House of Hardcore 15 – Results and Review

Hey guys, Rydogg95 here again, and now that I’ve had 2 days to wind down from the epic event I witnessed on Friday night, I’m here to review everything that went down during the show.

Australian promotion Outback Championship Wrestling teamed up with Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion to put on House of Hardcore Melbourne. There were several international acts announced for the show, such as Carlito, Mickie James, Victoria, former NXT superstar Bull Dempsey/Bull James and of course the man behind the promotion Tommy Dreamer. Also advertised to appear was MVP and, apparently, Magnus. I was not aware of Magnus being advertised. However, they weren’t able to come due to green card issues on Magnus’ part and because of MVP’s criminal record he wasn’t allowed in the country. The event managed to pack in over 1000!

This was explained by Dreamer himself in the opening segment. Dreamer was then interrupted by former OVW Heavyweight Champion and OCW mainstay Mohamad Ali Vaez, who bragged about beating Dreamer last time they faced each other in OCW and Vaez was met with a tonne of nuclear heat from the crowd. Like, seriously there were “shut the fuck up” chants directed at Vaez. Dreamer, being the man of surprises that he is, announced that Vaez would be in a match right now against MVP’s replacement.

Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. ????

Dreamer walks to the back and everybody’s quiet when suddenly…


The pop for the Hurricane was absolutely deafening! Nobody saw this coming and we were all really happy with the replacement.

 Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. The Hurricane

Our opening match begins with mass chants for the Hurricane and “little dick” chants directed at Vaez. The two men had a really solid one on one match, even after the buzz of seeing The Hurricane from outta nowhere wore off, the match had multiple false finishes and finisher attempts. As I mentioned before, Hurricane was so damn over with the OCW/House of Hardcore crowd. The Hurricane ends up defeating Ali Vaez with a Hurri-chokeslam. During the match both men hit all of their signatures and finishing moves. This was a great opening contest. Hurricane was super over and it set the tone for how great the night would be.

“The Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker vs. Adam Brooks

Our second match of the evening features two of Australia’s premier wrestlers, fresh off of a successful tour of the United States, the “Loose C#%T” Adam Brooks taking on “The Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker. The two men brawled all over the ring and ringside area for a long time. Brooks was the babyface and Parker was the heel. Both men fit really well in their positions and alignments. Not to mention the fact that both men had unbelievable chemistry and were able to play off of the crowd. Especially when Parker got the “You look stupid” chants from the crowd with Brooksy asking the crowd if it was him or Parker and even commenting to the crowd “I thought it was because I got a shit haircut.” Both men left it all in the ring and the finish came when Parker distracted the referee by untying the refs shoe and then used the poison mist made famous by The Great Muta, this was followed up by a double underhook DDT for the decisive pinfall.

Mr. Juicy, Hard Way Inc. (“Good Time Trouble” Mike Burr & Josh “The Axe” Shooter), JXT & Dowie James vs.  Sketch, Slade Mercer, Gabriel Wolfe, Cadman Turner & Big Cuz

Up next we had 10 man tag team action, on one team we had Sketch, former OCW tag team champions Slade Mercer & Gabriel Wolfe, Cadman Turner and Big Cuz (who also wrestles under the name Cousin Ali) taking on the fan favourite team of Mr. Juicy, Josh Shooter, Mike Burr and current OCW Tag Team Champions, Dowie James and, despite sounding super biased, my favourite Australian independent wrestler, the “social media sensation” JXT. Multiple man matches are always going to be hard to follow when watching, but I had fun watching it with every wrestler getting multiple spots in. I found myself quite thrilled with the match and chuckling when Sketch accidentally knocked over the gopros and camera set up at the entrance. The team of babyfaces ended up going over much to the delight of the crowd.

Bull Dempsey vs. Mark “The Outback Silverback” Silva

Up next we have the battle of the big men, former NXT star Bull Dempsey, wrestling under the Bull Dempsey name and entering to his NXT theme taking on the son of legendary Australian sportscaster Dennis Cometti, Mark Silva. This was a brawl between two big men and I was pulling for Bull, not just because I met him before the show and got his autograph but because I thoroughly enjoyed his run in NXT and was shocked when he left the company. Both men were over and for the whole show so far the crowd was buzzing. However, despite both men being somewhat over, the crowd buzz kinda died down a little. Silva got the victory off of a spear and to be honest, I was shocked that the match ended as quick as it did, because I felt as if there could have been more done in the match. Both men were over though and were happy after the match.

