WCPW: Loaded Episode 5 – Results and Review (August 8, 2016)

WCPW: Loaded Episode 5 – Results and Review

August 8, 2016

We Write Wrestling – @WeWriteWrestlin

Apologies for the delay on this particular review, internet problems have plagued me all week. This weeks episode of Loaded had a lot to offer, a 3 way between two of the best in the world and one of WCPW’s finest wrestlers, the first WCPW women’s match and the main event would decide the #1 Contender of the WCPW World Championship between two great competitors in Doug Williams and the former Damien Sandow now Aron Stevens. Would this be the best WCPW Loaded yet or fail to live up to expectations set after WCPW: Built To Destroy?


Triple Threat Match:

Will Ospreay Def. El Ligero & Noam Dar – ****1/2

Arguably WCPW’s best match next to Dar Vs. Lethal at BTD, this opener was fantastic. Dubbed NJPW Vs. WWE Vs. WCPW, these 3 men just went at it with some amazing high flying offence and great technical work. One big highlight was the double Champagne Super Knee Bar, this match showed why Ospreay is one of the best in the world right now and why both Dar and Ligero have had shots at the ROH World Tiitle, as well as why Noam Dar is in the CWC. It was a nice competitive match but all 3 men still showed respect for one an other which was nice. While I personally prefer Noam Vs. Lethal more, this is probably WCPW’s greatest match in terms of overall fan opinion and I would highly recommend you seek this match out on on their Youtube Channel.


Joe Hendry Def. Alex Gracie – ***

A nice solid match here, Alex was solid and Joe Hendry of course put on a nice performance as well. It was nice for once seeing the face win despite a whole faction being at ringside, doesn’t happen much unless your name is John Cena. They continued the story between Conners and Hendry in the pre match and post match with Conners saving Hendry after he was attacked by Prospect. This resulted in a post match promo with Conners and Hendry putting their differences aside for the benefit of WCPW and stopping Prospect. Hopefully these two will have a tag team run, maybe even win the tag title if they’re introduced, then continue their story a few months down the line.


Nixon Newell Def. Bea Priestley – ***

Well Ospreay is one lucky man as he is dating Priestely who’s ring attire was definitely more favored by the WCPW fans. It was a sloid match but a tad sloppy at times, also Nixon’s random no selling and screeching was kind of annoying, plus the botched finish with the Canadian Destroyer and pin. Outside of those flaws it was still a good match, it just could’ve been better had those problems not come up.


Liam Slater & Johnny Moss Def. Prospect – ***1/4

An awesome tag team match, Slater and Moss were awesome and Prospect played their part being very easy to hate heels, I love how they do the dab and act like fuckboys, which is a very British way of getting heat. Moss is an animal, the man is just a beast but still has awesome technical skill and Slater made for a good equalizer to add some high flying, I would say agility too, but Moss is quick for a man his size. Prospect go winless on this episode, but I’m sure they’ll get on another winning streak, and I feel is tag team title are introduced, they’ll be the first to win them to really push them up.


Main Event – #1 Contender For The WCPW World Championship:

Aron Stevens Def. Doug Williams – ***1/4

A good main event that had the potential to be much better but was probably cut short due to the finish. Both men looked very good in the ring and Aron had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Doug IMO has always been underrated and he showed what he could still do in the ring. Sadly this match had a nasty finish, Doug had a trapped nerve in his leg earlier in the week before this match, and it seemed to returned when he went for a top rope dive and landed directly on his head and neck. The ref tried to call it off but Doug tried his hardest to continue before Aron had to hard pin him and be fast counted just to end the match for Doug’s safety. It’s a shame the match had to end that way and I sincerely hope Doug is okay. Damo came out post match with Blampied as they beat down on Aron, setting up their title match in 2 weeks.

Overall this is the best episode of Loaded so far, while not perfect there was not a single bad match on the card with some nice story progression and excellent work ethic. I definite must match for WCPW and wrestling fans a like. I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks WCPW: Loaded review and be sure to follow us in Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin as well us checking out all our other articles and reviews from all the fantastic writers at We Write Wrestling.


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