WWE Superstars (May 20) – Results and Review – Stardust’s Last Match

With breaking news of Stardust possibly leaving WWE, this week’s Superstars might be one of the last chances to enjoy this singular, bizarre talent. Let’s get in the ring!

WWE Superstars (May 20) – Results and Review

Filmed May, 16, 2016

Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC


Titus O’Neil & Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel w/ Heath Slater

If anything, this pretty lackluster match is made watchable by witnessing Bo Dallas (inevitably pinned by Titus O’Neil following a Clash of the Titus) and Curtis Axel gel as a tag team. They are in sync and complimentarily brutal.

The match does little other than give O’Neil a “W” in the column and is entirely skippable. If fans are outraged by inconsequentiality, this match is Exhibit A in the case against WWE booking.

Zack Ryder vs. Stardust

If one has the inclination, watching this match without the sound will highlight how extraordinary of a performer Stardust is. He is able to communicate every essential element of his character at all times and is extremely gifted in the ring. Were justice a deciding factor in WWE booking, Stardust/Cody Rhodes would be battling AJ Styles for the top belt in the company. As it stands, Rhodes could be on his way out and the company will be the lesser for his departure and another very regrettable example of wasted talent.

Zack Ryder and Stardust put on a brisk and well crafted match. Ryder continues to impress and is another wrestler who has earned a place among the best in the WWE, despite the skepticism and knee-jerk contrarian opinions to the contrary. Ryder earns the victory here delivering a Hype Ryder following a climactic top-rope Hurricanrana. Recommended match, for sure. One can only hope the fate that has befallen Cody Rhodes will bypass Zack Ryder. Follow @WeWriteWrestlin on Twitter


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