WWE Battleground 2016 – Preview and Predictions

It’s not often that a week before a PPV is this exciting, but this week it really has been crazy. On Tuesday, the WWE Draft happened, determining where most wrestlers will be for the next year. Whether it’s Smackdown, RAW, or the unemployment line like Heath Slater, they all have a place. This added a whole new element to the PPV predictions, and you will definately see that in what the talented writers here say. Some websites just list their predictions, but in this article you get inside the mind of the writers here at We Write Wrestling.. Make sure to send us your predictions and thoughts on Twitter (@WeWriteWrestlin), and of course enjoy this preview.

– Jack Wannan, WWE SmackDown Live reviewer for We Write Wrestling

Editor’s Note(Ryan Davis): Greetings fellow wrestling fans. I would just like to let you know that we are currently looking for writers! Whether it be WWE, TNA, New Japan, Dragon Gate, Ring of Honor, anything, feel free to send in an application by going to Write with Us. Enjoy the preview!

WWE Battleground 2016 Preview Panel

Andrew David – New Japan Pro Wrestling reviewer. Andrew is a new member to the WWW team and has started off by reviewing the 26th annual NJPW G1 Glimax! Check out his Night One review.

Dylan Osborn – What Culture Pro Wrestling reviewer. Dylan has been on the We Write Wrestling team since the very start of the website. After a brief hiatus, he is back in full swing as the website’s What Culture Pro Wrestling reviewer. Read his review of this week’s WCPW episode.

Jack Wannan – WWE SmackDown Live reviewer. Since April, Jack has been We Write Wrestling’s WWE SmackDown reviewer. He recently disappeared for a few weeks due to how irrelevant SmackDown was, but since the brand extension and SmackDown going live, Jack is back as the reviewer of WWE SmackDown Live. Read his review of the first SmackDown Live that featured the 2016 WWE Draft.

Sean Hollenhors – Editor/WWE Superstars reviewer. Sean is WWW’s resident WWE Superstars reviewer and when he’s not doing that, he’s an editor on this website that edits and publishes some of the articles you read here. Some may call him the #2 guy around this place, I wonder if he banged my daughter to get that spot. Well, I don’t have a daughter and I guess I just broke kayfabe because now you know that Ryan Davis is writing these bios. Darn, I have to put Sean over in his own bio. Did you know that one of his Superstars reviews was retweeted and read by future WWE Hall of Famer, Viktor of The Ascension? Don’t believe me? Here’s the tweet to prove it!

Viktor Twitter

Sealia Bloom – Female wrestling columnist. She’s been in the center of some controversy as of late when she offended Natalya in a column and then some hardcore wrestling fans when she wrote about Naomi.

Sasha Banks and TBD vs. Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Andrew: Everyone’s saying Bayley will be the surprise partner. It’s not going to be Bayley. It’s going to be Paige, and because of this Sasha and Paige will lose because Sasha shouldn’t get the best of Charlotte until she wins the title on a big stage like SummerSlam. Prediction: Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Dylan: Well first off, I think TBD won’t be Bayley, but Emma, seeing as Dana has forgotten about her to join Charlotte and Sasha and Charlotte are fighting, it makes sense for the two to pair up. With Bayley I feel it would lead to maybe Bayley and Sasha being on bad terms due to their NXT rivalry and I don’t want Sasha losing for silly reasons like that. Sasha and Emma should win so Dana and Emma can have a feud in the mid card whilst Sasha and Charlotte fight for the title at SummerSlam, which the win can make Sasha look strong going into that and gives Emma a win on return. Along with Becky Vs. Natalya, that’s 3 women’s rivalries on the main roster at once and none will be bitchy bickering which is nice. Prediction: Sasha Banks and TBD

Jack: Sasha Banks and Charlotte were drafted to the same roster, and I personally see Sasha winning this match, and giving herself a title opportunity leading up to Summerslam. Charlotte has already ran through lots of the locker room for title matches, and Sasha has never gotten a 1-on-1 chance. Prediction: Sasha Banks and TBD

