Ring of Honor TV (May 29) – Results and Review

The last several days (weeks, six months) have been very odd, even for wrestling. The two sides of the LJN brand coin are being hotly discussed: psychology vs. “flips”. It’s about the threat level of the time Van Halen made shredding on a guitar the goal of decent human endeavor. Let’s get in the ring!

Ring of Honor TV (May 29) – Results and Review

Filmed May 11, 2016 at War of  the Worlds: Night 2

Ted Reeve Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ROH TV Weekly Episodes


ACH vs. Lio Rush

If the argument for more frenetic matches begins anywhere, it has to start with ACH. The best wrestlers have always been able to harmonize speed and more “acrobatic” pacing. They’ve always been dumped on, too. There is real, serious mat action here and if this is quality of wrestling available, often for free or on basic cable, how is this not the best time for Professional Wrestling?

ACH is amazing and it’ll be great to see him hoist a ROH belt over his head. Lio Rush is 2 years deep into wrestling and is so outstanding, it should bring a tear to your eye. Unfortunately the graduates of the Van Vader Academy For Wayward Youth school of wrestling in the form of Silas Young get to “make their point” on both the stellar Rush and ACH after the match. Recommended match!

Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Addiction vs. Roppongi Vice

#1 Contender’s Match

Ring of Honor can rightly lay claim to the best tag teams in the world. Christopher Daniels has evolved into an extraordinary heel. As singularly evil and lethal as he is charming, Daniels and inaugural PWG World Champion Frankie Kazarian epitomize classically brutal and possibly insane Tag Team Champions.

The Addiction unfortunately find themselves embroiled in the thick of things and are not shy about it. Roppongi Vice (twice decorated as NJPW Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team champions) and the recently reformed former TNA Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns call Kazarian and Daniels’ bluff. Daniels winds up on the losing end to their new #1 Contender’s, the MCMG.

The Bullet Club vs. Tanahashi, Michael Elgin & Yoshi Tatsu

In the Vader/Osprea-o-chet fracas of this past week, The Young Bucks have had their share of opinions lobbed their way. “Flippiness” that “defies wrestling reality” (a huge box of apples that needs unloading) is the response to  acrobatic/synchronized/memorized matches from those who “wish it was like it was”, more than seeing what really lies in front of them. Thankfully this limited view of things does not halt progress, and that is good. To expect The Young Bucks (or anyone) to not perform at a pace or tempo or whatever that fancies them, is like asking a tree not to grow or the wind from howling.

The Elite of The Bullet Club (current NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champions) score the pin (One Winged Angel on Yoshi Tatsu) on the former champions. Tanahashi and Elgin are extraordinary in their connection to the audience and have the potential to be one of the world’s great tag teams. Recommended match!

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