WCWC #104 (May 21) – Results and Review

WCWC’s top belt is decided and the Tag Titles are defended in this episode! Let’s get in the ring!

WCWC #104 – Review and Results

Jackson Armory, Portland, OR

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The Whirlwind Gentlemen vs. Ethan HD w/ Kate Carney & “The Italian Flamingo” Nick Bugatti

As far as tag teams go, Ethan HD and Nick Bugatti have the potential to take a legit shot at the WCWC Tag titles. EHD is probably the best technical wrestler in the company and Bugatti might be the most entertaining. Bugatti shows shades of Jay Youngblood-style athleticism mixed with a unique showmanship. Carney and Ethan HD have had a rotating cast of partners but Bugatti feels like a natural fit.

The Knights of the Neon City (in particular Jack Manley) take the violent brunt of Bugatti and EHD’s efforts but a hot tag to Remy Marcel balances the scales with an excellently applied Magnum Opus. Recommended match!

Jeff Boom vs. “The Thrillbilly” Kassius Koonz

Given time, many of the people in the Jackson Armory crowd giving Kassius Koonz a hard time will have to reappraise their position. Koonz has no upper limit to his potential. His consistency (not necessarily his win/loss record) is really impressive and he is the most convincing hoss on the roster.

Koonz executes a really sweet spinning side suplex that clearly displays his devastating ring prowess. Despite this, Jeff Boom is able to outwit Koonz and deliver a vicious stunner and picking up the pin.

“Rock God” Ricky GIbson & Greg Romero w/ Mr. Tubbs vs. The Midnight Marvels

WCWC Tag Team Title Match

Damien Drake and Spyder Warrior continue to improve on the mic and in the ring. Their style contrasts with Greg Romero and Ricky Gibson in a way that makes GnR look like monsters, in the best possible way. Romero and Gibson’s chemistry and brutality leave them atop the tag team division with little serious competition.

Not to say the Midnight Marvels lack the grit to take the belts; in fact they are a great team to watch. Their size belies how skilled they really are, particularly with tandem spots and their strikes. A sick Power Ballad by Gibson dispatches the Marvels and gives Mr. Tubbs’ boys a clean victory, retaining their championships.

Marcus Malone vs. Darin Corbin

Marcus Malone has steadily become one of the best wrestlers in the WCWC. His consistency is apparent and his ring work rivals anyone in the company. Per last week’s stipulation, Malone is supposed to lace up Darin Corbin’s boot. What follows isn’t pretty.

Corbin might be one of the best heels in the business. He has the air of an ’80s teen movie villain’s annoying sidekick. He exudes disdain and draws it freely from the crowd. Corbin crosses into peak-70s Roddy Piper territory by getting a tiny bit racial with his in-ring banter. This gives Malone all the ass-kicking license in the world. To paraphrase De La Soul, Malone adds some badass to his flavor to prolong his life in the squared circle picking up the victory. Good for him, tough breaks for the WCWC locker room.

The Grappler w/ The Wrecking Crew vs. Gangrel

WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship Match

The WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship has been vacant 5 times in its history and there’s been a long tradition of vacated the top titles being fought for by The Grappler. As this match makes clear and official, there is only one and true Grappler. As much as Gangrel represents the spirit of law and order in the WC (much like Cocoa Samoa or Billy Jack Haynes in Portland Wrestling), The Grappler and The Wrecking Crew represents the rule bending spirit of Rip Oliver or “Mean” Mike Miller.

As the two of the most heavily decorated and experienced wrestlers in the WCWC, it makes sense to make the top belt in the company the prize in their war of ideologies. In the history of Portland Wrestling the back-county outlaw ethos represented by the Wrecking Crew has ensured victory at any cost and this title match is no exception. Perhaps it is exasperating for some fans to deal with the dominance of The Grappler but it can be argued that he won the match clean (therefore becoming the new Pacific Northwest Champion), not relying on the failing efforts of interference by his cohorts. It seems as long as there is a belt to be won, The Grappler will be hoisting it high above his masked head.

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