Sean: Hopefully this will usher in a Sasha Banks title run going into SummerSlam. I think more than a few people would explode if Bayley was the Legit Boss’ mystery partner. Could be a tough act to follow? Prediction: Sasha Banks and TBD

Sealia: It’s got to be Sasha and TBD. Too much hype over the reveal of ” TBD” and also I do enjoy seeing Charlotte’s pouty face. Prediction: Sasha Banks and TBD

Battleground - Sasha Poll

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman)

Andrew: New Day just became–or will have become by the time of Battleground–the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history and so I don’t see the writers trying to squash that on a middling PPV that’s mostly just about holding the line going into SummerSlam. Factor that in with Bray and Rowan (I assume Harper will join them when he returns) being on Smackdown and The New Day going to RAW, a Wyatt Family victory would necessitate a furthering of the feud and that seems unlikely with the roster split. Where Strowman goes now that he’s by himself on RAW is anyone’s guess but my bet is he’s out of the company or demoted to NXT within the next 2 years Of course, there’s also the current resurgence of Wyatt and his scare-factor (in its 3rd or 4th incarnation by this point) and its need for victims. Long story short, New Day wins the match but The Wyatts don’t care and stage an after match beat down to keep their horror movie villain cred, or what little is left of it. Prediction: The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

Dylan: With the Wyatt family being split up, and just being dick around in terms of booking for quite a while now, I feel they need the edge here. Use the story of Woods still being controlled by Bray to have New Day be essentially a man down and they can’t overcome it. With the new day becoming the longest reigning tag champions this week, I feel why not give The Wyatts the rub of beating them. Prediction: The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman)

Jack: The New Day have held the titles for a record time now, and it’s time that they get taken down by a group. I see The Wyatt Family winning this and possibly getting a title shot down the road. If the New Day don’t reinvent, they will be stale like a box of Booty O’s. Prediction: The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman)

Sean: As with most New Day or Wyatt occurrences, who knows what these weird beards will get up too? Somebody is going to break things, probably a table…maybe some ribs? If Luke Harper shows up it’ll be bonkers. Prediction: Draw

Sealia: If the Wyatts win…. then what? Prediction: The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

Battleground - New Day Poll

United States Championship

Rusev (c) vs. Zack Ryder

Andrew: RuRu (can we change his name, get him walking around in a velour track suit with sandals and white socks already?!) needs another win to further his reputation as a monster heel Brock Lesnar can demolish as a tune up later in the Fall. Ryder needs to get back to Smackdown and resume hyping up with his bro, Mojo Rawley. Prediction: Rusev (c)

Dylan: Another Zack Ryder feud from out of nowhere, it just feels like WWE are throwing Ryder in title matches and such just to make fans shut up about him. When someone as big as Titus gets dispatched by him, it feels weird for his follow up opponent to be Ryder. The match can be good, but the result will be Ru Ru, maybe he drops it at SummerSlam, but no earlier than that. Prediction: Rusev (c)

Jack: Zack Ryder and Rusev are both on different brands, same applies to the wrestlers in the Intercontinental match, which means if one person wins a title a show gets two titles. I expect 2 titles to change tonight, with Rusev losing his title and same happening to the Miz. Prediction: Zack Ryder

Sean: I think Ryder will win and take the United States belt to SmackDown Live. I’m usually wrong. Prediction: Zack Ryder

Sealia: Zack Ryder winning just is NOT believable to me. He is a fine wrestler but unless something weird happens it’s just not likely. Prediction: Rusev (c)

Battleground - Rusev poll

Intercontinental Championship

The Miz (c) vs. Darren Young (with Bob Backlund)

Andrew: Smackdown needs another championship title and Young and Backlund need to be relevant. The Miz and Maryse need none of these things as they are already awesome and relevant every time they open their stupid mouths. Appreciate The Miz, people. Guy is one of the most inspirational figures to ever grace a television screen. Prediction: Darren Young (with Bob Backlund)

