Paragon Pro Wrestling #49 (May 31) Results and Review

Episode #49 is an all out, excellent and highly recommended hour of Professional Wrestling and that’s great, man. Let’s get to ringside!

Paragon Pro Wrestling #49 (May 31)

Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, NV.

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Darin Corbin vs. Jakob Austin Young

When wrestling fans get to witness true, natural Piper-level heelery, it is a wonderful thing. Like some eras of Hot Rod’s career, Corbin finds himself at a personal crossroads, hunted and despised by the locker room; reviled by the crowd thanks to his heinous treatment of benefactor Pat Kelley. Yet the power of the hate directed at the (former) Underdog from the Underpass is absorbed by Corbin and redirected in the concentrated form of Reverse Neckbreakers. He has clearly added a new brutal component to his work and it is frightening.

While Jakob Austin Young is quicksilver in the ring, Corbin is turning into a monster and cannot be stopped. Corbin scores the pin after a Gingersnap Stunner. Championship-adorned members of the roster should be worried.

Mikey O’Shea vs. Greg Romero

As an avid view of the sibling West Coast Wrestling Connection, it is great to see the Earth-2 versions of wrestlers like O’Shea and Romero. These two are fighting for dominance within the roster and put on the best match of the episode. Romero is ungodly brutal here, which is saying something for someone that might have used a billiard ball to bludgeon people, allegedly.

O’Shea is not to be underestimated, however. An Arn Anderson-like Spinebuster and gnarly Gunslinger cinch this important win for the Irish Juggernaut.

Jessy Sorensen & Wes Brisco vs. Caleb Konley & Drew Donovan ( c )

2 out of 3 Falls, Paragon Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match

The power of Caleb Konley’s paranoia probably has enough force to move mountains. Thankfully for everyone, that power grants us an excellent wrestling match instead. When wrestling strife is belt-oriented, miracles happen and this match is all about titles, prowess and pacing.

The first fall is Konley’s worst nightmare: being pinned by Jessy Sorensen. Their chemistry in the ring is extraordinary. Drew Donovan is reminiscent of a revved up-Warlord which is insane. Wes Brisco’s blood courses championship gold and scores the second pin after a Brisco Bomb to Donovan, securing the PPW Tag Titles in new hands. Highly recommended match!Follow @WeWriteWrestlin on Twitter!


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