OCW Heavyweight Championship

Cletus vs. Mad Dog McRea (c)

This match WAS billed as a ladder match, but they obviously realised that the Whitehorse Club was too small for a ladder match and instead opted for a no DQ match between the champion Mad Dog and the fan favourite Cletus. This was perhaps the craziest match I’ve seen in person, with both men actually beating the shit out of eachother outside the ring and the ringside area. There was tables, there was chairs, there was even fire. I’m not joking. Mad Dog lit a chair on fire and went to smack Cletus with it only to be countered and smacked over the head so hard the chair broke. Mad Dog’s elbow pad ended up set on fire, which he then used to ignite his leg and drop a leg on Cletus for a 2 count. I repeat for a god damn two count! Cletus kicked out of a flaming leg drop at two! There was also a botchamania worthy spot in this match where Cletus and Mad Dog were supposed to go through the table from a tornado DDT from the top rope and one of the feet of the table actually buckled under the pressure of both men falling onto the table. Cletus tried standing the table back up but the table just wouldn’t stand. The match ended when Cletus pinned Mad Dog after a shooting star press following this table spot. Both men showed eachother respect and the crowd went absolutely nuts.


During intermission I met Slade Mercer, Dowie James, JXT, Gabriel Wolfe, Sketch, Josh Shooter, Mike Burr and Mr. Juicy. With me getting photos with JXT, Dowie and Mr. Juicy. The photos are on my twitter account @Rydogg95, also met some cool people that I’ve had exchanges with on twitter in the past. I had a really good intermission.


Mickie James vs. Victoria

Our first match after intermission is between two of the greatest names in women’s wrestling. Unfortunately some of the crowd members decided to be disrespectful and try to get themselves over by chanting obscene shit at both women who traveled over 30 hours to entertain them. I won’t repeat what they were chanting because I’m here to talk about wrestling, not this shit. Anyways for the first half of the match, both ladies were working as faces, this would change at the halfway point of the match when Victoria managed to make the entire crowd think she was actually hurt, this turned out to be a ruse as when she was being helped out of the arena she pushed away the referees and officials and started whaling on Mickie before going back into the ring and taunting the crowd showing that her knee was in fact, fine. Both ladies continued to prove why they were two of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time with Mickie eventually getting the win. Both ladies congratulated eachother and pashed eachother, much to the delight of the crowd. After Mickie left Victoria had a confrontation with the referee. The fans were chanting “punch the ref” but we got one better, Victoria tried to hit the widow’s peak, but there was a botch where the referee accidentally shifted his weight and they both ended up moving back into the corner with the ref colliding with the turnbuckles. It was nasty and got a lot of “you fucked up” chants directed at the referee, but Victoria decided “fuck it, we’ll try it again” and tried again, this time succeeding with the move much to the delight of the fans.

Andy Phoenix vs. KrackerJak vs. Carlito vs. Tommy Dreamer

This was the match on the card that was affected by the situation with MVP, as the match was originally billed as MVP vs. KrackerJak vs. Carlito vs. Tommy Dreamer. All four men put on one hell of a hardcore match where the winner would get #1 contendership for Cletus’ newly won OCW Championship. There was a point where all four men had something in their hands and were in a stand off. Dreamer had his signature kendo stick, Carlito with his apple, Phoenix brandishing a steel chair and old mate KrackerJak had a staple gun in his hand. Kracker went to staple Carlito’s head but was stopped by the referee, who in return got a staple in his groin which caused raucous laughter from the crowd. During this match there was a little alliance between Phoenix and KrackerJak with Kracker pulling off his hilarious yelling out spots really obviously and telling Phoenix to trust him. Phoenix ended up taking Kracker out. There was also a point where Dreamer used KrackerJak’s staple gun on him to a barrage of “you sick fuck” chants from the crowd. Dreamer gave us all a sick smirk at this chant. Carlito was also accompanied by a valet named Willow, to be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about Willow so I can’t really comment on her but she seems like she could go far. Willow took a piledriver from Dreamer in a sick spot and got a lot of “holy shit” chants. The finish came when Dreamer had Phoenix on the top rope and was standing on a ladder that was set up on the second rope in the corner but lost his balance and ended up “crotching” himself on the ladder and Carlito took advantage and hit dreamer with a backstabber for the win.

Match of the night: Adam Brooks vs. Syd Parker

MVP of the night: I’d have to say Cletus

Final thoughts: I have to say, this was the best indie show I’ve ever been to. I may have had standing room only tickets, but my GOD it was worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my time at House of Hardcore and I can’t wait until they come back down under next year, which was confirmed by Tommy Dreamer following the main event of the evening. I ended up barely being able to breathe the next morning due to cheering so loud and it was worth every damn second.


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