charlotte from the top was excellent. The twirl a whirl Bank Statement was amazing and then into the pin for Charlotte’s second title win, a big shock and perhaps the wrong decision but I look forward to what happens.

The Club reunion was a delight with Finn Balor making his appearance and leaving quite quickly will that be a hint?

The Miz defends his Intercontinental Championship against the man who smiles too much, Apollo Crews.  The Miz looking good and Crews, looking good himself. The Miz  taking Crews dropkick like a champ. And Apollo getting offence and looking great but Miz not letting him have too much of it. Crews’ power is in full force tonight but it is just that, the match being quite short with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Alright match and the right man won, The Miz is a great champ and he’s not really been given the chance to shine and he did tonight but I would have liked a bit longer in the match as not much happened in it.

The match we’ve all been waiting for, where can The Face who Runs the Place beat The Phenomenal One or will the torch be passed. From crowd reaction we can definitely tell  who Brooklyn want to win this. Starting off technical and slow paced, Styles trying to out wrestle Cena. The story shining through with the interaction between the two, they may respect each other but that doesn’t mean they like each other. Styles does cocky heel so well and Cena showing his power advantage being the bigger man. The suplex on the edge of the ring looked nasty, turning Cena inside out. This match is more about who is better and it’s shown with the power moves and the different styles, they blend so well.  Cena definitely looks better in this outing than the last dominating Style but both men are evenly matched. The near falls from the Styles Clash and the AA where a shock being their finishers. The despair on each man’s face displays what do they have to do to put the other away. Both men throw everything at each other and yet they don’t stay down. Cena’s catch of Styles from the Phenomenal Forearm into the STF was nice into a crossface it’s all good. The transitional submissions were wonderful. This match had so many near falls, they kept me on the edge of my seat. Styles’ skill and athleticism shined tonight, flying around like he’s known to do and Cena’s avalanche AA was wonderful leading into Styles kicking out. The Styles Clash and Phenomenal Forearm into the win for Styles gives Smackdown a new face that runs the place and he is phenomenal. Great match both men gave it their all the right man won.

Jon Stewart comes out with a bland segment, talking about his interference in Seth Rollins vs John Cena last year. This year he will be replacing Big E to support The New Day against The Club. Will the reign end or will they forever be the champs. The Club look to join Styles with a win and champion gold. The action is classic tag team action, both teams working excellent together as normal. The New Day showing that they are the fun loving team whilst The Club displaying brutality, slowing the pace whenever they have any offence. Woods’ tight-rope elbow drop was picture perfect and the double teaming from each team, using anything for the belts. Jon Stewart stopping The Club winning and Big E causing The New Day to keep the belt, a bit of bad ending but overall not too bad, a tad lacklustre really.

Kind of weird having The World Championship match before the US Championship one, it makes the belt feel not worth as much as it should, basically saying Raw is the better show even if Smackdown can outperform them. Both men want at each other before the match even begins. The match starts slow with the men locking up, Ziggler is the better chain wrestler here but Ambrose can definitely hang with him. The champ is calculated and menacing here, working the leg of Ziggler taking away the superkick. Ziggler has a perfect dropkick, nailing Ambrose as he tries for the double axe handle. Ambrose looks quite heelish, slapping and mocking Ziggler with his gimmick infringement of Shawn Michaels. Both Ziggler and Ambrose look great, working well with each other, the near falls keeping the action going rather than hindering it. The match was mostly Ambrose, Ziggler selling like a boss though being so very good at doing so.The action on the outside was decent, the superkick looked and sounded nasty. The chemistry between the two is amazing they work so well displaying passion for what they are doing and thus giving the belt that much more worth. The failed facebuster into the Dirty Deeds was wondrous leading to Ambrose retaining his belt and keeping the reign alive but Ziggler looked great and didn’t lose anything. Great match by two great wrestlers shame it was on where it was.

