WWE Superstars (July 15) Results and Review

Here ends the current incarnation of Superstars. With the (heavily promoted) Draft imminent, the cosmology of the roster is mutating and where that leaves Superstars is anybody’s guess. This week’s episode honors Superstars enhancement-oriented nature in advancing the narrative of two of the most over wrestlers in the world. Let’s get in the ring!

WWE Superstars

Filmed July 11 at Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI.

Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae

As a vehicle for the Lynch/Natalya feud, this match works really well. Summer Rae is an amazing competitor and her talents, while understated, help to make Becky Lynch look super heroic. There seem to be hints that Lynch will embrace her more aggressive side (not unlike her Sasha Banks-inspired turn in NXT) and it would be very welcome. There seems to be no upper limit to the Irish Lass-Kicker’s appeal or ability, turning up one aspect of her set of skills only makes her more interesting as a wrestler.

Winner: Becky Lynch (via submission following a DisArmer)

Sami Zayn vs. Curtis Axel w/ The Social Outcasts

Curtis Axel (and his partners Bo Dallas and Heath Slater), like Summer Rae, seems to get labeled inappropriately by some segments of the broader wrestling audience. It is a continual shame that the craftsmanship of certain wrestlers are paved over with snark and feigned indignity. This match as a piece is excellent. By the end, there is no more heroic or extraordinary wrestler than Sami Zayn and it is thanks not only to Zayn’s superlative abilities and charisma, but in equal measure Axel, Slater and Dallas. They function in a similar manner to a Greek chorus…a unified whole competitor, able to individually provide a contrapuntal element to their actions and in this specific case, gnarly sneak attacks and ring psychology.

Sami is not to be stopped however. A time will come when Zayn will no longer be wrestling’s hidden heart. The wider world that only acknowledges Professional Wrestling on it’s periphery will see Sami Zayn and maybe a great deal will change, hopefully not. However it shakes out, it is only a matter of time…such is the force of Zayn’s spirit.

Winner: Sami Zayn (via pinfall following a Helluva Kick)

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