Wrestling Time Machine – WWE/F RAW (April 5, 1993)

We Write Wrestling is a website that mostly talks about what’s going on currently in the wrestling world. But the content expands today. Through the great product known as the WWE Network, I will be able to take you guys back in time twice a week. I will slowly work my way through the years, and I can tell you what I thought of all of these shows.

So where are we going to start? Let’s start the night after Wrestlemania 9, being the 11th episode of Monday Night RAW. Wrestlemania 9 ended off with Hulk Hogan winning Yokozuna’s WWF Championship after Bret Hart had fallen to the big man from Japan. Without further introduction lets hop into our time machines and review!

Match 1: Bam Bam Bigelow vs Virgil

The first match to start off this episode in the Manhattan Center is Virgil versus Bam Bam Bigelow. Before the match the commentators point out that at Wrestlemania 9, Randy Savage was wearing a toga. The main theme of Wrestlemania 9 was that it was at Caesar’s Palace, hence the toga that Savage wore. If you can, search up the toga’s or watch Wrestlemania 9. It was very funny how much they felt they needed to drive the theme home.

But back to the squaredcircle, due to the size differential between Bigelow and Virgil, the main theme of this match was that Virgil was trying to chip away at Bigelow but he would always get slams and takedowns as a response. This contest included lots of restholds, with the ref checking Virgil’s consciousness for a 3 count twice in a row. The crowd was cheering for Virgil in this match, and they did a good job at giving the audience some false hope before Bam Bam won via the Flying Headbutt. Even though the crowd had some chants going during the match, they did seem very bored. And I am there with them. This was not the type of match to start off a show, but the finish to the match was well executed.

Jerry Lawler Incident

Even though this is 1993, the headline “Jerry Lawler Incident” still sounds very timely. And this incident is as confusing as the ones you hear on the news sites today. He came out to the ring and got annoyed by the crowd chanting “Burger King”, and threatened to leave if they didn’t stop. They continued, and he left the ring. That’s the segment. We were about to see a match with him, but now we go to commercial. I don’t know how this segment was supposed to do anything, it only gave him minor heat. He fights later on tonight, so I do not fully understand why this happened.

Match 2: Bob Backlund vs Kimchee

Before the next match we see an interview from last night at Caesar’s Palace, where Yokozuna and his manager claimed that he deserves his title back. The next matchup is Bob Backlund versus a masked wrestler who didn’t even get an entrance named Kimchee. Kimchee went on later on in his career to become the Brooklyn Brawler, which was considered more of a success.

This match was very short, with Bob Backlund not winning via a specific move, but by catching Kimchee in a position for a very well arched pin. The crowd did not have much of a reaction to this match, and neither did I. The part of this match that had me the most interested was the attire of Kimchi, which was a safari suit, and a white and black mask. Seemed like a weird combination, but I would say he rocked it.

Match 3: Damian Demento vs Jim Brunzell

The third match on the card wasted no time as when we came back from the commercials both wrestlers were in the ring and the bell had rung. As this match happens, a commentator for RAW Rob Bartlett was on the phone with Vince and Randy Savage. Rob was very desperate to go home, as I assume he was still at Wrestlemania. He said he had no money, and the somehow babyfaces that are Vince and Randy faked losing phone connection to leave Rob on his own.

There was lots of action on the phone-line with the commentators, but there was also action in the ring. Let’s get back to reviewing that. When the match ends, the commentators don’t really mention it, but I will. The match ends with Demento getting his arm raised via the knee drop. This match seemed like it was on cruise control the whole time, with the entertainment by the commentators being the better part of this segment. You will see that a lot in these early RAWs, where the commentary takes center stage. There was not development in any stories with both wrestlers, they barely even got acknowledged by the commentary team, and a knee drop is a pretty lame finish to a match. Terrible, take a lap WWF.

Match 4: The Steiner Brothers vs Beverly Brothers (With more Lawler!)

We get some commercials from ICOPRO and Slim Jim before our next segment, which happens to feature the Burger King, Jerry Lawler himself. He gets booed again, and that ends the segment again.

After another break, it’s time for our first (and only) tag match of the night! It’s a battle of the brothers as the Beverly Brothers face the Steiner Brothers fresh from their Wrestlemania 9 victory. This match was the longest match on the show this week, and was certainly the best match of the week. The Steiner Brothers continue their streak via the Frankensteiner. I would consider myself a fan of the Steiner Brothers, and this match was a good example of why I would say that. Both teams got some good spots in and this match left me happy in the end.

Match 5: Jerry Lawler vs Jim Powers

Third times the charm! Jerry Lawler comes out to the ring again, but this time he finally fights! Who is his opponent? His opponent is Jimmy Powers. Jimmy Powers was eager to start this match, and attacked Lawler before the match even started. This matchup ended via piledriver, giving the Burger King the victory. This match was pretty decent, and I would definitely place this match second after the tag match we saw before. I don’t know if the two appearances from Jerry earlier were to just get heat, but those seemed very pointless. After the match, Jerry gave some lip to the Macho Man who was ringside on commentary. One thing I will mention about Lawler is that he is a very good heel on the mic. After Lawler says some rude words to Randy, the show goes off air. I hope we see this rivalry between the two unfold.

This was a pretty good first week to this series! We got to see lots of names that are still on TV today, and some names that have been off TV for a while. The first few matches on this show were quite lacking, but near the end the matches seemed to pick up and become more worthy of viewership. We’ll be back tomorrow with a review of next week’s RAW, but until then, let’s step out of the time machine.


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