WCWC #105 (May 28)- Results and Review

The latest episode of the West Coast Wrestling Connection features some wild debuts, a WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship match and a Tag Team Championship title defense. In short, it’s gnarly. Let’s get in the ring!

WCWC #105 (May 28)

Jackson Armory, Portland, OR

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The Shadows vs. The Midnight Marvels

Week after week the mighty Midnight Marvels fight the good nerdy fight. These guys have the talent to arrive at AWA-era Midnight Rockers territory. They are in great harmony with each other and have excellent storytelling. They’ve already held the FSW Tag Team Championship so it stands to reason they could make a run on the WCWC belts.

Thanks to some “Shadow Magic” the Shadows do not allow a victory to escape their ebon claws. It is worth noting there is the first instance of intergender wrestling for quite sometime in WCWC thanks to this match. Hopefully a Woman’s Division manifests in WCWC in due time.

Nick Fame w/ His Manservant Named, Julio vs. Marcus Malone

Marcus Malone is still on the hunt after his victory of Darin Corbin, but comes up short as he ties up with Nick Fame and, I quote, “his manservant named Julio.” Fame is an arrogant weirdo that Piledrives people. Clearly he’s not to be messed with.

Malone makes catch serious air on a High Back Body Drop, but Fame’s savagery is not to be stopped. Here’s to hoping his prodigious talent is utilized to its fullest in the WC in coming weeks.

Mikey O’Shea vs. JJ Garrett

Next to Eric Right, Mikey O’Shea is the main ring sheriff in the WC. He is the high water mark when it comes to WCWC in terms of brute strength and ring work . To his credit, JJ Garrett gets his shots in with O’Shea. Garrett is a wildcard in the roster and it will be interesting to see which belt he sets his sights on. He hits O’Shea with a tasty Shining Knee Strike and a nice 619.

O’Shea is just that much better, though. He Gunslinger Slams Garrett all to pieces and picks up the pin. Recommended match!

The Grappler ( c ) w/ The Wrecking Crew vs. Jeff Boom

WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship

When it comes to facing the Grappler (which is what he is called now as he is the sole person wrestling as The Grappler) his opponents must ask themselves, how far will you go to beat the dirtiest player(s) in the game? To rise to that level, how exactly brutal are you willing to go? After all, there’s no lower limit that the Grappler will allow himself to get to. Anything to get the job done.

Jeff Boom is a formidable opponent but it takes Eric Right running in to balance the scales after “The Thillbilly” Kassius Koonz causes a DQ. The ongoing strife between The Entire Locker Room and The Wrecking Crew rages on.

Ricky Gibson & Greg Romero w/ Mr. Tubbs vs. Gangrel & Sinn Bodhi

WCWC Tag Team Title Match

Sinn Bodhi is indeed the Warlord of Weird. What sort of world do we exist in that the dirty psychotic clown is the GOOD guy? Whatever the case maybe, it is world only accessible in Pro Wrestling. The WCWC is all the better for adding Sinn Bodhi to the roster as he is a powerhouse and seasoned veteran. His teaming with Gangrel is apt and they blend quite well.

Greg Romero and Ricky Gibson are the brutal welcoming committee for Sinn Bodhi and their dominance of the tag division is no joke, Magic 8-Ball finishes notwithstanding. They put it to the Weird One with noticeable viciousness. G n’ R with their manager Mr. Tubbs have managed to retain the Tag Team Championships at every turn using both their ring acumen and “by any means necessary” methods. Who can stop them? 

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