Dylan: Now I was going to say Miz because I like Miz and I like his reign, but Darren Young’s character has already grown on me, he’s shown he isn’t all smiles and waves, but has shown a more ruthless side, much like Bob Backlund during his 90’s heel run. I feel Darren has earned a singles run, he’s a very underrated talent, and with a nice move set and awesome finisher, he can have a solid IC title run, so in words of Marty Scurll, “CHICKEN! WING!” Darren will take it. Prediction: Darren Young (with Bob Backlund)

Jack: Darren Young has been on a great roll recently, and he needs this win against The Miz. Darren Young can carry the title over to Raw, as Zack Ryder can take the US Title over to Smackdown. It’s a bold prediction, but you can’t have two minor titles on one show, and Darren can’t be buried. Prediction: Darren Young (with Bob Backlund)

Sean: I think Darren Young will win and take the Intercontinental belt to Raw. See previous question. Prediction: Darren Young (with Bob Backlund)

Sealia: I dislike The Miz. End of discussion. Prediction: Darren Young (with Bob Backlund)

Battleground - Miz Poll

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Andrew: Becky continues her Loser Baby Face Tour, turning out an impressive effort but losing to some type of veteran heel shenanigans from Natalya. Eventually, Becks is going to get fed up with trusting in the good side and always coming up short and it will be glorious when she finally lets her evil show. But we need a reason and a way to get her there first. Prediction: Natalya

Dylan: Like Sasha Charlotte, I’m happy this feud hasn’t been bitchy bickering, while the motivation isn’t there, it has produced more character in both ladies as oppose to their usual happy go lucky attitudes. This like much of the under card, has potential to be awesome, Becky is probably my favorite main roster women’s wrestler, and Natalya is of course great. I think Becky should win just for some revenge after what she’s been put through the last month, plus a win to make her look strong if we some how get Four Horsewomen at SummerSlam for the title. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Jack: I honestly do not care one singular bit about this match, BUT I do see it going an extra month due to the two wrestlers being drafted onto the same show. Prediction: Natalya

Sean: Becky will probably almost break Nattie’s arm. This could be the sleeper match of the whole show. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Sealia: Becky winning will make a great storyline for the aftermath. If Nattie wins her storyline will fall flat for a minute until the dust settles from the draft. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Battleground - Becky Poll

John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Club (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)

Andrew: or the sake of brevity I’m abbreviating this as Team Cena vs. The Club. This is really just a proxy match in the Cena vs. AJ feud so we have to view it through that lens. And that feud is itself just an redux version of the Cena vs. Owens feud. Since AJ has already taken one victory John has to get one back but word is VKM is high on Styles stock so chances are Anderson takes the loss with Enzo getting the pinfall. Prediction: John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Dylan: Weird rivalry this, 6 awesome wrestlers, but is most there to advance Cena vs. AJ and maybe the proper break up of The Club. While they were split up in the draft, they haven’t has signs of an actual fall out, so maybe have them lose due to miscommunication, and have Balor get buddy buddy with The Club to form Balor Club. Maybe even turn AJ face at SummerSlam so when Balor Club do form to most likely go after AJ, it doesn’t feel weird with heels attacking heels. Prediction: John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Jack: AJ Styles was drafted away from the club on Tuesday, so I expect that Team Cena will get a clean victory against The Club, and The Club will break up. John Cena can continue a feud with AJ on Smackdown, and Enzo & Cass can feud with Gallows and Anderson on RAW. Prediction: John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Sean: Somehow Gallows & Anderson will jump Styles out of The Club. Guaranteed John Cena will get beat up, howyadoin’? Prediction: John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Sealia: I’m sorry. I know I’m gonna DM missiles for this but Cena and team can totally knock the block of Gallows and Anderson! AJ is the talent within The Club. I do think it’ll be a fun match to watch though… I often wonder when Enzo’s hair-do will actually execute a submission hold. Prediction: John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Battleground - Cena poll

