WWE Smackdown Live – Results and Review (August 16, 2016)

WWE Smackdown Live – Results and Review

August 16, 2016


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We are 4 days away from Summerslam, and tonight we see some rivalries start, and some get announced! Lots to discuss and lots to review so let’s head backstage to start Smackdown!

Opening Segment

The show starts off this week with Randy Orton signing the contract for his match at Summerslam. As this is happening, Heath Slater brings a bouquet of fruit to the group with Orton, which includes Bryan and Shane. Heath asks if he can get a second chance, and the segment ends with Orton saying he has an idea. He never mentions the idea though, as the Smackdown intro plays. What he implies is only what I could imagine as a match with Slater tonight for a contract. This whole Heath Slater angle so far is great, and this was a good starting segment because it promoted what will happen later, with a big name like Orton.

After the introduction for the show plays, Miz TV happens, with a couple of guests this week. The Miz and Maryse start their introduction but don’t finish it, as Ambrose’s theme cuts them off, and Ambrose talking gets cut off by Ziggler. Ambrose and Ziggler both exchange words for a good 5 minutes, both cutting promos on each other. That comes to a quick halt with a Superkick by Ziggler. This MizTV segment was good but I don’t think it should have started the show. I have never been a big fan of talk show style segments starting off shows, but to their credit they did do a good job at it this time. This segment wanted me to watch the main event now, so this at least sold me on the PPV.

Match 1: The Usos, American Alpha and The Hype Bros vs The Vaudevillians, The Ascension and Breezango

That was a hell lot of talking, so it’s time for our first competition of the show. This isn’t a normal tag match, not a 4 man, 6, or even 8, it’s a 12 man tag match. Usos, Alpha and Hype Bros vs Vaudevillians, Ascension and Breezango. This type of a match is hard to follow, but it’s always fun to watch. This match ends with American Alpha double teaming to get the win, which definitely shows that they are going to give AA a big push. I am fine with this because they are great in the ring, but could slightly improve on the mic. This match did not get much TV time, with the majority of the match happening over the break, so there is not much to judge about this match. Out of what I did see, the match was fast and entertaining.

Match 2: Naomi vs Eva Marie

It’s time for Eva Marie’s third attempt at a debut, with her making excuses to not fight every time. Her opponent this time is Naomi, with a new gimmick and theme. Naomi’s new gimmick did seem slightly over the top, but it was original and creative, and you have to give that to Naomi. So what is Eva’s excuse this week? Eva got stuck in traffic, and can not compete this week. This one was particularly funny, especially because the announcer that always plays during Eva’s entrance said “Eva Marie apologizes.”. This whole angle with Eva Marie is getting better every week, and it’s the best comedy angle WWE has done in a LONG time.

Match 3: Randy Orton vs Heath Slater

Before out next segment we see a Curt Hawkins video package, showing impossible facts that he has “done”. I am excited to see how they will repackage Hawkins, and hopefully we see more in the coming weeks. Our next match on the show this week is Randy Orton facing Heath Slater. If Slater wins this match, Slater gets a Smackdown contract. This match ended in a pretty boring way, with Randy losing because he trapped Slater in the corner, and didn’t listen to the ref’s orders. Orton wasn’t done after the match, as he beat up Slater until he couldn’t move. This match was pretty crappy, but it did keep the Orton/Lesnar match fresh in our minds, and it could possibly give Slater another excuse to not be signed on Smackdown. In fact, after the break we see an exchange between Slater and the GM’s, where he gets a contract, but after he is so lost that he thinks he is on RAW, and the contract gets taken away. Slater is still looking for a job.

Match 4: Erick Rowan vs Dean Ambrose

As Ambrose has a big match on Sunday, he tunes himself up this week by facing Erick Rowan. This match was okay, but I did not love it. It went at a very slow pace the whole time, and did not have any highlightable parts of the match. Dean Ambrose won this one obviously. After the match, Bray Wyatt walked away from Rowan, possibly implying that the whole Wyatt Family might be done for.

Match 5: Alexa Bliss and Natalya vs Carmella and Becky Lynch

After the first women’s division match tonight was a flop, it’s time for a tag team match with Alexa Bliss and Natalya facing Carmella and Becky Lynch. As this match goes on, Eva Marie finally shows up after the crazy Texas traffic she was in. As Eva tries to distract Becky, Eva’s opponent from earlier, Naomi runs out and tries to get a piece of Eva. They never end up fighting, but Natalya ended up being distracted. Becky Lynch got the win via The Disarmer. This whole segment was entertaining, but it’s confusing who is going after who at this point. Later on in the show a 6-man tag match gets booked for Summerslam with all of these wrestlers, but the part that I still wonder is who will feud with who after Summerslam, and will Eva Marie make another excuse the day of the Summerslam match?

Match 6: Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

It’s our 6th match of the night, and it’s the main event! John Cena faces Alberto Del Rio with Cena’s opponent on Sunday, AJ Styles, on commentary ringside. Even though this match was good, AJ Styles was terrible on the ringside commentary. This match of course ended with Cena getting the Attitude Adjustment. After the match, Cena got attacked by Styles, and Styles cut a very good promo. Styles tries to attack again, but Cena responds with an AA in the ring, then another AA through the commentators table to end the show.

This match was enjoyable, but it wasn’t great. It was very formulaic and had a handful of dull moments. I HATED AJ Styles on commentary, I think he is very bad at impromptu talking in his character. He needs to stick to the scripted talking segments. Cena getting the match win and winning the fight with Styles at the end was great because it made everyone go home happy, and it did a great job at being a go-home to the PPV.

This Smackdown was great! It’s challenging to book an entertaining go-home show, but they seemingly did it tonight, with storylines that stayed original and entertaining. In my opinion, this is the third week in a row that Smackdown has went over RAW. The score: 3-1 Smackdown.


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