Now the match that should have been first on, as it’s on after the Woman’s Championship the Intercontinental Championship and the World Championship. But with Eva Marie out who will join Alexa Bliss and Natalya. That of course, after the whole exhaustion voice over. Returning Nikki Bella, it may have been nice for someone else but nonetheless it’s fine. It’s not a spectacle of a match, it goes forward with a march and does the normal tag match tropes. All women are amazing athletes and put on a great show, but not that much happens, but all the women show that they are as good as the men and the team of Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella get the win with Nikki pinning Carmella, it was surprisingly good one of the better matches of the night, but with not too much action still did well enough. The girls from NXT definitely shined brightest tonight showing that they are the ones to watch.

Another odd placement for a world championship match, The Universal Championship match on before Raw’s singles title, which as this is a new belt (which is kind of disgusting) kind of makes this feel less great, but Rollins and Balor are amazing so they’ll make the belt great. Balor starting fast and hard showing he is a force to be reckoned with, targeting the leg which is of course a great tactic. Rollins of course won’t take that lying down, looking as great as normal. Balor’s demon king paint is awe-inspiring, probably the best so far. Rollins showing why he is the man, throwing Balor into the barricade which looked brutal, the man has an answer for all of Balor’s offence. Even will all the work done to his knee he begins to dominate and keep Balor down, Rollins has brutal offence showing his mean side, and with a beautiful frog splash as well. This is a very back and forth match, both men displaying their strengths. The smoothness of the moves and the connections, the selling was perfect from both men. It was nicely paced and after lacklustre matches it was a pleasant change. Each near fall kept my heart beating, it’s quite nice not having a clue who could win, the anticipation is ecstatic and left me with a feeling of disbelief more often than not. Finn Balor winning the title was probably the wrong idea, yes he is the longest reigning NXT Champion, but Rollins is the first and the first man to be the US and WWE World Heavyweight Champion as well, he has more prestige to bring to the belt, but nonetheless congrats to Finn.

The US Title is up for grabs now, Reigns looking to recover from his loss of World title gold and not being in the Universal title match. Can Reigns defeat the Bulgarian Brute to capture his first US title? Rusev taking it to Reigns of the bat, the match starts on the outside and it’s so brutal. Reigns gets beaten to all hell with the steps, they go all out even before the bell has rung. This is so violent it is great, the two powerhouses just laying into each other and the match hasn’t even started. Reigns is sent away and the match is seamlessly over with Rusev nursing his arm and rips. So with so much potential to be a great match is ruined without even being a match, to give room for Lesnar vs Orton with is disappointing honestly. But Reigns spears the hell out of Rusev on his return to the ring hinting for the match to actually start but no still no contest.

The Viper vs The Beast, the main event of the evening and two of the most decorated men in sports entertainment. Paul Heyman is always a treat to hear as Brock Lesnar’s personal hype man. Lesnar doing what does best and making his opponent look like a bitch, but Orton taking his stay in Suplex City in a  fancy hotel. All the offence Orton gets is immediately stomped out, but he doesn’t look weak, he looks great even though he is being thrown around the ring like he was a pillow. Lesnar throwing Orton awkwardly through the announce table from the barricade looked like it hurt so badly. After seven German suplexes Orton is worse for wear, but the RKO comeback on to the Raw announce table, Orton immediately has a chance to conquer the conqueror. This night has been near fall night and finishers looking even so weak, everyone kicking out of them. Two RKOs and one F-5. Orton’s head pooling with blood and Lesnar not giving a shit, mauling The Viper who looks to be in legitimate pain and in quite a frightful final seconds, Brock Lesnar wins by TKO, but hell he keeps going and blood stains the ring. Shane McMahon must have a death wish trying the stop Lesnar but yeah gets a F-5, even Paul Heyman pleads with him and that always means that Brock kind of is a monster, well definitely is one.

Overall Summerslam was dull and exciting, for being one of the “big four” it felt like nothing happened. The matches were in the wrong places and nothing felt special, not even Lesnar vs Orton which didn’t really do much for Orton other than a head wound. So I’d give it a 6/10 but I am excited to see where they go from here.


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