WWE Superstars (June 3) Results and Review

WWE Superstars

Filmed May 30, 2016

Resch Center,

Green Bay, WI

Paige vs. Summer Rae

With the realigning of WWE ahead, how the Women’s Division will be adjusted remains to be seen. In the meantime, talented competitors like Summer Rae (whose submission skills are developing) and the Goth Monster Paige. Summer Rae is a real dark horse in the division. She commands the ring and rivals Charlotte Flair’s level of self-confidence. That’s an impressive feat and her ring skills match it.

By the time Paige PTOs Summer Rae it becomes very clear that, while little seen recently, she has taste for title gold and with a new cosmology anything is possible. She’s the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion and won a WWE belt her first day. Dismissing Paige for whatever reason is a bad idea for her opponents and the audience.

Jack Swagger vs. Viktor

Some Professional Wrestlers get “WrestleMania” moments when they aren’t at WrestleMania. For example, Jack Swagger and Viktor have a profoundly excellent Pro Wrestling match. Who these guys are in the company (Happy Hoss vs. Face Painted Mat Madman) mixed with the crowd and the stiff goddamn Wrestling in the ring draws out that elusive thing worthy of note when it happens. Thing means something different to different people: Art, Touchdown, Knock Out, Theorem, Sign, Symbol…in this case it’s Swagger throwing the most Stan Hanseny Lariat imaginable. Bloody, covered in his opponents warpaint, hand raised in victory, Swagger has an even brighter future ahead.

Viktor continues to being a refreshingly bizarre presence. There is a particular breed of human that paints their face and crawl into the squared circle. There is a brutal simplicity that is used by the best wrestlers that borders on the invisible. Viktor is a master of this. Probably overstating things a wee bit but hey, wrestling y’know? Going forward into the Raw/SmackDown draft, wherever Viktor winds up will have the best matches in the company, such is the depth of his talent.

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