WWE Superstars (July 30) – Time to Bolieve again! Graves and Phillips debut!

Is Superstars morphing into a mini NXT? For the love of God and everything that is holy please let it be so. Let’s get in the squared circle!!

Sin Cara vs. Bo Dallas

Thankfully the WWE Universe has the opportunity to Bolieve again as of this episode of Superstars. While the match itself is okay, the real joy is watching how masterfully Bo Dallas wields his annoying-kid-brother persona in harmony with his stellar in-ring skills. As a former (specifically the third) NXT Champion, it would only take a tiny nudge to make Dallas an upper card player. The crowd genuinely loves him and loves to hate him.

Sin Cara leaves something to be desired but it is not exactly clear what that “something” is. Unlike his contemporary luchadore brethren on Lucha Underground, Sin Cara appears to be unable to, for whatever reason, push the envelope of his natural (and potentially exciting) skills.

Winner: Sin Cara (via pinfall following a Senton Bomb)

Titus O’Neil & Jack Swagger vs. The Dudley Boyz

This episode of Superstars features the debut of new announce team Corey Graves and Tom Phillips. They bring their natural chemistry with them from NXT and because of this, they make a potentially excruciating match have some depth and interest.

The Dudleys (who continue to capably display their mastery) get to beat the daylights out of Jack Swagger for a bit before the hot tag to Titus O’Neil and the inevitable victory plays out. Graves and Phillips are able to hold within their commentary a believable level of urgency that fleshes out the action. The gestalt experience does wonders for the future potential for the show, not to mention the match itself.

Winner: O’Neil & Swagger (via pinfall following a Clash Of The Titus)

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