Paragon Pro Wrestling #48 (May 23) – Results and Review

Paragon Pro Wrestling #48 (May 23)

Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, NV

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Rude Boy Riley, Wes Brisco, Jesse Sorensen, Gangrel vs. Royce Isaacs w/ Christian Cole, Caleb Konley & Donovan, Alex Chamberlain

8-Man Tag Match

From start to finish, this match is well oiled freight train, careening from one violent and well crafted spot to another. The notion of an all-champion tag team is one of the best concepts on God’s green earth and in fact they gel marvellously together. It will be very interesting (and refreshing) to see Caleb Konley at TNA. He has a next-level hustle that places him on another level and his strikes monstrous.

Rude Boy Riley gets his dues card filled up in this match as he is the only wrestler in the match not to be a current or former PPW title holder. He acquits himself very well as he scores a clean pin over PPW Heavyweight Champion Alex Chamberlain. How this shakes up the title picture in the foreseeable future should be interesting. Recommended match!

“All Good” Anthony Greene vs. Greg Romero

It bears repeating (in this author’s opinion) how excellent Greg Romero is. There is a simmering ferocity within Romero, that given the right feud, could decimate the PPW locker room. He has a similar bearing to wrestlers like Dean Malenko and Dynamite Kid, what could best be described as a lethal economy.

Despite this potential, the luck of the draw is in favor of PPW’s own Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, “All Good” Anthony Greene who delivers a finely executed Viral Spiral for the pin.

Jakob Austin Young vs. Serial Thriller

This debut match for both the masked Serial Thriller and Jakob Austin Young (who scores the pinfall and performs an excellent hurricanrana) is mostly an excuse to catch up with announcer Pat Kelly (via phone) following the betrayal and deli-inspired assault of Darin Corbin. Corbin’s story is one of the most compelling anywhere in wrestling. His troubled path is one to watch in the coming weeks.

The Whirlwind Gentlemen vs. The Bonus Boyz

This is another highly recommended match and is a briskly paced clinic of tag team wrestling. Clutch and Sugar Brown are impressively dominant. They are natural contenders for the tag titles and have limitless potential.For two big men, they are exceedingly agile.

The Gentlemen are on fire in this match. After performing Stereo Thesz Presses and Stereo Tope Suicidas by the Knights of the Neon City, the match devolves into a slug fest that goes backstage, resulting in double count-out.

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