WCPW: Loaded Episode 4 (July 18) – Results and Review

Guess who’s back?! That’s right, the British Indie Mark, aka me Dylan Osborn. After an extended absence from the website I am back to bring you more reviews and articles, with this article reviewing episode 4 of WCPW’s weekly show, Loaded. We do plan on making weekly reviews now for each episode and their live specials and with the first 3 episodes having various levels of quality. Let’s see if the 4th installment can make up for last weeks show which I saw and thought it was quite disappointing and certainly the worst episode so far. Now I have done my own personal reviews for the first 3 episodes on my Youtube channel, in which I will link the playlist here and without any further delays let’s get into the review!

The show kicks off with the commissioner Adam Pacitti announcing the main event for the evening, Joe Coffey and Big Damo Vs. Rampage Brown & The primate, As well as announcing Coffey Vs. Primate in a No Holds Barred match next week. Prince Ameen & Gabriel Kidd enter the ring, with Ameen forcing Pacitti to leave the ring and telling Kidd he needs to be more aggressive against his single opponent, Drake.


Drake Def. Gabriel Kidd – **

An okay opener, a short match with Prince Ameen distracting Kidd to give him “advice” only to cost him the match by hitting him into a diving lung blower from Drake. In the post match Pacitti returns to set up another match for next weeks Built To Destroy special, with Kidd V Ameen and the loser becomes the other man’s servant. Pacitti then sends out Ameen’s opponents for tonight, El Ligero & Martin Kirby.


Triple Threat Elimination Match – El Ligero Def. Martin Kirby & Prince Ameen – ***

A nice solid match here, much like Ligero Kirby I this match had some nice subtle comedy parts blended with good wrestling. While Ameen is still green, I like him, easy to hate character and was protected well by Ligero and Kirby. Continuing the conflict with Kidd and Ameen, Kidd doesn’t follow orders and Ameen gets rolled up by Kirby which is followed up by Ligero pinning Kirby. In the post match Kirby continues his *ahem* “Comedy” with his usual childish rants before throwing out some match stipulation at Ligero for another match, before settling on one where is Kirby loses, he must wear a dress. Pacitti once again returns setting up yet another match for next week, Mask Vs. Pride, Kirby loses he wears a dress, Ligero loses, he must unmask.


Noam Dar Def. Joseph Conners – ***

Another solid, technical match, and being a Noam Dar mark helps. Must say, WCPW crowds need to liven up, they just sit there not doing much. The match itself was solid, was expecting a bit more interaction from Joe Hendry who came to cheer on Conners. Guess they’re building a slow burn with Conners eventually turning on Hendry. Dar winning was the right choice seeing as he’s #1 Contender to Lethal’s ROH title, they needed to give him a win going into that and forward Conners and Hendry.


Main Event – Joe Coffey & Big Damo Vs. Primate & Rampage Went To A No Contest – ***

A solid main event to end the show, 4 big men having a pretty good slug fest. Blampied as usual being an entertaining heel and making up for King Ross’s piss poor commentary throughout the night. This match was more for setting up next week, with the no contest hacing Coffey and Primate fight on one side and Rampage Damo in the other before the entire roster come out to try and break things up, ending with Big Damo standing tall in the middle of the ring to close out the show.

Overall, a step up from last weeks episode, building towards next weeks live special “Built To Destroy” but unlike last week, the matches were given time and delivered where as last week not many matches got time and they felt like throw aways. Outside of Episode 3 and the crowds being being dead for most of the shows, WCPW have had a solid start to their promotion and hopefully their first live special can really sky rocket them to bigger things.

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