WCPW: Built To Destroy (July 25) – Results and Review

After 4 episodes of WCPW: Loaded, with varying levels of quality, WCPW put on their first live special and it was great. Not a single bad match to be had, and a MOTYC between Noam Dar and Jay Lethal. A few twists and turns in the main event, a solid No Holds Barred Match, Martin Kirby wears a dress OR El Ligero loses his mask. Prince Ameen or Gabriel Kidd would have to become the others servant and the tension between Joseph Conner & Joe Hendry continues. Every match on the card felt like it had meaning and purpose, advancing stories or producing great matches, something that was hard to do during the regular Loaded shows due to time restrictions. Now if you would like to see my review of Episode 4 of WCPW: Loaded you can do so here, and as a cheap plug for myself, I have all 4 episodes of Loaded plus Built To Destroy reviewed on my personal Youtube Channel. The playlist being here. Now without further delay, let’s begin the review! 


Mask Vs. Pride Match:

El Ligero Def. Martin Kirby – ***1/4

The show starts off with the mask V pride match between Ligero and Kirby. If Ligero loses, he must unmask, but if Kirby loses, he must wear a dress. While Kirby’s comedy hasn’t been all that for me, it worked in this match and much like their first match back in episode 1, the match was a nice blend of comedy and wrestling. With how one sided the rivalry has been, the result was never in doubt which kind of ruined it for me a little, but none the less it was a nice start to the show. Hopefully this is the end of the rivalry and they can both move onto other opponents.

BTD 4.png

Loser Becomes The Winner’s Servant:

Prince Ameen Def. Gabriel Kidd – ***

The weakest match on the card for me, it wasn’t bad or anything, but with both men not being the best wrestlers, it sadly couldn’t become a drama filled classic. I love Ameen’s character, even though it’s as cliche as you can get, I just think he pulls it off well, and I’m starting to become a fan of Kidd and his underdog persona. The match was solid overall but I wasn’t a fan of the finish, I get that Ameen was going to win dirty, and a hoof to the plums does hurt, but a 3 count? Thought that was a bit silly, but hey, Kidd is Ameen’s servant, let’s see where this story goes.


No Holds Barred Match:

Joe Coffey Def. Primate – ***1/2

A decent rivalry with a good blow off. Despite Primate not beating Coffey during their feud, he has looked like a monster and this match showed it. Both men were just very hard hitting with some cool spots thrown in. I’m glad they didn’t use too much weaponry as too much of that can really being a match down for me especially with someone as talented as Coffey. You had a nice table spot which worked well into the finish, I will say I did disagree with Primate tapping out, it would have been better he be beaten to a pulp then pinned to emphasize his toughness. Outside of that, a very good match and if this is their blow off match, overall both men looked good coming out of it.


ROH Rules – ROH World Championship Match:

Jay Lethal (c) Def. Noam Dar – ****3/4

Yes, yes, I know, I’m probably  overrating this match, but I’m a unabashed Noam Dar mark and I love his work and this match for me, was the match that proved he can hang with the best and should definitely get an NXT contract after the CWC. This match had brilliant action and a nice simple story of Noam being on Lethal’s level and putting a lot of pressure on the champion. Working on Lethal from head to toe and Lethal having to be at his very best to put Dar away. The commentators just non stop put Noam over and it was just an overall feel good match if you’re  a Noam Dar fan like myself. The Lethal Injection onto the mat was great, the spot where both men were just kicking and punching each other was awesome and Noam’s counter from the springboard into the Champagne Super Knee Bar was awesome and Lethal sold it so damn well with his near tap outs looking so damn convincing. Of course Lethal retained, but as the fans chanted during the match, Vince, I hope you’re watching, Noam is money and he’s only 23. Now I haven’t seen all of Lethal’s ROH title defenses but in terms of ones I’ve seen, this is his best alongside his match with Lio Rush. Jay was unselfish and made Noam look like his equal and elevated Noam to bigger heights, and with Dar in the WCW, one can only hope WWE do something with him. I know this is more of a personal bias coming into the rating of this match, but even just as a general wrestling match for casual fans, it is a must see and shockingly, WCPW put on a genuine MOTYC.


Prospect Def. Joe Hendry & Joseph Conners – ***

A nice solid tag match to give the fans a breather before the main event. Joe Hendry’s entrance theme was awesome and in my opinion, one of his best. It was nice to see the young stable of Prospect go over but it can be overshadowed with the finish being more about Hendry distracting Conners for the roll up. Continuing the tension between the two, I like how there still isn’t an obvious who’s turning heel or face if there’s a blow off. The crowd were behind both men and Joe even tries during the match to make the fans cheer Conners, so it will be interesting to see where this goes from here.


Main Event – WCPW World Championship Match:

Big Damo Def. Rampage – ***1/2

A very good main event, much like Coffey Primate, these just beat the hell out of each other. Didn’t really know going in who would win and how seeing as the Piledriver is banned and I didn’t want either man losing in fear of looking week. Well, while I’m not gushing about the double turn as much as other people, it was a good decision booking wise. Blampied tells Rampage to go for the Piledriver, he refuses so Adam.B slaps him (Should have been a DQ) and off the distraction, low blow from Big Damo and the Piledriver for the win. Now it was kind of confusing seeing as, if it was a plan all along, why didn’t they just switch who Adam and Jack picked, but if it was Damo taking a cheap way out and at the same time, Adam deciding he was with Damo now, it still felt just, weird for me. The post match Jack gets beat up, he really needs selling lessons, and Pacitti demanding the title back, only to get it smashed into his face, which he sold like a fucking beast. The show ends with Adam raising Big Damo’s hand in victory with the title. The ending at the very least opens the gates for new story lines and gets you excited to see what will happen on next weeks Loaded.

Overall WCPW did really well in their first live special, the one advantage they had was more time, so the matches felt more important and weren’t rushed, which is the thing that has handicapped Loaded. Hopefully from this event WCPW can ride this wave into more successful episodes and more epic live specials. A definite watch for wrestling fans, especially Noam Vs. Leathal.


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