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Andrew: If WWE is smart (and all things being equal they mostly are) they let Owens go so low in the draft to give his character yet another reason to stay angry at the world and feel mistreated. This should see him coming out with something to prove and letting his temper get the better of him causing some type of disqualification finish where Owens demolishes Zayn but Sami gets the technical win. Prediction: Sami Zayn

Dylan: Well seeing as these two are on the same brand, I couldn’t think who needs the win more, so I decided on a no contest finish with them having a no holds barred type affair at SummerSlam. Their rivalry needs that one stipulation type match to make their rivalry feel more epic and seeing how badly these two want to kick the sh*t out of each other. I don’t see these two separating anytime soon, so it’s kind of a toss up for all 3 results, but I’m going with a no contest. Both men look equal and it can hype up something bigger for SummerSlam. Prediction: Draw

Jack: Kevin Owens will pick up a cheap victory, and these two will clash AGAIN at some point in the future. They have been drafted onto the same show, even though the premise of this match is that they “might not fight again” after the draft. Kevin Owens will pick up the win to balance out the heel and face victories on the show so far. Prediction: Kevin Owens

Sean: Possible match of the night. Prediction: Sami Zayn

Sealia: I simply cannot help myself. I don’t know which is more fun for me, watching KO in the ring or following him on Twitter. Prediction: Kevin Owens

Battleground - Owens Poll

WWE Championship

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

Andrew: I could not care less about this match and here’s why: No matter what happens two guys are likely walking away from this match with a “world” title. Some sort of draw finish or double submission or controversy is going down which will precipitate the creation of two top tier titles. This match is already moot before it starts due to the fact that the title being contested isn’t going to exist (at least not in a singular form) after Battleground. No matter who wins we all lose because of the title diversification and devaluation that will occur because of this match. It’s dumb and I hate it. Prediction: Draw

Dylan: I’m just saying, WWE NEED to turn Roman heel, they just have to, I can’t figure out hoe they’re gonna work around it at this point. Yes they’ve sent Ambrose to SmackDown so you have face Roman & heel Rollins, but no, have Roman pin Dean. Maybe with an assist by a returning Triple H, who got in Mick’s ear to bring him back. Instead of protecting Roman and try and hide it, just make him the new heel Rock, the protected corporate douche bag. Maybe have it start The Authority again, with Steph and Trips fighting for power against Mick. Which can accumulate at Survivor Series but during that time neither side truly takes control so fans don’t turn on the idea because Authority. Have the roles reversed with Seth feeling betrayed by Steph and Trips that they chose the man who basically stole the title off him. I know I haven’t mentioned Dean, but lets be real, only one of The Shield drafted to SmackDown, and the world title is usually on RAW, so let’s face it, Dean’s run is over and he’s had his little moment. So yeah, my usual bold prediction, but I think Roman will win the title back, and hopefully, turn heel in the process becoming the new heel Rock. Prediction: Roman Reigns

Jack: Now this is a bold prediction so hang on til’ the end here. I think that the authorities from each brand will interfere in the match, because they have both been cheering on separate names since the draft. RAW drafted Rollins in the hopes that he grabs the title on Sunday, and Smackdown drafted Ambrose with the same reasoning. The match will end in a draw because of authority interference, causing a reveal of a second title to be either on RAW or Smackdown in the coming weeks, and just in time for Summerslam. Having the main championship on one show only devalues the other show drastically. Prediction: Draw

Sean: Somehow that belt will stay on Raw. By hook or by crook. Prediction: Seth Rollins

Sealia: As the #1 pick and being on Raw, I think the championship will go back to Seth. Smackdown will get another title and new storylines to support championship feuds. Prediction: Seth Rollins

Battleground - Ambrose Poll


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