WWE Monday Night Raw (May 30) Preview: John Cena Returns

It’s We Write Wrestling’s preview for the May 30, 2016 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw!

Will Big Cass Roll Solo?

Even though Enzo Amore made his return to Raw last Monday, he was not in a match. It’s safe to assume because he just got back from a concussion, but is there more to it? While Enzo was away did Vince McMahon see something big in Colin Cassady? Will Enzo now be nothing but a sidekick to Big Cass while he enters the world of singles competition?

“What, are you going to cry?”

Last Monday we saw what we were all expecting for a while, the night that Charlotte dropped her father, 16 time world champion and 2 time Hall of Famer, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Charlotte laid into Flair last week and ended it with demanding her father exit her ring. Ric, confused and disappointed, did what his daughter wanted and left the arena.

Now Charlotte has a new partner in crime, Dana Brooke! Will these two blondes reign supreme over the women’s division? Will we see Ric Flair pop up and knock some sense into his daughter?

Seth Rollins Shane McMahon Roman Reigns

Crossfit Jesus is Back

The world jumped for joy last weekend when Seth Rollins made his return, attacking WWE World Heavyweight champion  Roman Reigns. It was a great time and we were happy to see him back. That is until the next night on Raw when he said he remembers how we treated him before his injury and said he doesn’t need us just like he didn’t before.

Roman was ready to fight last Monday, but Rollins was able to get away and not be touched. Now that their WWE World Heavyweight Championship match is set for Money In The Bank, will the two try to gain and upper hand on Raw this week?

John Cena Returns

Some people hate him, some people love him, but nobody can argue that a piece of WWE was missing when John Cena was gone. John Cena is the real “face” of WWE and his absence was felt. Now he returns, full time. With a spot open for the Money In The Bank match, is that what Cena’s sights are set on?

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