WCPW: Loaded – Episode 6 Results and Review (August 15, 2016)

WCPW: Loaded – Episode 6 Results and Review

August 15, 2016

We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin

We’re just just one episode away from WCPW’s next special, Stacked, but this week brought in some drama of it’s own. Noam Dar puts his WCPW career on the line against Doug Williams for a shot at Cody Rhodes, Joe Coffey takes on Big Damo for the WCPW World Championship. Grado takes on Martin Kirby in the battle of the comedy wrestlers and Prospect continue to stir the pot between Joseph Conner and Joe Hendry which has set up a 6 man tag team match for next weeks Loaded.











El Ligero Def. Joseph Conners – ***1/4

A very good opener and Ligero continues his streak of great matches in WCPW, Joseph continues to win over the fans with his very solid in ring ability. El Ligero as usual looked awesome and continues to show why he’s probably the best wrestler in WCPW right now, not much else to say from this match, it was simply a good opener to get the show rolling.


While not a match, but an awesome segment between Aron Stevens & Adam Blampied. Adam is an awesome a natural heel on the mic, of course getting a lot of practice on WC with Adam Pacitti and the rest of Pacitti Club. I will say Aron constantly referencing WWE got annoying, we get it, you weren’t used well, stop mentioning it. Outside of that these two had a pretty good back and forth, ending Aron low blowing Adam and Big Damo coming out to save him, hyping their match in 2 weeks for WCPW World Title. After this segment Joe Coffey would go into Adam Pacitti’s office and demand a world title shot against Big Damo tonight for the main event, which Pacitti agrees on and sets up the match.

Grado Def. Martin Kirby – ***

I enjoyed this match a lot more than I thought I would, Kirby showing his more funny side, and Grado as usual was a joy to watch, I love the “Wee Boot” the name alone just sounds ridiculous. You did get some solid wrestling in between the comedy which is always the way to go for comedy matches in case the comedy itself is lacking. Here thankfully it wasn’t which means the wrestling parts actually added to it. Overall another enjoyable match. In the post match Prospect came out followed by Joe Hendry and Joseph Conners, with Prospect stirring the pot more, saying there would a 6 man tag team match next week between Prospect and “Team Hendry” More hints of Hendry wanting the spotlight to be only on him.


Winner Faces Cody Rhodes At Refuse To Lose But If Noam Dar Loses He Leaves WCPW:

Doug Williams Def. Noam Dar – ***1/2

Old school Vs. New school and this build for this match was odd as hell, with Dar accidentally knocking Doug’s bad leg from last week and Doug thinking he did it on purpose. The match was great, very good technical match as you would expect with the bad leg of Doug being brought into play a lot, the finish became very obvious when the commentators talked about the referee for like 10 minutes of the match, which was silly and like I said, gives away the finish. That finish being Doug looking to feign an injury to pull Noam away, and then the ref to fast count him to end the match quicker due to Doug’s leg. A good way to get heat but it did feel a bit clunky and the commentators couldn’t have made it more obvious if they tried, and yet guys at What Culture like to bury the commentators on WWE.


Primate Def. Gabriel Kidd – **

A short and sweet match, Kidd was able to get offense in so not really  a squash match but the result was never in doubt. The crowd are getting behind Kidd more and more each week which I like to see, I think he’s a good talent and I’m liking his story so far.


Main Event – WCPW World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Big Damo (c) Def. Joe Coffey – ***1/2

Again funny how a place like WC would complain about devalued smaller guys, yet their main event scene is mostly larger men, grant it they’re talented as hell, but still quite odd. The match was very stiff and hard hitting as you’d expect, Coffey was attacked before the match even started by Primate and had to sell a rib injury all of the match. Very stiff match, I will say Coffey got in a lot more offense than I thought he would, Damo was very much on the defensive during the match which felt strange as he should’ve had the upper hand and perhaps made easy work of Coffey just to show off his dominance more. Coffey continues to show his agility and how quick he can be and Damo played a good monster (kind of) heel despite not being as dominant as I think he should have been. Damo retains and will be defending his title next against Aron Stevens.

So overall a good episode of Loaded, “Season 2” has certainly been better than “Season 1” (Basically before and after Built To Destroy) and looks to continue upwards from here. Be sure to check out all other reviews and articles on We Write Wrestling and follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin!


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