WWE Superstars (Aug. 5) – The Return of the Man That Gravity Forgot!

Neville vs. Curtis Axel

The emergence of Dark Neville is pretty wonderful. Thankfully Neville seems no worse for wear following his extended absence. If anything he looks more focused and able to exploit his natural explosiveness. It would be a shame to take the Red Arrow for granted…when applied with gusto, it’s an incredible maneuver.

The introduction of Local Talent (James Ellsworth, etc.) into the field of wrestlers bodes well for competitors like Curtis Axel. Capable of far more than he is given credit for, Axel is able to draw upon the Hennig Family pool of natural but measured brutality.  The proper nudge could send Curtis Axel farther than anyone might imagine. Recommended match!

Winner: Neville (via pinfall following a Red Arrow)

The Dudley Boyz vs. Sin Cara & Jack Swagger

By the time The Dudleys deliver a burly 3D to pick up the victory, it is worth considering the future of Tag Team Wrestling in the WWE. Competing shows and the implied competitive spirit within the divided roster might mean rather than random pairings (like Sin Cara and Swagger), allowing teams to establish themselves, as well as allowing established teams a showcase is Best For Business. The world would be better for it.

Winner: The Dudley Boyz (via pinfall following a 3D)


2 thoughts on “WWE Superstars (Aug. 5) – The Return of the Man That Gravity Forgot!

    1. Not quite yet. Nothing solid anyway. They tend the seeds of what is to come but since it’s so early it is a lot like old Superstars…tons of Jack Swagger and Dudley Boyz. Still it is nice to see any Neville match so there are hidden gems.

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