Ring of Honor Wrestling TV (August 7, 2016) – Results and Review

Hello everyone. My name is Brian Kreashko Jr. and I am your newest We Write Wrestling contributor. From this point forward I will be posting everything Ring Of Honor. But before I review this week’s Ring Of Honor action, I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been a wrestling fan since 1999. My favorites growing up were The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind. The list goes on and on. For the past few years Ring Of Honor has been my saving grace in the world of professional wrestling with the likes of Roderick Strong, Jay Briscoe, and Jay Lethal reigning supreme in my list of wrestling greats. Anywho, let’s get ready to rumble with this week’s Ring Of Honor Wrestling TV review.

Bullet Club Beat-down Recap

So first, we start off with a recap of last weekends beatdown on ROH World champion Jay Lethal by Adam Cole and The Young Bucks and the humiliating headshaving they gave him. We then go straight to the opening theme (which is new by the way) and are greeted by announcers Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness as they welcome us the the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

Will Ferrara vs. Jay White

With that, we have our first matchup of the night as Will Ferrara takes on the newcomer Jay White. They start off with some back and forth action before Ferrara throws White to the outside and delivers a suicide dive to the outside as we head to our first commercial break of the night. As we return from commercial break Ferrara and White are back in the ring as the fans chant for Jay White. They quickly begin to slug it out back and forth with elbow shots. Ferrara hits a Flatliner on Jay but only gets a two count. The match goes on for a minute or two more before Jay White hits what seems to be his finisher “The Kiwi Crusher” and get the pinfall and the win.

We get a preview of ROH’s Death Before Dishonor PPV matchup that comes to us LIVE on August 19th at Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, Nevada where NJPW’s Never Openweight champion Katsuyori Shibata will take on professional wrestling’s “Last Real Man” Silas Young in what could very much be a sleeper at this month’s PPV. We also get a small preview of Bobby Fish taking on Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Television title at Death Before Dishonor. As we go to another commercial break we a greeted with Jay Lethal’s famous Heath Care Hotline knee/back brace TV spot. We also get a new (at least to me) NJPW on AXSs TV spot which definitely looks intriguing.

The Fish Tank with guest Mark Briscoe

Next up is The Fish Tank with Bobby Fish with his special guest this week Mark Briscoe but we are greeted with Mark in the ring saying that The Fish Tank is nothing but communist propaganda and he feeds you with nothing but MIIIIINNNNNNNDDDDD GAMES! (shoutout to OSWReview for that beauty). Mark then welcomes us to the very first (and most likely only) Chicken Shack. The fans start chanting Chicken Shack. Bobby Fish then comes down to the ring in a very nice suit as Mark asks him how the hell he’s doing. Fish replies that he’s doing well as he’s dressed like a million bucks and Briscoe is, well, a unmaid bed. Briscoe then asks Bobby if the rumor of the last time he was in Vegas he married an Ethiopian midget. Fish said all he knows is what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. The fans pop as I do as well. Fish then goes on as he seems to be playing the heel in this feud and says even if Mark does win the ROH World TV title, all he ever will be known as is Jay (Briscoe)’s little brother. Security comes into the ring and breaks up what seems to be quite the feud.

We then see The Addiction who are the current Ring Of Honor World Tag Team champions talk about facing War Machine’s Ray Rowe and Hanson as well as The Motor City Machine Gun’s Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin at Death Before Dishonor August 19th. As we come back from commercial we are halfway through tonight’s show. Dang, time is flying by.

ROH World Championship

Jay Lethal(c) vs. Colt Cabana

Next up is our television main event of the evening which is Colt Cabana taking on the Ring Of Honor World champion Jay Lethal for the ROH World title. Colt enters the ring as his awesome theme song plays. Next up is Jay Lethal (who also has some rocking theme music). One thing I don’t understand is when exactly did Lethal become a face? Or isn’t he one? Anyway, ring announcer Bobby Cruise introduces each combatant as both seem to be faces in front of this Philly crowd (my favorite crowd in the world). We then head to another commercial break. As we come back to the arena both Colt and Lethal shake hands and adhere to the code of honor.

The match starts off slow but quickly picks up with a beautiful dropkick from Lethal that lands smack dab on the chin of “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana. Colt slides to the outside to gather himself. He slides back inside to give Lethal a dropkick of his own that looks very nice in its own right. Lethal gets in the ring, they fight for a little until Lethal sends Colt back to the outside and delivers not one, not two, but three suicide dives which brings the fans to a craze. We head to what hopes to be the last break of the night as the fans chant for Lethal.

We come back to a this is awesome chant as Cabana delivers a few Flair chops and a strut like only he can do. Colt signals that the titles going to be around his waist in a few short minutes. Both men then knock each other down, they get up and begin to start their own slugfest where Cabana starts to get booed while Lethal gets cheered. Colt takes offensive as he hits some Dusty punches followed by the bionic elbow to Jay. Colt goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Jay gets to his feet as he hits a Lethal Injection on Colt but only for a two count. Jay is in shock as the fans are as well. Colt gets to his feet as he puts Lethal up in the corner for a “Chicago Sunrise” but only gets a two. This match is shaping up to be a barn burner.

We have one last commercial break. As we return we get a superkick from Lethal but Colt doesn’t go down. We get a second Lethal Injection for the one, two, three as Jay Lethal retains in one hell of a TV main event. The fans start chanting Best in the World at Jay Lethal as Colt gets up to his feet and the two shake hands. Jay then cuts a promo and calls Nigel McGuinness to the ring. Jay says that he wants Adam Cole at Death Before Dishonor for shaving him bald. Nigel says he can’t do that as he banned Cole from ever challenging for the World title as long as he’s the match maker. Adam Cole then comes out and says Lethal isn’t a true fighting champion and that everyone in the back calls him a bitch. Jay then starts begging Nigel to make the match. Nigel accepts as we sign off for the night.

All I’ve got to say is this episode of Ring Of Honor Wrestling was such a easy watch and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of what I saw this week. Which is more than I can say for WWE’s product right now. I hope you enjoyed my recap of tonight’s Ring Of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair as we are now one week closer to ROH’s Death Before Dishonor PPV and I simply cannot wait.

Until next time, this is Brian Kreashko Jr. signing out. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


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