WWE Network Time Machine – WWE RAW – April 11, 1993 Review

Last week on Time Machine, we saw Jerry Lawler have a mental breakdown, Bob Backlund face a safari explorer, and The Steiner Brothers face another brother duo.

This week, we have a debut, a fight between 1/2 of The Steiner Brothers and Money Incorporated, and much more! Let’s hop into the time machine and get down to the ring in the Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

Match 1: IRS vs Scott Steiner

The show kicks off this week with The Beverly Brothers informing Money Incorporated about the tricks that the Steiner Brothers have, them having this knowledge because they faced them last week on RAW. After our normal intro sequence, IRS faces one half of the Steiner brothers, Scott Steiner. Both of their respective tag team partners are ringside for this match, and I hope that comes into play later. Also to mention, the commentator who was stuck in Las Vegas last week, Rob Bartlett, has found his way back to commentary.

But back to the competition in the ring, there was some good things about this match, and there was some bad things. This match was good in-ring, and lasted a good amount of time, but should not have started the show. This was a good, long 10 minute fight that you would expect to see later on in a show. This match contained lots of great in ring action, and I would say that this is my favourite storyline going on in the show currently.

As I said later, I hoped that they use the ringside wrestlers in the match, but they might have used them a little too much. This match sadly ended via DQ after Ted Dibiase ran in the ring and attacked Scott. This ensued a brawl, which included The Beverly Brothers aiding Money Inc. The Steiners escape the brawl, and celebrate their victory via DQ. I think that there was way too much of a buildup in this match to end it in DQ, but it makes sense to not put one team over another due to the eventual title match between these two tags. I am very excited for when I can review that specific match.

Match 2: Tatanka vs Von Krus

After a match that took quite the amount of insight, it’s time for more of a straight-forward match. Tatanka faces Von Krus, a wrestler who I have never seen before and got a jobber entrance. Just minutes after the match started, Doink The Clown made his way to the ringside. He never interfered in the match, and Tatanka got a clean win. Not much to say about this match, it was so quick that I don’t have much critique of it.But I will critique the name of Von Krus, which took me a good 5-10 minutes attempting to pronounce.

Special Interview: Luna Vachon

Before our interview, we get a new ICOPRO commercial featuring The Steiner Brothers, and the usual Slim Jim commercial featuring Randy Savage. Now to our interview with Luna Vachon, who is a terrifying woman who seams to speak in a very weird and non-feminine voice. In fact, her voice is barely even sounding like a human voice. Luna is cutting a promo on Sensational Sheri, and after enough trash talk, Sherri comes down to the ring too!

The two don’t say much until Sherri starts a fight, and I gotta say, Sherri knows how to fight. She starts with a deadly kick, and responds that with a suplex on the mat outside the ring. Ouch. She also attacks Rob Bartlett which I didn’t like, making a prime example of how journalists aren’t protected enough (kidding). This brawl continues for lots of time, but finally ends after authorities come out. Or did it? Nope. We come back from commercials and Sherri is talking with Randy Savage, and Luna runs back out from backstage to jump her. This segment got comedically stretched out at this point, and the whole segment became a complete joke.

Match 3: Papa Shango vs Scott Taylor

It’s time for a match, and it’s Papa Shango versus Scott Taylor. Taylor got a jobber entrance like our last match, but Shango got an entrance with his cool skull that is a smoke machine too. This match was extremely quick, but I have to say, Papa Shango’s finisher looks like he literally kills the dude that he’s fighting. Due to the fight ringside before, Rob Bartlett is now on commentary looking like the Brooklyn Brawler with a ripped up shirt. Also, I completely didn’t notice until later, but somebody ringside comes by and starts slapping Rob on the head to wake him up. Not much to say about this match, Papa Shango is pretty cool though.

Match 4: Friar Ferguson vs Chris Duffy

It’s time for our main event tonight, which is also the debut for a WWE/F wrestler, known as Friar Ferguson. Friar Ferguson is a very big man, and his character is that he is a monk. The jobber, Chris Duffy tries to shove Friar a few times, but Friar responds with a shove of his own and sends Chris flying. The 385 pounded Mr. Ferguson took no bumps in this match, and I don’t know if he ever plans to take a bump. This match certainly should not have been a main event for the show, it was a very boring match, and the first match on this show was certainly the shining moment of the show. As you would expect, Friar Ferguson got the win on his debut.

This wasn’t a good episode, this wasn’t a bad episode. I enjoyed the first two matches on the show, but the interview seemed way too stretched out, and our last two jobber matches on the show seemed very boring and anti-climactic. Hopefully next time we can get some higher quality matches, and some less brutality towards Rob Bartlett. But until then, let’s hop out of the time machine.


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