WWE Monday Night Raw (June 6) Preview

It Takes Balls

The ongoing saga of Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler continues as last week Corbin got a taste of his own medicine as he was low blowed in a match with Ziggler.

Corbin has been on a path of destruction since debuting at WrestleMania in April so it’s very unlikely that ‘The Lone Wolf’ will go down(literally) without a fight. Expect to see Corbin attempt to get payback on Dolph Ziggler.

Intercontinental Update

Our hero and Intercontinental champion The Miz is taking time away to film yet another one of his blockbuster movies, “The Marine 5: Battleground.” However, he is nice enough to give us weekly video updates on the progress he’s making. Will Miz have something in store for us this week?

“That’s the AJ Styles we love!”

John Cena entered ‘The New Era’ last week when he made his grand return to WWE. Shortly after this moment, AJ Styles came out and said how big of a moment is and wanted to be the first person to welcome him back to WWE. That’s when ‘The Omen in the Sky’ Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows came out, threatening to lay out both Styles and Cena. As John Cena was getting ready for a fight, he was attacked by AJ Styles. So then the 3-on-1 attack happened, including Styles exiting and re-entering the ring to continue the attack on Cena.

Now that AJ Styles has officially aligned with Anderson and Gallows and Cena vs. Styles at Money in the Bank made official, how will John Cena react to the attack and turn from Styles? Is ‘The New Era’ just too much for Cena to handle?

Redesign, Rebuild, Run

Seth Rollins has yet to be in any physical altercation other than his sneak attack on Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules since he returned to WWE, but that doesn’t stop Rollins from taunting the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

It seems like Rollins will stay away from fighting with Roman until the championship is on the line, so I wouldn’t expect to see him in a match this week, I’d just expect for him to leave us wanting more.

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