Top 8 Best Seth Rollins WWE Matches

Hey guys, it’s me, the man of the hour and the man with the power and I’m here with my first ever Top 8, and its dedicated to one of my favourite wrestlers ever, Seth Freakin’ Rollins! So let’s get straight into this.

8. Payback Fatal 4 Way

Seth Rollins + Shield Brothers + Randy Orton = Awesome, great match. The Shield reunion was amazing and had everyone on the tip of their seats thinking it was happening. This match I really liked and enjoyed throughout the whole thing and I would be down for a rematch in the future. But this match was really cool and had amazing wrestling in it.

7. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Elimination Chamber 2015

These two men have a long history, as they worked together on the independent scene and made their way through the ranks of WWE at around the same time. Add the legacy of The Shield and the fact that Rollins turned his back on Ambrose, and these men have legitimate storyline beef. This match was first of their amazing rivalry in 2015, and this match didn’t disappoint. It was a great match with close calls and had me on the edge of my seat. When Ambrose “won” at the end, my heart stopped for a second in exhilaration and anger that Rollins had just lost but also the fact that Ambrose had won. When they announced Rollins was still champion I was happy! But other than that, this match was great.

6. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Money In The Bank 2015

Again, these two have probably the greatest chemistry between two superstars in the last 10 years. They’re just amazing paired up with each other and put on another killer of a match with this match! If there was a match to follow up from Owens/Cena, it was this match. This had everything from great spots, to great wrestling and an amazing ending! I definitely recommend any Ambrose/Rollins match to any wrestling fan.

5. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Lumberjack Match, SummerSlam 2014

In my honest opinion, this match is probably the best lumberjack match of all time. It was absolutely chaotic and at one point, all the Lumberjacks just got in the ring and started fighting. But the wrestling between Ambrose & Rollins was absolutely amazing and set a new standard for the show by putting on this amazing match! Again, definitely recommend this.

4. Seth Rollins vs John Cena
Winner Takes All; SummerSlam 2015

Like Ambrose/Rollins, Cena/Rollins had awesome matches as well and great chemistry. This match revolutionized wrestling as it was and also was the heel turn of Jon Stewart which was awesome! The wrestling between these two as well can’t be beaten, just amazing.

3. Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns
WrestleMania 31

Although this match featured close to nothing of Rollins, this match was a defining moment in his career because he won the WWE WHC after cashing in his MITB, may I add that it was at WM as well, and it was a pretty damn good moment!

2. Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar vs John Cena
Royal Rumble 2015

Probably the best triple threat match of the PG Era, this match was amazing. It had Seth hit an amazing corkscrew, elbow drop Brock Lesnar through the announce table and although he was the one who got pinned, he came out of this match looking strong!

1. Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose
Hell In A Cell 2014

By far, the best extreme match of the “PG Era,” this match was a spot fest. With spots like Dean Ambrose elbow dropping Seth through a table and throwing both men through announce tables, this match was- I can’t even describe it!

Well, that was my first ever Top 8 and I’d love if you guys could give me some feedback and your thoughts on this! Peace and love from Australia, it’s been a pleasure.

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