WWE Superstars (July 1) Results and Review

With the brand split and draft coming up, a certain era of WWE is ending and with it, the status quo of the lower tiered shows will be realigned. Hopefully it will be for the better as the past few weeks of Superstars have been CTRL-C/CTRL-V affairs, in large part. Well. Let’s get in the ring.

WWE Superstars (July 1)

Filmed June 27, 2016

Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL


Golden Truth vs. The Ascension

In this near carbon copy of last week’s contest, the Golden Truth and The Ascension do battle under a cloud of uncertainty. There is some likelihood that the teams could be split, thus negating months (in Konnor and Viktor’s case years) of build and storylines. It wouldn’t be shocking for the WWE to pull something like this but perhaps it would be for the best as retreading the same matches can be exhausting for the wrestlers and the audience.

R-Truth and Goldust once again score a clean pinfall over The Ascension. In a just world, Konnor and Viktor would’ve built on the momentum they created as longest reigning NXT tag champions. Despite the erroneous  notion from some that they are Road Warrior or Demolition clones (as if that’s a bad thing) The Ascension are comprised of incredibly talented wrestlers that will, god willing, find greener pastures on the other side of July 19th.

Baron Corbin vs. Jack Swagger

Another repeat (from two weeks ago) match once again pits Baron Corbin against former World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion, Jack Swagger. It feels as if they are using this lame duck period to clearly establish Corbin as a threat to the top of whichever roster he lands in. This is good news for Corbin and hopefully he will find himself in the ring with competitors that can put him through his paces and amplify the potential that he is displaying.

While he scores a clean pin (via a nasty End Of Days), Corbin’s seeming rut competition-wise clearly demonstrates the need for a seismic overhaul of the entire WWE.Follow @WeWatchWrestlin on Twitter!


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