NXT (July 7) – Results and Review

NXT opens from Full Sail University where the crowd is charged up as always with Tom Philips and Corey Graves on commentary. Our first match of the night is Bayley going one-on-one against Alexa Bliss.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

The crowd cheers as the lovable and huggable Bayley comes out first, followed by Alexa Bliss.  The two women lock up and snapmares Bliss. Knees into the corner to Bliss who turns it around and later puts Bayley between the middle and bottom rope and catapults her throat. Nasty! Goes for the pin but Bayley manages to stay alive and kicks out at 2. Bliss with a headlock now but Bayley breaks free but is still pinned for a 2 count. Interestingly, Bliss stand on top of Bayley and hits her head to the mat a couple of times. Bayley spears Bliss into the corner followed by an elbow and a running knee. Slams her to the mat. Tries to spear into the adjacent corner but Bliss goes for a sunset flip, to which Bayley counters in a pin attempt for a 2 count. We go to commercials…

We’re back and Bliss has Bayley between the ropes. She charges at Bayley and receives a neckbreaker on the apron and goes for a pin but only gets a 2 count. Bliss goes to the top rope, bayley meets her there. Bliss hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Bayley for 1 … 2 … Bayley manages to stay alive

Bayley with the pin for a 2 count. Bliss kicks out! She catches Bayley by the neck and spikes her to the mat. Jumping knee tumble, followed by the back handspring knee smash. She’s going to the top rope. Bayley meets her there, wraps her arms around her but Bliss fights her off and counters with a sunset flip powerbomb. 1-2-…Bayley kicks out! Bliss snaps and throws a tantrum. Bayley comes back with a spear and pin attempt. Bliss counters with the same move. Now pinning attempt exchanges between both women. The match goes on …

Bayley with a back elbow into the corner and climbs the turnbuckle but Bliss makes her fall flat into the mat. Bliss goes to the top to deliver a splash but Bayley brought her knees up just in time. And Bayley hits a Bayley to Belly for the win!

Winner: Bayley

Post-match Bayley has come words with the crowd as she tells them about her journey and how she was defeated by Asuka and later robbed of her title shot by Nia Jax, whose music hits and out she comes. As the crowd chants “Bayley” as loud as they can, Nia stands in the ring face to face against Bayley and both women have a trade of words before Nia leaves.

Overall the match was good. Alexa is clearly showing signs of improvement and was looking good in here mixing it up with Bayley. A nice follow-up on last week’s performance. She’s stepping up her game every week. As for Bayley, she’s always a badass in the ring. A sound worker in the ring and an ultimate underdog who’s loved by the crowd. Let’s see how things go between her and Nia and who goes on to face Asuka for the Women’s title.

Philips and Graves talk about Bayley and Nia and hype for tonight’s main event that is American Alpha vs. The Revival in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the NXT Tag Team Championship. They plug in a package of TM61 which looks pretty amazing.

Backstage we have The Revival for the interview with Cathy Kelly. Dash says they aren’t worried because worrying is for people who have a chance of losing and both Dawson and he can say standing here that there’s a 100% certainty that there’s no chance they won’t beat American Alpha and walk out tag team champions tonight. Dawson says that tonight they’ll remain the absolute best tag team on this planet, as both men walk away.

We’re shown a promo of the CWC for next Wednesday.

Blake and Murphy vs. Hype Bros.

Oddly enough Blake and Murphy are out together with their old theme music as they go up against The Hype Bros. Why?? The Hype Bros come out next. Mojo Rawley comes out to start the match while Blake and Murphy are still discussing who gets to go from their side. Finally Blake and Rawley start the match. Quick shoulder block from Rawley drops Blake to the mat as Murphy tags himself in. Now both men start arguing. Funny moment when Mojo tries to interrupt but both Blake and Murphy tell him to stay quiet.  Just then Rhyno comes back and gores Mojo, Blake and Ryder while Murphy runs away to the stage. The crowd goes wild and chanting  “E C Dubb” while Rhyno poses and Murphy looks at him horrified.

Nice to see Rhyno back. It will be interesting to see how he plays his role in storylines. Still gives me goosebumps to watch this guy. The crowd reaction was on point for his return.

The announcers hype the Balor vs. Nakamura for next week and take a special look inside their match-up.

Backstage interview with The American Alpha. Jordan speaks first and says that they played The Revival’s game last time that cost them their title but this time they’re gonna make sure that they wrestle their match. Gable says the longer the match goes the better American Alpha will get and they’re ready … willing … and Gable! Their match is up next.

We’re shown a package of the current NXT Champion Samoa Joe who will return next week.

We see Rhyno outside the building as the interviewer approaches him and asks why he is back in NXT to which he doesn’t respond and walks away.

