WWE Superstars (May 27) – Results and Review

WWE Superstars (May 27) – Results and Review

Taped May 23, 2016

Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, MD


Natalya vs. Summer Rae

In the first Superstars Women’s Division  match in quite some time, Natalya and Summer Rae display why they are the hidden gems of the division as well as the overall strength and depth of the Women’s roster. Perhaps it is easy to label Natalya an also-ran compared to her contemporaries (like champion Charlotte or the sensational, if little seen, Sasha Banks), but this is a huge mistake for anyone with this dopey opinion. Watch Natalya’s every move in this match; there is no wasted motion and every move is pristine. Were there justice, WWE would be at the forefront of inter-gender wrestling and Natalya would be a prime competitor for any belt she could set her sights on. As it stands, Natalya is the Women’s Division ring sheriff, dispensing justice on the more unscrupulous competitors like Summer Rae.

After Natalya, Summer Rae might be the most underrated wrestler in the whole of the WWE. In much the same way as Tyler Breeze, Summer is able to summon the spirit of nasty egotists like Gorgeous George or any of the many Nature Boys to a satisfying degree. She has improved quite a bit recently and excels in her strikes and submission maneuvers. Both wrestlers get pretty snug in this match with Natalya applying a deeply set-in Sharpshooter for the submission victory.

Zack Ryder vs. Viktor

Superstars could rightly be described as the Zack Ryder Show as he is fixture on the program and continues to dominate every opponent who crosses his path. If the fates allow it, Ryder has the potential to rival John Cena as Face That Runs The Place, such is the love and ire Ryder generates. Show after show, from Raw to NXT, Ryder unites the assembled crowd to chant “Woo” and unites internet fans to ponder if it is okay for that to happen or not. Were Ryder less talented and charismatic as he is, he’d have long since faded into oblivion. Yet his popularity and ring acumen is growing. Other lesser lights within the company should be prepared to take stiff Broski Boots on their way up (and down) the roster ladder.

Viktor, while on the losing end of this match, cuts an impressive figure in this contest. He also debuts a full face paint design that somehow makes him look even more bonkers than he did before. It really works since in the absence of Stardust, Viktor is the sole Violent Face Painted Menace on the roster. He really takes it to Ryder in this match, functioning much like Nikolai Volkoff did in his time: unrelenting monster bent on crushing and mauling his opponent. Of course his hubris is his downfall (with Ryder picking up the pin) but it is worth noting Viktor once took a WWE championship belt off Seth Rollins (FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship in 2012), a feat few can claim. Perhaps Viktor will gain footing on higher ground within the roster on his own or if the Ascension resumes they will be given a legitimate shot at the tag titles. Recommended match!

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