ROH Best In The World 2016 – Results and Review

Another series of ROH TV tapings are in the books, as the final matches from the Toronto event were aired this week, with the show going off air with Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal sharing some trash talk. Those same two men square off in the main event of the show tonight, with the Ring of Honour title on the line. The brother and tag partner of Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe is also in action tonight facing Roderick Strong. The last ROH iPPV was in partnership with NJPW, but this one isn’t. The standards were set very high by the last iPPV, so let’s see how this iPPV will compare to the last indie supercard we got.

Match 1: Kyle O’Reilly vs Kamaitachi

The first match to kick off the show is with a familiar name, Kyle O’Reilly. He faces a not-so familiar name, Kamaitachi. Why is he not too familiar of a name? Well because this is his ROH iPPV debut! This match was a okay match, it was a very slow paced match which is fine, but it seemed a little too dragged out. I am a fan of slow matches, but they should never start off a show. The crowd usually reacts better when a fast match starts off a show. This match had some great spots to it, especially a dive that Kamaitachi did to the outside, which looked deadly. Kyle O’Reilly ended the match with a powerful armbar. After this match, Kyle did a slight heel turn by attacking Kamaitachi after the match. We will have to see how that unfolds down the line. In general I would say that this was a good match, but would have been better if it was later up on the card.

Match 2: Silas Young vs ACH

The second match on the show is a grudge match between Silas Young and ACH, with the bone to pick by Silas Young being that ACH is not enough of a “real man”. I love both of these wrestlers and I expect this to be a good match. This match was probably the better match to start a show off, but nonetheless was a great match. It was very fast, but it was only really a showcase of ACH. In this match we saw ACH hit all of his signature moves, including his very impressive jump to the outside. ACH ended the match off with his finishing move. Even though these are all great moves, this was just a stretched out beating of Silas Young. The pace of this match was very good, and it had good timing, but it just needed a little more from Silas.

Match 3: Roderick Strong vs Mark Briscoe

After one great grudge match, we get another. Mark Briscoe faces Roderick Strong, as Mark’s brother Jay gets ready for the main event that he competes in. This match was the longest match that we had seen so far, but it was absolutely worth it. Mark Briscoe and Roderick Strong both fit many great spots in, and I have to give props to both for really putting everything on the line in this match. There was a bit of a slow moment in the middle of the match, but  besides that it was a very well constructed match. The match ended with Mark hitting a Fisherman Buster. I thought that it would be better to give Roderick Strong the win since he has announced that he is leaving the company, but they did give him a few moments after the match which was nice.

Match 4: Moose and War Machine vs Adam Cole, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson (Bullet Club)

A impromptu team of Moose and War Machine had the guts to challenge the Young Bucks, and one of the newest members to the Bullet Club, Adam Cole. This match starts off with the Bullet Club doing superkicks to all 3 competitors from the other team, and it all went insane from there on. This match was an amazing match, like most ROH tag matches are. This was the first tag match with Adam Cole in the Bullet Club, and I enjoyed it. I think Cole is a perfect fit for the group. The Bullet Club got the victory after the Meltzer Driver, a move I still think is extremely impressive. Even though Moose and War Machine lost this match, I think they did a great job. War Machine did a fair share of great spots too, and I even saw some flippy moves from them. I was never much of a fan of War Machine, but this match made me reconsider my opinion on them. Overall a great match, and went beyond the high standard that ROH has for their tag matches.

Match 5: The Motor City Machine Guns vs The Addiction (c) (ROH World Tag Team Championship Match)

After a 6-man tag match, we get a nice follow up of a traditional tag match, with the ROH Tag titles on the line. This match was very good, but felt much slower because we saw a 6-man before that was extremely fast and entertaining. The crowd was very quiet for this match, but a lot happened. During the long battle, Kamaitachi runs out and attacks someone ringside, distracting the ref, one of the MCMG’s gets hit with a low blow, and The Addiction end the match with the “Best Meltzer Ever”. After the match, Kamaitachi poses with The Addiction. The match was pretty good, but the camera-work and the nature of the whole match ending was very confusing, and ended up being a bit of a mess.

Match 6: B.J. Whitmer vs Steve Corino (Unsanctioned Fight Without Honour)

After two tag matches, we get quite the unique match. ROH never really does extreme matches, but this match between BJ Whitmer and Steve Corino was a very bloody, and extreme match. BJ Whitmer and Steve Corino were extremely bloodied in this match, and I was not a big fan of it, but I can see the appeal. Near the end of the match, the lights go out, and when they come back up, there is some dude, and he spikes Steve Corino with something. Everyone else seemed to know what it was about, but since I did not follow this story completely, I will say that it made some sense. The lights going out kind of thing seems a little unoriginal of ROH, since they did the same the at the end of the last iPPV, so they should find other ways to do match plot twists. I have never been a big fan of bloody matches, so there is some bias from me in this match, but after the “plot twist” at the end of the match I still felt empty. I wonder if there will be a full exit for Corino, or if they drop this story and move on.

Match 7: ROH Television Championship

Bobby Fish (c) vs Dalton Castle

We just saw a emotional match that had quite the build to it, but lets switch gears to a match that has had a shorter buildup to it, but nonetheless looks like a great match. The current ROH TV Champion Bobby Fish challenges “The Peacock”, Dalton Castle. This match was probably the slowest of the night, and was decent, but ended in a roll-up pin. This seemed like a terrible end to a pretty good match, but I suspect it might be because Bobby Fish landed on his head by a suplex. In general this match was pretty good up until the very end finish.

Match 8: ROH World Championship

Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal (c)

Now, it is finally time for the main event. A rematch a year in the making, the current reigning champion Jay Lethal defends his title against Jay Briscoe. After watching this match, I thought that it was definitely the match of the night. Briscoe and Lethal put all of their heart into this match and it really showed. Early on in the match Jay Briscoe did 3 dives to the outside in a row, but the match ended with Jay Lethal retaining his belt by the “Lethal Injection”. Very impressive showing, and it had no twists at the end. A lot of people were surprised that the iPPV had no twists at the end, but you can’t have every show end in some crazy way. You have to have some shows that end peacefully, and some shows that end in chaos! There is a right time for everything, and a peaceful ending to a show was the right thing for this iPPV.

This iPPV was pretty good! I think that the iPPV before (Global Wars) was much better, but that does not make this iPPV a bad one. ROH is really killing it on the scene right now, and another solid show like this proves that ROH is the #2 company currently.


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