It’s time for our main event everybody!

The American Alpha vs. The Revival

The American Alpha are out first to a cheerful Full Sail crowd. Say Yeaaah! The Revival is out next.

Gable and Dawson lock up to start the match. Gable working the left arm and tags in Jordan. They separate and Dawson hits a cheap shot on Gable that distracts the referee as Dash hits a cheap shot on Jordan, which helps Dawson to back him up to the corner as he pounds him. Both men try to hit a double team move but Jordan comes flying at them with a double clothesline. A great sequence where both Jordan and Gable hit a dropkick which sends Dash and Dawson out of the ring. We go to commercials …

Video package for Nakamura vs. Balor match next week.

Back from the break and we have Dawson in a headlock by Jordon. Impressive tag by Dawson to Dash. Offense from The Revival. Dawson hitting Jordan’s leg with the turnbuckle again and again. Targeting the left knee now as dash yanks Jordan’s left leg with the ropes. More offense from dash and Dawson on the left knee. A suplex attempt by both Dawson and Jordan leads to Jordan making a tag to Gable who is just filled with electricity and takes out Dawson and then Dash.  Gable takes a nasty fall outside the ring.

We’re back and Gable takes a vicious clothesline from Dawson. Dawson tags in dash and both men pound Gable. Tags in Dawson and the Revival hits a double team move. Crowd chanting “Let’s go Gable!” Gable just dodges Dash who falls to the outside and looks to make a tag to Jordan but Dash tags in Dawson who prevents Gable from reaching him. A few near falls from Dawson on Gable, after the later was clotheslined back into the ring by Wilder. Dawson tags in Wilder and both men go for another double team move but gable turns it around into a sunset flip pin attempt which gets him nothing. Both men pummeling on Gable. Quick tags from The Revival since the beginning of the match is what kept the things in favor for them so far into the match. Gable makes Dash and Dawson into0 colliding with each other and makes a tag to Jordan who explodes into the ring. T-bone suplex and later a big spear in the corner to Dawson. Misses Dash but eventually gets him and goes for the pin … but Dash kicks out at 2. Puts Dash on the turnbuckle but he pushes him away. Gable hits Dawson with a belly-to-belly as Dash hits a crossbody to Jordan and Jordan rolls out of the ring. Jordan applies the anklelock and Wilder taps out.

First fall: The American Alpha.

Both teams now in their respective corners. Overhead suplex by Jordan to Dawson and goes for a pin but gets only a 2 count …

Dawson hits a DDT for a 2 count. Now Dawson locks in an Inverted Figure Four Leglock and Jordan desperately trying to reach to Gable but Dash is pulling him away. Jordan can’t stand the pain and taps out.

Second fall: The Revival.

Jordan rolls up Dawson for a 2 count. Tags in Gable who goes for pin attempt but gets a 2 count. Tags in Jordan who hits a spear into the corner. Jordan tries to hit their Great Amplitude finisher but dash interferes and pushes Gable away and make the save for Dawson. Gable pushes Dash out of the ring and Jordan goes for a pin … 1… 2… Kickout! Jordan locks in the anklelock but Dawson breaks it and sends him into the corner. Dawson locks in another Inverted Figure Four. Gable hits a splash and save his partner. Dash hits the ring and both men drop to the outside. The crowd’s chanting “NXT!” now as both Jordan and Dawson try to get to their feet. Dawson pushes Jordan and Gable tags in himself. Both men trade lefts and rights. Gable tries to hit a German on the barricade but Dawson is holding on to the ropes tight. Dash comes in and they hit the Shattering Machine on the apron and Dawson pins him for the win.

Third and the last fall: The Revival win the match 2-1 to retain their titles.

Graves said it right, both teams brought their A-Game tonight as they had the best match of their series right here. The quick tags between Dash and Dawson and the multiple distractions played a major factor in the match. Great gel of techniques of all four men who gave their best tonight just like they always do. I like Dawson more than Dash. I don’t know why? Maybe because he stays in the ring much longer and keeps hitting awesome moves. I was expecting an Authors of Pain interference but it didn’t happen here and it’s fine that it didn’t. No beating up from behind after the match either. But overall an amazing match put together by four talented individuals.

Another cool show. Bayley vs. Bliss and and American Alpha vs. Revival were two of the highlights of the night. the return of Rhyno was badass too. Let’s see how things turn out next week .What’s next for The American Alpha? What are the Authors of Pain gonna do next? Who will challenge The Revival? When will we see bayley go up against Asuka for the Women’s title? What’s the role of Nia Jax in the following week? Whyt is Rhyno back? What’s his motive behind it? And when the most anticipated match between Nakamura and Balor takes place. The whole world will be watching! Looking forward to it.



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