Platinum Wrestling Enterprises – July 2, 2016 Live Results and review

For anybody living in the Australian state of Victoria looking for a fun night out and wanting to see guys pummeling the shit out of each other for your entertainment, look no further than the Melbourne pro wrestling scene. This week it was Platinum Wrestling Enterprise’s turn to entertain the Melbourne wrestling fans. My name is Rydogg95 and I’m here to review the Platinum Wrestling Enterprises event from July 2, 2016 as I was there. So sit down, buckle up and get ready for my take on what was a rather fun night out. Also, little note, I was second row.

Dark match: Joey Eclipse vs. Tyler Frost

Ok, so before I get into the match I just wanna say that this is actually the first indie show I’ve been to where there was a dark match. And also, this match was billed as a three way dance, but the match actually started after Tyler Frost made his way to the ring. The crowd was firmly behind Frost and Eclipse was actually doing a decent job at getting heat from the crowd. The match was a good way to kick off the festivities and was thrown out by the referee after “Big Cuz” Cousin Ali made his way to the ring and decimated both men. Again, great way to kick the night off and get the crowd pumped for the first match.

Match 1: EGO (JXT and “The Big Rig” FOX) vs. The Un-Australians (Mohamad Ali Vaez & “The Mighty” Cadman w/ Benny English)

The main card’s opening match was a tag match pitting EGO (minus their manager Hawko, who was selling an injury) vs. The Un-Australians, Mohamad Ali Vaez (Who isn’t Australian) and Cadman (Who actually is but was billed as “Now Residing in London” but I digress). JXT and FOX did the intro that Hawko usually does and JXT gave his iPhone to the referee (who looked suspiciously like Jay Mewes) so that he could shoot some video for JXT’s hit YouTube show JXTv (seriously, look it up, it’s great!). The opener was fun to watch with the crowd firmly behind EGO, there were numerous chants of “J… XT.” (to the tune of the cants for the New Day) and chants of “Big Rig” for FOX. And to be honest, my friends and I started just about every chant during that match. And probably the whole show, just for a bit of fun. The finish comes when Benny English ran a little interference and Hawko (who was sporting a neckbrace) ran down brandishing a chair (albeit with the seat part missing) to which Shane Hero declared this a no contest and also decreed that there is to be no outside interference during the night.

Match 2: The Enforcer vs. Andy Gold

For our second match of the main card we have The Enforcer, who looks kind of like a scrawny Tommy Dreamer, going up against the young upstart Andy Gold. Gold and Enforcer had a solid match, with the crowd heckling the crap out of The Enforcer. Despite the two men having a solid match, not a whole lot about this match was special, Enforcer gets the victory with a spear.

Match 3: Dowie James vs. Zak Douglas

This match was for a future shot at the Platinum Wrestling Enterprises Heavyweight Championship. The “Dow-Dog” Dowie James and Zak Douglas, who I’d never seen before and I turned to one of my friends and said “geez, I wonder if X-Pac knows he raided his wardrobe” and then I yelled out “Hey, somebody call Dr. Chris Amann because there’s Z-Pac!” Back to the match, and Zak and Dowie had a very intense and engaging contest, with a lot of back and forth action and Z-pac chants between my friends and I, there was a double pin meaning that both men earned a future championship, but more on that later.

“Pitbull” Craig Cole vs. Gabriel Wolfe

After an intermission where I got photos with EGO, we were delighted to a match between the NWA Warzone Champion “Pitbull” Craig Cole and Gabriel Wolfe. Before the match we get some verbal jousting between Wolfe and Cole, with Cole suggesting the loser of the match LEAVES Platinum Wrestling Enterprises. Wolfe agrees on the proviso that the match is also an NWA Warzone Championship match, to which Cole agrees and we’re ready for a slobberknocker, as a certain black cowboy hat wearing announcer would say. The match was quite good and entertaining. There was a spot where Cole was slapping the absolute shit out of Wolfe with a thong (or flip flop as it’s known outside of Australia), to which a couple of friends in the front row were yelling out to disqualify Craig Cole for use of a foreign object, technically they are correct, but that doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t DQ’ed. The match ends with Cole retaining his championship after a spear. After the match Craig Cole was leaving the ring when Cousin Ali came out again and instead of dropping the babyface champion, he turned his attentions to Gabriel Wolfe, splashing him in the corner and squashing him with a Vader Bomb. Ali then declared his intentions to go after the Warzone Championship, challenging him to a match for the title at the next Warzone event on July 30th, which I unfortunately won’t be attending, due to the fact that I’ll be attending a different event in Melbourne, featuring the one and only Ricochet, but I digress (wow, I get distracted a lot, don’t I?). Cole accepts the match and the segment ends.

Man United (Vance Adams and Campbell Crawford) vs. pAnic (“The Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker and “The Psycho Cowboy” Benny Factor (c)

Platinum Wrestling Enterprises Tag Team Championships

Up next is our first SCHEDULED championship match between the Vaudevillain-esque Man United and the defending champions pAnic, who are very quickly becoming one of my favourite tag teams in the Melbourne indie scene. Funny story about this match, the guy I was sitting next to and I decided it would be funny to randomly do commentary during the show, starting in the preshow, we decided to stop after the tag title match due to a comment from Syd Parker that we both thought was fucking hilarious. Syd must have heard us during the match and he yelled out “nobody wants to hear your shit commentary!” Always fun to have some interaction with the wrestlers during the show. It got a lot of laughs from all of the people that I was around, myself included. Man United ended up falling to pAnic after Syd Parker sprayed both men with the mist and Campbell got dropped with a double team elevated DDT.

Tass Alexander vs. Slade Mercer (c)

Platinum Wrestling Enterprises Championship

And now it is time for our MAIN EVENT. Of the evening! A match for the Platinum Wrestling Enterprises pitting the very likeable Tass Alexander against the heel PWE Champion, New Zealand’s Slade Mercer. Personally, since this is the first time I’ve seen Tass wrestle, I was pulling for the man I knew, so I was firmly behind Slade. Both men had a really cool main event, with both men having back and forth offence and Slade talking a whole lot of shit to the little kids on the opposite side of the ringside arena, much to the entertainment of the rest of the crowd. After a really fun to watch main event, Slade Mercer gets the victory to retain. After the match, Shane Hero announces the main event of the next Platinum event, pitting Slade Mercer against Mr. Juicy for the PWE championship! The crowd was rather pleased with this announcement. The crowd is interrupted by Zak Douglas who was talking about how he “defeated” Dowie James earlier in the night and that he should be getting a match against Slade at the next PWE event. This was followed by Dowie James coming out and basically telling Zak to get his facts straight because the match was a draw meaning that both men get title shots, and DOWIE WANTS HIS! Shane Hero throws his cue cards all around the ring and essentially says “fuck it, it’ll be a fatal 4-way elimination match for the title” just without saying “fuck it” this announcement ends the show.

Match of the Night: Man United vs. pAnic

MVP of the Might: Slade Mercer.

Final Thoughts: I had a really fun time at Platinum Wrestling and after the show, I got to hang around with some of the wrestlers including Slade Mercer and JXT. I will definitely go back to Platinum for the next show just to see that 4-way main event.

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